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Dare To Do Something New: 21 Ways to Make Yourself Uncomfortable

When Jeff Stark asked me to do it, I felt a little nervous and even more uncomfortable. I said yes. And last Saturday night, I played my own original song on guitar and sang for a gathering of 40 artists. … Continue reading

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Confession: My House Burned to the Ground 3 Years Ago – Here’s 3 Tips To Get Through Hard Times

Our Enchanted Cottage on our Wedding Day: Our Cottage 3 years ago today: My soul felt like the above picture for months. I was just as destroyed on the inside as my home was. Here are 3 things which had … Continue reading

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The Parlour and Seeing Into Your Future

The candles are being lit. The tea is being brewed. The cards are about to whisper their stories to you… THIS Thursday in New York City and This Saturday online EVERYWHERE The Parlour is coming! I can’t wait to share … Continue reading

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Some Girls Wander By Mistake (or What the Eff Am I Doing?)

Sometimes I’ve woken up in a panic, thinking that I have no idea what I’m doing, wondering what my next steps are, confused as to where life might be taking me. And those mornings, as hard as it may be, … Continue reading

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A Few of My Favorite Things on the INTERNETS from Riot Grrl to Illegal Building Jumps (VIDEO)

I was raised by the Riot Grrl Movement. Kathleen Hanna and her band, Bikini Kill changed my world. The Punk Singer is finally streaming on Netflix – so I know what I’m doing this weekend. ♦  My guitar guru, Robert … Continue reading

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Nevermind Harry Potter – Here’s 3 Ways to Bring REAL Magic into Your Life.

Since this post is about magic, I thought this would be a great time to announce that I have decided to do an international online version of The Parlour. I’ve made it affordable to all at $10. It’s our chance … Continue reading

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4 Secret Questions to Uncover Your Wild Self

Welcome Back, Wild Monday Readers. Last Monday, I started this series: I Was Slowly Killing Myself Before I Figured Out These 4 Things. This is Part Two and today’s question is: What is Your Back Story? How we see ourselves … Continue reading

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