About Veronica Varlow

Acclaim for Veronica
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Veronica Varlow is a siren born of the 1940’s Fantasy of Pinup Girls and Femme Fatales. Beguiling and beautiful, Varlow weaves a spell upon her audiences like none other.

Varlow charms audiences worldwide with her sultry singing, fire dancing, belly dance and classic slow burn burlesque. She has brought the most sophisticated audiences to their knees with a simple peel of her glove. A crystal-encrusted “burlesque chanteuse” (Elle), Varlow serenades with a smoky voice reminiscent of the silver screen sirens of the 1940s. Her timeless performance is comprised of vintage corsetry and feather fans, of peek-a-boo allure and the temptation of tease.

An unexpected twist of fate led Varlow to her life of international intrigue. After a harrowing attack by a rottwelier pushed her to make a serious life change, Veronica Varlow stepped out of the shadows and into the life she longed for. Since then, she has graced stages from Paris to Prague, from Berlin to Brussels, from Austria to Australia. This year marks her eighth world tour with musician Emilie Autumn. She was recently featured on an entire episode of MTV’s Emmy Award Winning Show, MADE for her inspiring story and cabaret artistry. In her spare time, she plots world domination.

This is what her dreams look like…