Come Work Some Magic with Me, Wild Witches!

Registration for Witch Camp 2018 shall open on the next New Moon, August 21st, 2017.  If you would like to be a part of the secret email and get a chance to sign up first, please email with the subject line:  Witch Camp 2018.

Hot off the sassy 7 inch heels of Witch Camp, I’m so proud and honored to announce……

For more information about sign up and payment plans, please click here!

On August 20th, I will be starting an ONLINE 4 week course for those of you Badass Witches ready to SLAY your own tarot business.
In beyond the basics, I give you traditional and brand new spreads I created, I give you tips and ideas on how to make your tarot practice STAND OUT, I give you my Grandma Helen’s insight and secrets on how to really connect, push forward and be the best tarot reader you can be.

This isn’t your typical “by the book” tarot class.
This is about deeply connecting with your intuition and what makes you unique…and putting it out there through the cards to help others in this world.
Live a life that YOU define.
Let’s get serious about the Tarot in a fun and exciting way TOGETHER!
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And for my In-Person Tarot Temple Sessions are now booking for September!
Take the reigns and start your Autumn off right with divination and a rose ritual I prepare for you.
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let’s EXTEND our Summer together by going to gorgeous TULUM, MEXICO!
October 5th-10th 2017

Join me and Gala Darling for Radical Self Love Temple: Adorn. This retreat is going to be a mind-blowing week of self love and self WORSHIP. I’ll be doing sensuality rituals nightly and I’m so incredibly excited for all that Gala and I have in store for YOU.
Click here to find out MORE about the Radical Self Love Temple ADORN October retreat with Gala Darling and Me!

Let’s draw in new paths together.
Hope to see you at one of these beautiful journey adventures!
I believe in their life-changing power to super rev you up as the Goddess SUPERSTAR you are and were always meant to be.
OWN it, Girlfriend.
Love, love and more love….

28,000 Days on this Earth: My Wild Bucket List Ideas

The Things In A Life.


Proud I Got To Be A Showgirl in This Lifetime.  Me backstage in Washington DC at the now defunct Palace of Wonders.

It started with a google image search.
I was searching for photos of my friend, Jo Weldon for this post on Monday, when I scrolled through to see all of the wild moments she’s lived so far, I thought….what an incredible life!

The average person has 28,000 days on this earth.

What Do You Want To Do With YOUR Days?

I made a Bucket List for things I want to do before I die and it goes a little something like this:

  Be a mermaid in Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida.
Picture 31  Be able to play guitar well enough to whip it out and play around a campfire in Summer under the stars.

♥  See the Great Pyramids of Egypt with my own eyes.

♥  Be able to donate a large amount of money to help someone’s biggest dream come true.

♥  Go on a cross country trip by train and write my book.

Photo by Najva Sol.

Photo by Najva Sol.

♥  Speak French fluently.

  Work at the Haunted Mansion in Disney World for a week.

♥  Travel to India to experience the Celebration of Holi, Festival of Colors.
Picture 32

  Mastermind a wild kidnapping adventure for my best friends that ends up in Mexico in a hut on the beach.

♥  See our movie on the big screen at a major film festival.

  Live in the French Quarter of New Orleans for a Summer.

  Get a full sleeve tattoo of magical symbols.

♥  Walk on hot coals.

  Kiss Burke on the top of the Eiffel Tower at nighttime when it’s sparkling.

♥  Play guitar in a band in some dive bar, smash my guitar and then hurl myself into the audience.

♥  Rob a bank.

Photo By Viva Van Story

Photo By Viva Van Story

♥  Live happily ever after.

What are some of your Bucket List ideas?
Get as specific as possible.
Maybe we can help each other make them come true…
You wanna be my co-conspirator?

Love it? Share it.

5 Weird and Wild Facts About New Orleans + a MIX TAPE!

I had a love affair with New Orleans the moment I stepped onto her old crooked cobblestone roads, saw the gaslights dance on a moody, starless night, got pulled into an old blues bar by the crying of a trombone.

I’ve gone back there time and time again, performing on her stages, even carrying out a massive kidnapping for Burke on our anniversary there one year.

This week kicks off the Mardi Gras Celebration in that old city. If you dig in a little, you will discover there is a lot more to Mardi Gras than plastic beads, beer cans, and people flashing each other. Mardi Gras it has deep roots in blues, jazz, voodoo culture and costuming.

There are secrets behind the beaded curtains of fortune tellers there, there are voodoo queens, real ones. There are mysteries hidden behind bricks in the streets, symbols traced in chalk on doors with hushed meanings.

Did you know:

A young Louis Armstrong got into the red light district known as “Storyville” by selling red brick dust to patrons. It is known in voodoo that red brick dust can break curses. Stepping over a cup of this dust sprinkled across your doorway can break any curses acquired from carousing the streets.  Kids weren’t allowed in Storyville, unless they were working. Louis would rub brick together filling a pale with dust. Selling that dust for 5 cents a cup would get him near the Houses of Ill Repute to hear the musicians play. They were playing Jazz, before Jazz had a name.  That’s how he learned!

Picture 52

♥  The term “red light district” supposedly came from New Orleans (there are many other explanations but this is one).  Storyville was a legal area of prostitution. It was a hub of gambling drinking, and ‘uncivilized’ music. It was also the end of the line for the railroad.  The railroad men would carry their red signal lanterns with them, but for fear of fire, had to leave their lanterns outside the establishments they were in.  Since Storyville was at the end of the railroad line, many of the workers would be hanging out in the jazz and prostitution houses there, leaving the streets lined with red lanterns.

Jelly Roll Morton was poor with no prospects. His mother had died and he was thrown out of his house as a teenager. Jelly longed to play music, and had only one person who could help this dream… his godmother, Voodoo Queen Eulalie Hécaud.  He gave up one of his souls to the old Voodoo Queen (every one has two souls, the grande soul and the petite soul). Suddenly his luck changed. Guided by his godmother, he got his first job as a musician, playing in Storyville. Then following her directions again, he chanced across a man with a scientific marvel–a recording device. He became one of the first Jazz musicians to ever be recorded!  As Jazz swept the world, he was hailed as its inventor.

There is a catch to giving up your soul. If the person possessing your soul passes away, you pass too.  In 1941, Eulalie Hécaud died. Jelly Roll was wealthy and well, living in Los Angeles at the time. When Jelly Roll learned of her death he sent for practitioners to break the curse, but they didn’t reach him in time. Jelly Roll died unexpectedly at the young age of 46 years old.

After his death, When a new jazz craze hit they took the name of a popular jazz style at the time, “Rock” and added Jelly’s last name, “Roll”.
…The phrase sold my soul to Rock and Roll, isn’t a far fetched as it may seem.

Marie LaVeau, the most famous of all Voodoo Queens, lived in New Orleans. She saved hundreds of people’s lives during a plague, where the best doctors of the region were unable to help. She was celebrated as a hero, and was feared and respected by everyone, even the city’s most powerful and wealthy residents.

Artist Katelan Foisy's rendering of Marie Laveau.

Artist Katelan Foisy’s rendering of Marie Laveau.

I made a mix for you of some of my favorite New Orleans born and inspired songs. It’s 1 part burlesque sexy, 1 part voodoo and 1 part sha-sha-shake-it!   Enjoy!

New Orleans Voodoo Blues from veronicavarlow on 8tracks Radio.

Love and Voodoo,

The Memory Collectors In a Foriegn Film Afterlife

Picture 121
I woke up bleary eyed
this morning
with no regrets.
I played music with my friends
and sang into the night
until the moon moved towards
shifting places
with the sun
in the sky.

I woke up late
not having anything written for the Danger Diary today.
With songs swimming in my head
and no other thoughts.
So I asked you.

John Holmes and Sarah Whiterabbitdays
on the other side of the world
wanted to know about my memories….
Picture 122

There was this foreign film I saw years ago.
Where everyone had died
and they were in this place between life and the afterlife.
But before they went off to the great beyond,
they had to pick
memory of their entire lives to recreate.
It would be filmed and then it would be put in a canister with their name on the label.
And then they could go on to that Next Place
with that one memory preserved in a library
full of a world of people’s memories.

After seeing that film, I wondered what my one memory of my life would be.
It’s just too hard of a question.
There’s already been too many moments that I would want to choose
and I’m nowhere near done.

I wondered what moment my Grandma Helen would have chosen.
I wondered what moment my friend, Jeff, would have chosen.
I wondered what moment that Greta would have chosen.

And in the Afterlife, if I came across this library of memories, would I search for their names, set up an old projector and watch?

So I ask you:

What is just one of the memories that you would pick?

What is one memory good enough to be in a film canister with your name on it?

I wanted to pick a simple one today.
A quiet one.
Not a wild, big moment.
But a simple unexpected memory to share:
Picture 123

I was behind the wheel of a van painted with tropical fish.
There was mud on my heels from running around at Carhenge.
On the phone – a voice in my ear
of my oldest newest friend.
He said:
Look, you’ve gotta stop for a second. If you’re worried that you aren’t going to make it -you’ve got to throw all that out the window. You just need to get rid of that. Look around and be in this right now, don’t let this adventure go by.

It was dark.
I looked to my left and the moon was big and low
beside me.
Everyone else was asleep
and no one would see me
….so I did it.

I rolled down my window
raked my fingers across my chest as if they were gathering
all the fear and doubt that hid there
I pulled them from me
and with my hand balled in a fist
put my arm out into the cold night air
and opened my palm
to let

I watched for the next mile marker in the dark
so that I could know exactly which mile number
I left all my fear behind
in Arkansas.

My muddy heel pressed down on the gas.
My empty fingers
held out
to be cleansed
by the chilly air.

The moon was the only witness
to this

Niney was curled up in my lap asleep.
Burke was leaned sideways in the passenger seat
Aubrey was curled up on the couch bed behind my seat
I looked at her face in the rearview mirror.
Looked at Burke beside me.
Petted the top of Niney’s little sleeping head.
The Adventurers
I love.

Ahead of me
there was no one on the road.
Behind me
there was no one on the road.
The sky was open
full of more stars than I had ever seen in my life.
The wheels on the van hummed
against this road
in the middle of nowhere.

And at that moment
I had no idea what the outcome would be
But at that moment
I knew how lucky I was

I knew
how lucky I was.

Tell me
what is one of your memories?

I Remember the First Time I….

Picture 61
experienced CARhenge.

We were wild things living in a van.
Everything was closed and no one was around for miles.
And there it was… in the middle of corn fields and open sky.

I have always dreamed of seeing Stonehenge, but it makes sense that this girl living out of a van, this scrappy Brooklyn girl of gutters and rock and roll…
would see Carhenge first.
Picture 63
Niney ran out first – doing her wild laps around the cars and over the hill of wheat fields.
Aubrey, Burke and I ran after…our shoes sinking in the mud. Brisk wind in our faces – as we wove in and out of the cars, running wildly.
The sky flooded with colors of sun set.
Vivid reds, oranges, yellows, purples.
I made a wish and watched the sunset drop between the stacked car monument.
The sun that day
before it dropped out of the sky.
Picture 62

Breathless from running.
On edge from chasing our biggest dream.
I looked around and took in that moment.

Night moved in.
I was behind the wheel of those open highways with no one on them,
a canopy of stars over our heads
the yellow lines of road leading us to unknown adventures.

This memory is woven through who I am today.
It is something I didn’t know or had never experienced – just a month ago.
And it has changed everything about who I am.
Just by being in a place.
In the middle of nowhere.
We found heaven.

Tell me about a first time adventure for you that made you feel something…whether it was across the world from where you are now or right in your own backyard.

What is a moment that moved you so much that it is a part of you?

It can be the first time you heard a particular song while driving, it can be the first time you climbed a tree and saw the world from a different view, it can be as simple as the first time you walked home a different way and found something new.

I’m opening the comments to your stories – if you have pictures, share those, too!

Looking forward to going on all these adventures with you in the comments.

Remember…there is something stellar around the corner…you just have to look.

How To Change Someone’s Day: The Little Things and Their Big Impact

I’m a year into the Danger Diary.
And I’m going to break some of my own rules.


Photo by Becky Kelly

I commit to being here with you every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I love Magic Monday, How To Tuesday and Things I Think About Thursday, but I want to liberate myself from the idea that I have to write about those topics on those days all the time.
What are things you want to know about?
What are some themes you’d like to see here?

I’m listening….

And now a little story about how someone changed my day:

Back in October, on the day that we were diving into our dream, I was a mix of terrified/excited and all of a sudden, someone responded to something I said on Twitter, his name was Tony Rossi and his avatar looked like this:
Picture 40

It made me feel like someone else had my back – like this person out there in the world was giving me a thumbs up – letting me know everything was okay. I responded like this:
Picture 46

I decided to also make it my avatar – because Tony’s avatar had such a positive effect on me. I reached out to him and told him that – and he said that was why he had done it. So that when people were having a bad day or not feeling awesome – he would be there giving a thumbs up.

Throughout this past month, my life has been changed in a major way because of you.  A tiny positive action that each one of us do can brighten someone’s day or even save a life. We’re moving into the holiday season, and for some of us, that can be difficult. For the next month, I’m going to be using my thumbs up avatar to let everyone know that I’m here and cheering you on throughout the world. Want to join Tony and me?

It’s simple. Here’s what you do:

  1. Take a picture of yourself smiling giving a thumbs up.
  2. Use as your avatar on Twitter or Facebook or both.
  3. Put your thumbs up picture in the comments below.
  4. Spread the word!
  5. And if you’re not having the best day – just come take a look in these comments and know that all of us have your back.

Cheering you on from the road –


When Dreams Come True

What an adventure it has been.

And if you haven’t seen it, this is the homemade video that Burke and I made on our fire escape.  If you peek in the background, our beloved Fish is in the back, parked on the street.  That wasn’t done on purpose, and I’m grateful that Fish (our house on wheels for the past 28 days), sneaked itself into the thank you video, where it belonged.

I will remember these last 28 days as one of the greatest experiences of my life. I have never pulled so many all-nighters, have never fought so hard, have never been so emotional, have never met and interacted with so many kind people, have never felt so loved and supported by so many all over the world.

At 11:11pm on November 15th, when our Kickstarter project ended, we lit a candle and said our thanks to all who had helped us, and then we did a wishing circle. For almost 10 years, every time I’ve done a circle, my widh has been to make our film. I started crying because finally, at long last, that dream is coming true.

So my wish instead, was that all of your dreams come true, that no matter what other people say, no matter what statistics say, no matter what – none of those things can compete with the fierceness in your heart.

And somewhere out there in the world, I am here rooting for you….just like you’ve always done for me.

I will never be able to express in words how grateful to you I am.  On this sunny day in New York City, I wish you love and good things.  I leave for tour tomorrow early in the morning, and I will be back to a normal blogging schedule on Monday.

See you then, my Friends!