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Acclaim for Veronica
Varlow’s got the press swooning! Read more press acclaim and client testimonials here.

Queen of the Cabaret

Veronica clings to an old fashioned microphone and serenades with a smoldering voice. She saunters and sings through the crowd in a stunning vintage gown. Choose from a repertoire of sultry cabaret standards. She may be accompanied by a solo pianist or a 1920s five piece jazz and blues band. Veronica can also combine singing with fan or fire dancing.

La Femme Fatale de Feu

This femme fatale of fire is ready to cast her spell on you as flames dance across her skin. In this red-hot performance, Veronica dances a hypnotic routine accompanied with her fire sticks and lotus shaped fire palms. In a smoldering grand finale, she spins fire poi around her body. An unforgettable performance.

Siren of the Silver Screen

Inspired by the femme fatales of the 40s, this classic number is perfect for your elegant Red Carpet event! Veronica invokes the Siren as she arrives draped in a gown bedecked in glittering Swarovski crystals. Her graceful dance includes her signature glove and stocking peel and escalates to a flurry of feather fans. A true showstopper seen worldwide on MTV.

Isis – Jewel of the Nile

Draped in golden robes and silks, Veronica mesmerizes with the sultry serpentine movements of Egyptian belly dance. The finale includes a golden cape that becomes 10 foot golden wings that swirl and sweep around her! **Veronica can also add fire palms to this act for an even more spectacular review!

The Moulin Rouge

As French Magazine Le Figaro Madame called Veronica “l’irresistible!” – so is this tribute to the infamous 1889 cabaret. Veronica is the quintessential showgirl, complete with six foot crystal encrusted fans, an 18” Victorian corset, satin ruffles, seamed stockings and legs that go for miles! Oh La La!

Barbed Wire Beauty

Complete with an 8 foot real barbed wire fence! A tribute to the pin-up photos of old, Veronica plays Bo Peep looking for her sheep but a fence blocks her path. Her 1950s crinoline dress and white angora sweater get caught as she tries to reach the other side. A charmingly innocent tease tinged with vaudeville comedy.

The Girl with the Most Cake

Does it get more classic than a girl bursting from a cake? This three-tier cake stands over four feet tall and can be custom tailored with your company’s logo, birthday celebrant’s name or holiday message. In a furry of colorful confetti, Veronica pops up to sing and dance. What a delicious surprise! This act can include serenading a guest of honor with a breathy version of Happy Birthday or another appropriate song. Perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, New Years, Valentines, Retirement or any other fabulous celebration where cake is involved!

The Real Snow White

Veronica tributes her favorite storybook character alongside her co-conspirator, Nik Sin (who stands at 3 feet, 6 inches tall). This unforgettable act includes a jeweled poisoned apple, a frenzy of blue bird feathers and diamonds from the mine! An enchanting faerie tale that you won’t want to miss!

More Press and Testimonials

Acclaim for Veronica

“Veronica Varlow brings enthusiasm and artistry to her dance, act by act, tantalizing and titillating her audience with her poised grace and saucy routines. She performed at our holiday company party for clients including Chanel, Tiffany & Co., and Vogue, leaving both men and women drooling at the edge of their seats. She is a captivating performer with extraordinary costuming and mesmerizing moves.”

-Kristen Hester | Manager of Finance & Operations, Indelible

“Every ounce of Veronica’s sensibility – her sexy red-soled LOUBOUTIN STILETTOS, those never ending EYELASHES, the exquisitely curated WARDROBE, and the VINTAGE BLOOMS in her blunt cut RAVEN HAIR – would make Bettie Page coo. She is a consummate professional and genius entertainer with a seductive ability to make the audience melt.

-Karen Rabinovitz | Purple Lab Cosmetics

“Veronica Varlow was the ULTIMATE ENTERTAINER for the evening, demonstrating how to be CONFIDENT, FEMININE and GENUINE. She is INTOXICATINGLY BEAUTIFUL and SMOLDERINGLY SUBTLE with her delivery. She literally became the EMBODIMENT of our brand. I have sponsored many editor events and hands down this was the best, MOST WELL ATTENDED, with the BEST FEEDBACK I have ever gotten.

-Matthew Rader | Brand Director, Schick Corporation

“I am convinced that Veronica is the sexiest most badass woman on the planet.”

-City Scoops, New York’s Lifestyle Magazine

“Incarnate da diva del burlesque come Veronica Varlow”


“Named one of the top 12 hottest burlesque performers of all time.”

-Asylum Magazine

“Veronica Varlow is a FEMME FETALE in back-seamed STOCKINGS and jet-black Bettie Page Bangs.”

– Chronogram

“Leggy Lovely”

-New York Post

“Sexy Siren”

-New York Daily News

“Veronica’s Bettie Page looks, flawless attention to the craft and precision with a PAIR OF FEATHERS hits the spot.”

-The Cad (New York Nightlife)