Summer Retreats and Classes Online with ME!

Are you ready to soar to form into all the possibilities of who you are?
Who are you in your wildest dreams….. in your most uncensored self?

Our world is missing the rituals…the healing…the ceremony….

In this last week,
from doing love rituals in a Goddess Temple of an abandoned mansion on over 100 women with Contessa…
to dancing down a hallway with gold leaf flecked on my nipples to Kim Boekbinder’s video about defining your own existence beyond the gender boxes we are placed in….
I felt a freedom.
I felt the community.
The healing.
The love.

I am here to do these things.
Will you join me?

I am so proud of Witch Camp.
There are 4 tickets available for the August 2017 edition.
You. Deserve. This.
Ceremony. Ritual. Healing. Magic Making. Fun. Campfires. Sisterhood.
If you are called to be here, I have payment plans available.
Click here or on the Witch Camp picture to find out all the adventures that await you…..

On July 30th, I will be starting an ONLINE 4 week course for those of you Badass Witches ready to SLAY your own tarot business.
In beyond the basics, I give you traditional and brand new spreads I created, I give you tips and ideas on how to make your tarot practice STAND OUT, I give you my Grandma Helen’s insight and secrets on how to really connect, push forward and be the best tarot reader you can be.

This isn’t your typical “by the book” tarot class.
This is about deeply connecting with your intuition and what makes you unique…and putting it out there through the cards to help others in this world.
Live a life that YOU define.
Let’s get serious about the Tarot in a fun and exciting way TOGETHER!
Click here to find out more and sign up for Tarot Beyond the Basics!

let’s EXTEND our Summer together by going to gorgeous TULUM, MEXICO!
October 5th-10th 2017

Join me and Gala Darling for Radical Self Love Temple: Adorn. This retreat is going to be a mind-blowing week of self love and self WORSHIP. I’ll be doing sensuality rituals nightly and I’m so incredibly excited for all that Gala and I have in store for YOU.
Click here to find out MORE about the Radical Self Love Temple ADORN October retreat with Gala Darling and Me!

Let’s draw in new paths together.
Hope to see you at one of these beautiful journey adventures!
I believe in their life-changing power to super rev you up as the Goddess SUPERSTAR you are and were always meant to be.
OWN it, Girlfriend.
Love, love and more love….