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Are you ready to drop everything that doesn’t belong to you?
Are you ready to strip away the tired roles that society has placed you in?
Are you ready to rise in the Wild that you are?
Are you ready to howl at the moon and claim your truest self BACK?

This Fall, it’s time to Fall in Love…..LOVE WITCH STYLE.
There are so many juicy delicious things happening and I can’t wait to share them all with you…..
Click on my Offerings Here to see new classes that are being held online and also in-person in NYC, as well as my Tarot Temple sessions.

I’m on the cover of this month’s Faerie Magazine with my witchy sister, Sage Sovereign! People, this is Vogue for Witches! The photos, the quality, the stories – BEYOND! Inside the issue, peek at photos of my very special Magic House and my tips about Mirror Magic! You can order your copy by clicking here!

I also got a shout out in the New York Post for House of Yes’s City of Gods party for Halloween weekend!. I did these rituals with my dear friend, Contessa Montebello of Floating Root, and we did it for all who needed a moment to be adorned in roses. And who doesn’t?

“In another area, professional witch Veronica Varlow will lead 30-minute rituals for the lovelorn, complete with flower petals and sacred oils. The goal? To foster reconnection to the sensual self in the wake of romantic trauma.”

During this month, we shall be announcing the 2018 Summer Witch Camp dates and also, my new class, Boss Witch, starting December 1st, for those of you who want to add magic into your business, and The Love Witch Society will be starting up for 2018.

If you want to be on the Secret Sisterhood List, simply email me at with the subject Secret Sisterhood and you’ll be on the list for discounts, secret happenings, new classes, etc. ALL THE THINGS!


Terry Richardson and the 7 Tricks that Sexual Predators Use.

Picture 36
Regarding the news that just recently came out about the recent ban of Terry Richardson  and the power of the #metoo movement as the result of the Harvey Weinstein atrocities, I am rehashing this article I wrote 3 years ago about sexual manipulators in the Entertainment Business and my own story in dealing with one.

I’ve never told this story before because I was embarrassed.
I was lucky and got out of a bad situation,
and I thought there was no story to tell.
Nothing to be learned.
But when I read this model’s account with Richardson, I saw that the same or similar coercion techniques were being used as in my own personal story dealing with a “professional” photographer at a young age.
I found myself getting really, really angry as I read it.

I have women and men tell me that they are inspired to be models, burlesque performers, circus performers and actors often…
I always encourage them, as I feel like performing for a living has changed my life.
However, there are predators in this business and it is good to be ready for them, to see through their manipulative tactics and get out of there, report them, tell someone.

This is why I am finally going to tell this story today.

If it can help a single person, my story that I felt ashamed of for years, will have done its job.

When I was 21, I was approached by a scout from a reputable New York Modeling Agency and I was asked to come in and meet with an agent. I went in and the agent said they’d really like to represent me, but because I didn’t have professional pictures, they were going to send me to one of their “top photographers” for a test shoot that the modeling agency would pay for.

I was so excited about this.
I was broke, I was insecure, and I was relatively new in New York City.
Here was this amazing opportunity out of nowhere.

Or so I thought….

When I arrived at this photographer’s studio, he sat me down across from him and started to ask me all of these weird and personal questions. He knew I was “new” in the business and New York City. He asked me about where I was from, what kind of things I wanted to do, what dreams I had.

Manipulation Trick #1: They will hold your dreams hostage to get what they want.  They will ask you how bad you want it and how far you are willing to go.  Then they will ask you to do things as though giving into to their request is a test of your dreams and aspirations.  “I thought you said you wanted to be a professional model, stop being a baby.”  

He put his feet on the desk so the bottoms of his feet were inches away from my face.
He asked me how old I was and when I told him 21,
he rolled his eyes and yelled out to his assistant setting up the camera, “I can’t believe they sent me another old model.

Manipulation Trick No. 2: They insult you or bring you down to make you feel like you’re not on the same level as they are and that you are lucky to be there. They hope that this will make you “over-achieve” with them and prove that you are incredible by doing whatever they say.

He got up, went to a closet and came back with a super tacky red lace teddy that was completely see-through.
He threw it in my lap.
“Go put that on, and we’ll start.”

I was really uncomfortable and definitely was not getting in this thing – partially because I was insecure in my own body and partially because I had a really bad feeling about him.

I explained to him that I thought I was there to model fashion and that the agency had booked him to shoot a portfolio for me.

He repeated again that since I was 21, I was considered old in the business.

“The only way you’re going to make any money in this business is if you do lingerie. Trust me. That’s your only chance. Now put on the outfit.”

Manipulation Trick No. 3: They will act like they are looking out for your best interest and that they are attempting to do the thing you’re uncomfortable with for your own good and your own success. They will also make it seem as if it is a desperate or heightened stakes situation… in this case, modeling this see-through tacky thing was the ONLY WAY I was ever going to get a shot at this business. It’s “do or die” manipulation.

He grabbed a portfolio book off the shelf and sat on the arm of the chair I was sitting in. He wrapped his arms around me and opened up the book. Inside there were all different photos of models. They looked like bad spreads from old Hustler Magazines.  He pointed to one model in a similar completely see-through lace outfit on all fours. The photo looked awkward in a way that the model’s uncomfortable or intimidated feelings were coming through the picture.
“Now she’s a real beauty, such a natural, such a professional. She got right into it. I got her booked for Elle Magazine after this.”

Manipulation Trick No. 4: They will compare you to others and talk about how much better that person was, what a natural, how professional. They are indicating that you are none of those things and if you would only do what they ask you to do, you could be. Also, they will share success stories  (often made up stories) of people who did the thing you are uncomfortable with being rocketed to stardom.

My gut screamed that he was lying.

I remember that I started to talk and I stuttered.
I remember that I was surprised that my fear was coming through my voice.

“I-I-I just don’t want to do that.”

I felt weird. I felt like I shouldn’t be talking back to him. I felt almost powerless.

All the models on covers of magazines he shot looked at me from the walls.

He called out to his assistant, “Tell Little Miss Florida that all the majors do lingerie shoots.”

The assistant agreed with him. “Oh, yeah. That’s how everyone gets famous. Everyone has lingerie shoots in their portfolio.”

Manipulation Trick No. 5: Two people or more are telling you that whatever you are feeling weird about is actually fun, totally normal and what they do all the time. They will make you feel as if you’re the one being crazy or super uptight.

Right after this, his assistant left for the day.

The photographer closed the door behind the assistant and now I was starting to feel trapped.

“Look. They told you to come here. They’ve booked my time with you. They are paying for this. You said you’d do a portfolio. I know what I’m doing. I’ve been in this business longer than you’ve been alive. If you don’t do this, you’re never going to be taken seriously in this business. I work with everyone.”

Manipulation Trick No. 6: They will make you feel bad because they are doing you a “favor” by working with you or that someone else paid for it (in my case, the agency), and that you are not holding up your end of the deal by not doing the thing that makes you uncomfortable. They will also make you feel like they rule the profession that you are trying to get into and by pissing them off, or crossing them, you are committing career suicide.

I just kept staring at him. Half frozen. Not knowing what was real, what was happening.

“If you are THAT uptight, you’re never going to make it as a model anyway. So why don’t you calm down, go get changed and let’s do this. You want to be successful at this don’t you? I thought they were sending me a professional model, and I got a baby.”

Manipulation Trick No. 7: They will resort to name calling and making you feel like you are uncool, too uptight, a prude or whatever – they will insert your dream of what you want to be and directly oppose it to how you are supposedly acting now. As in: “oh yeah, I thought you were this wild, free woman….why are you acting like a baby?”

I remember that I felt my arms get goosebumps when he said that. It was just the two of us alone, no assistants, no make-up artists, no one.

I was five feet away from the door and I made my decision.

I distinctly remember staring at the door trying to summon up all my courage to walk through it.

I stood up and taking that as a positive sign, he said, “GREAT!”

Without looking at him, I walked toward the door and said, “I have to go.”

I remember he yelled, “You are FINISHED. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.”

Whenever I hear someone use that phrase, I always think of that moment.

Once I was in the elevator, I was shaking.  I was confused.
What just happened?
On the subway ride home, I beat myself up.
It was just lingerie. No big deal, right?
I completely made a fool of myself.
Maybe they were right, maybe people do that all the time.
Now what was the modeling agency going to think?
I would never be able to work with them again,
or probably anyone ever again.
I just walked out of a shoot I promised I would do for an agency.
What was wrong with me?
Here I had this great opportunity and I blew it.

I didn’t tell anyone.
Then later that night, after running it over and over in my head, I went from feeling like I did something wrong to being pissed.
I thought about calling the agency and telling them what happened.

But maybe this was normal….?

I didn’t know what to do.

So I didn’t do anything.

But today, I share this story that was hidden. I share the embarrassment I had, the weirdness that it left me with, because we need to talk about these things to protect other people and let others know when they are being manipulated.

Luckily, the many people in this business are respectful and upstanding and I have had the pleasure of working with many professional men and women who made me feel comfortable, confident and incredible. Those people are out there and you don’t have to deal with the manipulators and people trying to take advantage of you.

When we speak up about our stories, it changes the world.

Sending love to all of you who have experienced things like this and knowing that our stories can change things for future generations.


Come Work Some Magic with Me, Wild Witches!

Registration for Witch Camp 2018 shall open on the next New Moon, August 21st, 2017.  If you would like to be a part of the secret email and get a chance to sign up first, please email with the subject line:  Witch Camp 2018.

Hot off the sassy 7 inch heels of Witch Camp, I’m so proud and honored to announce……

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On August 20th, I will be starting an ONLINE 4 week course for those of you Badass Witches ready to SLAY your own tarot business.
In beyond the basics, I give you traditional and brand new spreads I created, I give you tips and ideas on how to make your tarot practice STAND OUT, I give you my Grandma Helen’s insight and secrets on how to really connect, push forward and be the best tarot reader you can be.

This isn’t your typical “by the book” tarot class.
This is about deeply connecting with your intuition and what makes you unique…and putting it out there through the cards to help others in this world.
Live a life that YOU define.
Let’s get serious about the Tarot in a fun and exciting way TOGETHER!
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And for my In-Person Tarot Temple Sessions are now booking for September!
Take the reigns and start your Autumn off right with divination and a rose ritual I prepare for you.
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let’s EXTEND our Summer together by going to gorgeous TULUM, MEXICO!
October 5th-10th 2017

Join me and Gala Darling for Radical Self Love Temple: Adorn. This retreat is going to be a mind-blowing week of self love and self WORSHIP. I’ll be doing sensuality rituals nightly and I’m so incredibly excited for all that Gala and I have in store for YOU.
Click here to find out MORE about the Radical Self Love Temple ADORN October retreat with Gala Darling and Me!

Let’s draw in new paths together.
Hope to see you at one of these beautiful journey adventures!
I believe in their life-changing power to super rev you up as the Goddess SUPERSTAR you are and were always meant to be.
OWN it, Girlfriend.
Love, love and more love….

Spring and Summer: Witch Camp. Tarot. Bitchcraft. It’s ON.

Thank YOU!
2017 so far has been a year of Sisterhood, Badass Babes on the RISE and Magic Connections.

have inspired me, healed me, cheered me on and had my back as I’ve grown and I am offering new things and going into gorgeous new adventures.

I am honored to share with you some of my juicy upcoming offerings for Spring and Summer. These classes and retreats are things that make me feel more alive than ever and I hope you can join me!

Starting this Sunday, May 21st – I am launching TWO 6 week online courses with e-workbooks, secret community pages, live instruction and videos of our circle classes to keep forever:
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 12.59.15 PMBitchCraft: When you need some badass magic to change your world. It’s time to wake up our inner bitch and own our fire, our confidence, our passions and our voices.
andOrange Appeal! (7)

Beginner Tarot:  Learn Tarot in the Way my Grandma Helen taught me – Personal, Intuitive, and Easy To Learn!


August 9-13th: Witch Camp! What happens when Harry Potter meets the Craft meets CAMP!

The July Witch Camp sold out in 6 days, so I’m offering a second Witch Camp in August. There are 6 spots left at this moment. Payment plans available. Make this a gorgeous magical Summer that you’ll never forget!

Sending you all the blooming love of this Springtime!

My Word for 2017. And Winter/Spring Schedule Revealed!


My wild raw unashamed self. Photo by Jordan Pardes.

Nice to meet you, 2017.

My magic word for this new year is:


Luscious adventure.  Luscious romance.  Luscious burlesque.  Luscious witchery.  Luscious deep connections with my magic girl gang.  Luscious guitar.  Luscious learning.   Luscious teaching. Luscious new horizons.  Luscious ritual.  Luscious howling at the moon.

Luscious Life.

I claim you.

I vow to move forward into the 365 days of this year, living that word with all of the truth and beauty and badass sass of my raw being.

You, my love, are my witness.

What is your magic word for this year?

What is something you want to claim proudly and attach to every single day that marks 2017?

Own it.

In all of the ups and downs of life, in the emotional adventure I have said yes to, in this life that I know I embrace with both hands and hold tightly, there will be triumphs and failures and joys and sorrows.
But I know even on my darkest days, I can live “luscious” because no matter what,

I allow myself to
feel it all.
Luscious is being fully present, feeling everything, communicating with the world, with emotions, with this life.

One of the things that makes me feel “Luscious” is when I’m teaching, when I’m sitting in a circle of women from all backgrounds, all experiences, from all over the world.

I feel luscious when I am conducting a ritual that was channeled from a dream, and I am ankle deep in a river in a tattered white Victorian dress, my hands held by sisters, our heads thrown back claiming our own power and magic.

My work with women in this world is fucking LUSCIOUS.
Journey with me.  Come get it.

Starting this Sunday, January 8th: 6 Week Online Beginner’s Tarot Course.

ALL ARE WELCOME. I teach live for an hour every Sunday, which you can join, or you can watch the videos at your own leisure and pace. Each week you will be sent the video of our lesson and a new chapter of the e-workbook. I will cover all of the cards during the 6 week class and help you attach your own personal story to each card so you will never forget the meanings again!  Payment Plans Accepted so all can attend who are called to the work.  Click the above link to see our weekly class schedule and join!

Starting Sunday, January 15th: Danger Dames Girl Gang – 5 Week Online Badass Circle

Come join 2017 with us and OWN IT with support, sisterhood, self-love, confidence, magic and slaying goals like we do!  Each week, our circle is live, and you get the video to watch at your leisure and at your own pace.  You do not need to be present at the live class to be a part of it.  I will be giving meditations, homework, goals, and projects to rock out to make this year all that you want it to be.  Plus, you get an e-workbook each week and support from our secret facebook group online.  Payment Plans Accepted so all can attend who are called to the work.  Click link above to see the weekly schedule and join!

February 17, 18, and 19th:  Venus Rising The Retreat in Historic/Creative Woodstock, NY at Magic House

Claim your own sacred sensuality and your divine feminine wild self in this magical weekend retreat.  Join a small group of 13 sisters as we dance under the stars around a bonfire, we take meditative hikes through the forest to ground us to the beauty of nature, we learn tantric and sex magic secrets of eye gazing, love worship, twin heart meditations, sensual dance, flow therapy, and body paint ritual.  We end the retreat with a Red Dress Ceremony and we will create a crystal grid, in which each woman will be able to adorn herself with and take home.  This retreat will sell out. Claim your spot with your first payment of a payment plan or sign up today. If you are called to do this work, we will make this happen.  Click link above to find out more.

March 30th – April 4th:  Radical Self Love Temple in Marrakech.

Spend an unforgettable week in enchanted Morocco with Gala Darling and Me!  Join us as we weave magic, self-love, and adventure in an exotic location.    Get reconnected with your divine self as Gala Darling leads self-love morning classes and I lead evening magic rituals.  I am thrilled to be a part of this adventure and hope you can join us!  Full details on Gala’s site, by clicking the link above!

Now that is LUSCIOUS.




Learn Tarot With ME in 2017!


Is it in the cards?

Are you ready to learn tarot with me in 2017?
Are you ready for a new career in the mystical arts?
Are you ready for inner guidance and growth to help you on your new year?

My classes start January 8th online. They are LIVE every Sunday, but you can watch at your own leisure again and again and create your own schedule. It comes with a comprehensive e-workbook and a secret tarot coven group!

I teach in a personal, fun way – aligning each card to an experience in your life. You will never forget the meanings again! Throw away all your tarot books and come on over here.

Payment plans are available!
35 students – first come, first serve.
For more information and sign up – click here.

Your October 2016 Tarot Horoscope with Video!

Happy October, my Witchy Badass Babes!

This picture is of me and my new little friend, Zion, who inspired me to follow her lead and dance in the streets of Washington, D.C. Zion taught me a great lesson that morning –

When I keep my eyes and my heart open, I can find beautiful adventures around every corner.

Zion was dancing on the street, by herself, having fun, making up dance moves and not caring what anyone else thought.  

The problem with being an adult is that in the growing up process, you start to realize that people are out there judging you, and you start to hide your true self for fear of ridicule.

Can we break that fear this month in some small way?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid of judgement or failure?

Remember – FEAR is “Forgetting Everything is All Right.”

Everything is all right.  Let’s just break out and do those things that we are afraid of.  I’ll be there alongside you.  Dancing.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 11.25.25 AM

In a few weeks, I’m ready to howl at the moon with you in upstate New York at Magic House in Woodstock. There are a few spots left and if you are feeling called to do this, reach out! I will rock out a payment plan with you. Our circles are powerful…come make new friends with like-minded badass supportive babes and be a part of our family.

For more info – just click on this link!

AND NOW…..let’s see what’s in the cards for you!

Happy Birthday, Libras!

Scorpio – October 23rd-November 21st

Sagittarius – November 22nd-December 21st

Capricorn – December 22nd-January 19th

Aquarius – January 20th-February 18th

Pisces – February 19-March 20th

Aries – March 21st-April 19th

Taurus – April 20th-May 20th

Gemini – May 21-June 20th

Cancer – June 21st-July 22nd

Leo – July 23rd-August 22nd

Virgo – August 23rd-September 22nd

Have a gorgeous October, my Loves!

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