Come Work Some Magic with Me, Wild Witches!

Registration for Witch Camp 2018 shall open on the next New Moon, August 21st, 2017.  If you would like to be a part of the secret email and get a chance to sign up first, please email with the subject line:  Witch Camp 2018.

Hot off the sassy 7 inch heels of Witch Camp, I’m so proud and honored to announce……

For more information about sign up and payment plans, please click here!

On August 20th, I will be starting an ONLINE 4 week course for those of you Badass Witches ready to SLAY your own tarot business.
In beyond the basics, I give you traditional and brand new spreads I created, I give you tips and ideas on how to make your tarot practice STAND OUT, I give you my Grandma Helen’s insight and secrets on how to really connect, push forward and be the best tarot reader you can be.

This isn’t your typical “by the book” tarot class.
This is about deeply connecting with your intuition and what makes you unique…and putting it out there through the cards to help others in this world.
Live a life that YOU define.
Let’s get serious about the Tarot in a fun and exciting way TOGETHER!
Click here to find out more and sign up for Tarot Beyond the Basics!

And for my In-Person Tarot Temple Sessions are now booking for September!
Take the reigns and start your Autumn off right with divination and a rose ritual I prepare for you.
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let’s EXTEND our Summer together by going to gorgeous TULUM, MEXICO!
October 5th-10th 2017

Join me and Gala Darling for Radical Self Love Temple: Adorn. This retreat is going to be a mind-blowing week of self love and self WORSHIP. I’ll be doing sensuality rituals nightly and I’m so incredibly excited for all that Gala and I have in store for YOU.
Click here to find out MORE about the Radical Self Love Temple ADORN October retreat with Gala Darling and Me!

Let’s draw in new paths together.
Hope to see you at one of these beautiful journey adventures!
I believe in their life-changing power to super rev you up as the Goddess SUPERSTAR you are and were always meant to be.
OWN it, Girlfriend.
Love, love and more love….

Video Post: How to Make Your Own Terrarium in 5 Easy Steps!

Because you’re punk rock
and you have better things to do with your time
then water some plants.
I made my first “How To” vlog for YOU.

Go make one, then roll in the gutter for me.
And if you want other fun ideas, check out my 5 design ideas for under $15.

What future “How To” videos do you want from me?
I’m taking requests, Danger Addicts….

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4 Daring Questions to Ask Yourself to Leap Into MARCH FORTH!

When I was little, my Grandma Helen used to tell me that March 4th was a special holiday for us to “march forth” into a brand new adventure.

This is one of my favorite personal holidays and an invitation to try something new. In the past, I spun fire for the first time on March 4th, I picked up feather fans for the first time on March 4th,  and I went to the Museum of Modern Art for the first time on March 4th.

Every year, I dare myself to do something different.

Today, I have my guitar lesson, and for the first time, I’ll be able to play the full song of Jack White’s Love Interruption on guitar.  I’m celebrating with something I’ve longed to do forever, but only recently had the guts to pick up.

Let’s push ourselves to dare today and do something new with 4 Daring Questions:

♥  What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

Fear of Failure has killed more dreams than anything.

For so many years, I held back doing things that I was curious about because I was afraid of publicly failing, or being seen as not knowing what I was doing. I had to swallow my pride as I learned fire poi, hitting myself in the face over and over. Even now I’m learning to read music for my guitar lessons, I have to practice over and over again, hitting the wrong chords and trying again. But I know from experience that if I keep going with it, something will finally click.

One of my favorite proverbs that I always think about when I’m learning something new is: “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”    Today’s a great day to try something new.

♥  If you could have three different dream lives, what would your profession be in each one?

What different lives would you lead if you had a chance? Burke was talking tonight about how if he wasn’t directing or doing photography – he would have loved to have been an inventor. Let these ideas stir up your imagination for something new to try for today’s March 4th holiday!

♥  What would you push yourself to do if you knew that you wouldn’t be judged for it?

The judgement thing. Ugh. Another killer of creativity before it even gets off the ground. I saw burlesque and fell in love with the art form. It took me 4 years after that to get the courage to do it. Mostly, this was because I was afraid of what other people would think of me. That held me from pushing forward with my big dream for a long time. Too long! Years ago on March 4th, I performed my very first burlesque feather fan dance, and I’ve never regretted pushing myself to do something my heart really desired. Yes, people have said some nasty things to me about the choices I’ve made, but nothing they’ve said has been more important than the dreams I’ve pursued despite them.

♥  What things make you wildly happy and make you go into a state of bliss when you are doing it? 

This is another great question to ask yourself as you’re brainstorming about something to do that you’ve never done before. I’ve always lost myself in writing and would grab my journals and jot down story ideas or things that happened whenever I got the chance. Two years ago on March 4th – I tried out for the first time. I committed to writing 750 words a day for over 100 days. I never shared any of what i wrote, but that commitment got me all trained up for writing the Danger Diary regularly.

Let’s March 4th together!

What brand new adventure awaits you today?

Share in the comments and Live Wild with me.

Love and Danger,
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How To Deal With Valentine’s Day – How Not TO Murder Anyone, Cry or Feel Useless.

anti-valentine's-day.jpgValentine’s Day brings out a lot of emotions – and not all of them good.

Here’s my survival guide to keep you positive and loving life on February 14:

If You’re Single:  Time to go renegade and take the reigns back on this mutha effin’ holiday.

Single and 17, I was pissed when Valentine’s Day rolled around. I thought it was an evil reminder that I wasn’t one of the hand-holding couples walking down the halls of school. But instead of sulking the day away, I bought these cute Snow White Valentines’ and wrote: “Valentine’s Day is Dumb, but You’re Awesome” on every single one and then I picked 16 random lockers and stuffed the Valentine’s through the vents. I somehow felt more powerful doing that – rather than wallowing in my own singledom sorrow – I took the day back.

I was the tall, lanky goth version of cupid.

I’ve continued this tradition every year since, putting Valentine’s on car windshields, hiding them in morning newspapers for sale, leaving them on tables in a coffee shop.

I am convinced the right people will find them.

FACT: Valentine’s Day, Hallmark Holiday that it is, is about celebrating love – just because you might be single doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be included. Show the world. Spread it. You’ll feel happy knowing that you’re going to make the person’s day that finds your Valentine.

If You’re In A Relationship, Do NOT Try and Celebrate This Pressure Filled Holiday the Generic Way The Media Wants You To (i.e. “The More Money You Spend, The More You Love Her/Him”). 

I’ve had many a disastrous Valentine’s Day in relationships.  Valentine’s Day filled my mind with over-expecting wild fantasies – like:  Did he get the hint that I really have been loving that cute necklace I found on Etsy?  Is this the year I’m getting engaged?  Is the box of chocolates he’s going to get me bigger than my arms can hold?  I was really influenced by working in an office job and being surrounded by people who would come in the day after Valentine’s Day and talk about what wildly romantic things happened with them – if my story fell short, then my relationship must not measure up, right?


Valentine’s Day can be a major pressure to do everything “right” and make it super romantic – and that can just end up backfiring.  In my relationship with Burke we decided: – eff the high priced and overly-crowded dinners out, eff the dumb candy in heart shaped boxes, eff the store bought presents.   We celebrate by writing each other notes, by making each other love spells, by making a fort with chairs and blankets in our living room and a picnic style dinner on the floor with tons of pillows and candles around us.

Ain’t no store bought present, fancy restaurant dinner or manufactured candy heart that’s gonna compete with that.

FACT: If you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be pressure city. Fight the urge to do what everyone else is doing and make it your own thing! Decide together what you think would be a fun way to celebrate that is completely unique to your relationship.  Oh, yeah….and KEEP doing all these things after V-Day’s over.


If You’re Alive and Breathing – Single, In A Relationship, WHATEVER – Take the Idea of This Day To Throw Some Much Needed Love On The Person You’ve Known The Longest:  YOU.

A lot of times we are afraid to even admit what we love about ourselves.  It might seem too conceited and too ego-filled.  But indulge me for a second, and answer the questions below:

♥ In Your Life Story so Far – Name 1 Thing That You’re Really Proud Of That You’ve Done.  It could be something as far away as winning the 1st Grade Spelling Bee or as recent as sticking up for a friend last week at school.  It could be getting that promotion at work or having your video go viral on youtube.  It could be playing your first song on the ukulele or the time you submitted your article and it got published.  It could be anything!

♥What are 3 Awesome Traits That You Have?  Are you a great friend?  A good listener?  Do you excel in creative things, sports, music, etc? Are you determined and will keep going no matter what?  

FACT:   Look, if you’re reading this, you are still in this wild game of life.  You’re here – doing it.  Sometimes life can be really hard, and it’s important to take time to care for yourself.  Take the time to pat yourself on the back from the good things that you’ve done, the struggles you’ve fought through, and for the good that you put into the world.


Here’s a Valentine’s Day Tradition I Made for Myself 3 Years Ago – Wanna Join Me?

♥  Buy 3 roses in your favorite color the day BEFORE Valentine’s Day.

The night before V-Day – take the petals off of one rose and put them over your sheets and your pillow.  That way, when you wake up on Valentine’s Day – you wake up in a bed strewn in flower petals.  Not bad, huh? And they smell pretty damn amazing.

Take the petals off the second one and cup them in your hands. Make your hands like a bowl and hold all those petals inside.  Bring the petals to your heart while you are sitting down.  Imagine that inside your hands is a basket of love and it’s going directly into your heart through your chest.  Think of the answers you gave above.   Think about things you love about yourself.  Bring the petals to your face and breathe in.  Then put the petals right over your head and let the petals drop.  It’s time to shower yourself in rose petals.  If you’ve never done this before, please do it.  It sounds cheesy but it’s incredible.

Take the third rose and walk down the street on Valentine’s Day.  Give it to a perfect stranger and keep walking.  You’ll know who to give it to.  Trust me on this one – and you’re going to make someone’s day.

That’s my personal recipe to be a Goddess (or God) of Love – who wakes up on a bed of roses, who showers themselves with fragrant petals and who makes someone’s day with a rose.

How can this be bad?

That’s my tips! Do you have any traditions or ways of dealing with Valentine’s Day that you’d like to share?

I love reading your comments – they keep me going and keep me writing!  Please share a tradition below or share an answer to one of the questions above.  Let us LOVE on you.  And if you’ve enjoyed this article and think it will help others – please share.

Wild Love and Danger….

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3 MUST HAVE Tips To Live The Good Life in 2014 From Our Lady J!

Picture 180

One Word: Confidence.
I took to my Facebook page to ask you what you wanted to know about and over and over – confidence came up.

We just moved into the Lunar New Year on January 31st – the Year of the Horse.
If I could give you any message – it is:
“Time to take the reigns of your life.”

There’s one woman that comes to my mind right away when I hear confidence.
And Danger Diary Addicts…today’s your lucky day – because she’s spilling her secrets on today’s blog!
The first time I ever saw her was on the other side of the world.
She was exiting a van, about to sing her music in a billowing and red circus tent.
Her blonde hair was piled high on her head.
Blood red lips perfectly lined.
She teetered gracefully in 6 inch heels on the grass.
And she had “IT”.

You know that thing that you can’t describe about someone –
that magnetism that just pulls you toward them.
The shine.
It was as if a light just turned on in the room
when she walked in.
Her name is Our Lady J.
Picture 179

From the moment we met, until the moment we had to board planes for different destinations, we were inseparable. She showed me beauty and makeup tips and I hung on her every single word.
Picture 181
Without further ado – I’m handing the Danger Diary over to Our Lady J for today to give you her top 3 Secrets to the Good Life!  If you’re loving her tips as much as I am – you can check out her gorgeous world over here!

Our Lady J’s Secret Tip # 1: Define your own beauty.

Other people’s perceptions of beauty are being sold to us at every turn we take. It’s business. But we don’t have to let their ideals control our lives. Instead of ignoring what they’re feeding you, let your own definition of beauty speak louder than their programming. For me, beauty is personal mental and physical health, generosity towards others, compassion, creativity, and LIGHT. I also have made my beauty my higher power, the goddess that helps me when I am lost. When I trust beauty, I know I will find peace in life, no matter the turmoil in which I find myself.

Our Lady J’s Secret Tip #2:  Live a life of creation.

As an artist, it’s easy to get caught up in constant criticism of myself and the world which within I create. I have to remember that it is not my duty to judge my own work – it is my only job to create. If I am criticizing myself or others, I am blocking the flow of energy that it takes to make something new.

Our Lady J’s Secret Tip #3:  Pretend you’re a unicorn.

As a 6-foot tall blonde transgender woman with perfect breasts and a face for the gods, I get a lot of stares from strangers everywhere I go. The only way I’ve been able to dismiss these with compassion is to imagine that these people have never seen a unicorn before, and that I must look like a unicorn to them. As a rare mystical creature, of course people are going to stare! Imagine that the world is in awe of your beauty, and you will be free of the stress that can come with standing out in public spaces.

Love and Kisses –
Our Lady J
Picture 182

3 Challenges to Live Wild in 2014 with FREE Song Download

Picture 138
Have you ever felt like you missed out on so much because you were afraid to try?
Have you ever felt like you wasted so much time trying to be perfect and then nothing ever got done?

Or is that just me?

I made up a little guide for me to follow to make 2014 The Year of Living Wild for me.
Living Wild for me means:

  •  taking risks,
  • not giving an eff about what other people think about me,
  • following my wild heart where it leads me.

Here’s the 3 challenges I wrote that I wanted to share with you to make this year incredible:

1. Saying HELL Yes To A New Adventure in Learning Something Awesome.
I have been wanting to learn how to play guitar for the past year. But every time I thought about it, I would make excuses like – “I just don’t have the time” or “It’s going to take me forever to learn” or “Classes are just too expensive.” Then on January 2nd, the billboard at the local pizza shop had a small flyer ridden with holes and ripped off tabs – $7 group guitar lessons at the library.

No more excuses.

Last night, I rocked it out with my new classmates – two other girls and a guy. I came home and practiced until 2am. It made me feel alive.

2. Letting Yourself Be a Beginner – aka Giving Yourself Permission to Suck.
My first burlesque routine was laughable. I was shaking the whole time and almost forgot to take off my things. In other words, I sucked. But I watched the others around me, practiced a bunch, took classes, and within two years, my confidence was raised and I was headed off to tour. Then I wanted to learn how to spin fire. It had taken me so long to build up my confidence to do burlesque and feel like I knew I was doing – that I was actually hesitant to start something totally different and be bad at it.

Going into a new fire dancing class and hitting myself in the face fifty million times with a pair of sock poi while I tried to figure out arm movements was pretty pathetic. But then, I looked around at the rest of the class and they were all doing the same thing. No one cared what I looked like! They were all worrying about their own thing and learning how to do it themselves. When I started to laugh at myself, I gave myself permission to just have fun with it and that’s when I started to get better and figure it out!

Me Spinning - Photo by Jeff Stark.

Me Spinning – Photo by Jeff Stark.

3. Bare Your Soul. Share It With The World.
I can’t even tell you how many vlogs, videos of me playing ukulele, pieces of stories, songs that I wrote, photograph projects and cool ideas that I have had, created or made in the past that I’ve hidden away, deleted or shrugged off as not being good enough. I guess that old fear of being judged or being laughed at came up and I let that kill them.

I’m challenging myself to stop my own creative murders.

Last week, I stayed up all night with my friends, singing and playing music. We recorded this and that just to keep for ourselves, just having a good time, chilling on Josh’s floor in his living room. Josh is a huge Oasis fan and had worked out this slow guitar for their song “Wonderwall”. I didn’t even know the lyrics – but luckily that’s what the internets are for. And so we recorded this….late into the night, sitting in a circle on the floor, me reading the lyrics off my laptop….friends just messing around trying something new.

No one was ever supposed to hear it.

But then, you guys were asking for more ukulele songs, more videos and stuff like that – so I figured I’d be brave and share it.

Tell me what you are challenging yourself to do this year that you might have been too shy or scared to try in the past for fear of being judged.

Declare it in the comments.
Live Wild with me.

Battling the Dark Weather in My Brain

Picture 95
I captioned this photo of me in the dentist office the other day:
“Bring the pain.”
From a girl who once had her nose ripped off by a rottweiler, everything else seems pretty tame.
Yesterday, I was in pain.
But unfortunately – it was the emotional kind, not the physical kind.

Yesterday started and things happened and at one point,
I got on Twitter and saw this:
Picture 97
….right when I was in a bit of despair myself.
I don’t ever want to lie to you…
with my sunshine there is also the darkness.
And I can get dark.
I wasted the other day wallowing.
I was hurt to the core by a friend and my mind was on loop going over every detail in my mind.
I spent two hours composing an email.
I didn’t come down for dinner.
I wasted a beautiful day of my life on some lame drama.

An invisible tornado invaded my space.
It pulled me in and threw me around.
Then all this invisible debris hung heavy in the air and around me.
And I got caught in the dreaded thing known as LOOP.

That thing where your brain replays it a billion times,
and you get hurt over and over again.
Then you see your dog and you’re like – come here, cuddle me – look! Things are good, I’m grateful I’ve got my dog here with me in front of this beautiful fire, this is so nice and if so-and-so wouldn’t have repeated those nasty things about me and I mean, why would they -WAIT. STOP. Stop it.

And I would start a conversation to kill the loop, and things would be nice, and then there would be a lull in the conversation…
and the loop would find a way to get in and make me feel horrible and angry and disrespected and, and, and….

And everyone in the room would see my face go dark
caught in an invisible tornado in my head
in the middle of a perfect Winter day.
Picture 98

And I saw your replies about finding your creativity to yesterday’s post…
and several of you talked about getting out, going on a walk, going for a ride, not having a destination in mind.

I pulled on two hoodies (one’s destroyed but I can’t get rid of it),
I pulled on my vegan Doc Martins,
I pulled on an even bigger coat over that,
and I pushed the door open to the outside world.
Picture 82

And it was beautiful. Snow crystals caught light blowing in the wind. The sound of the crisp breaks in the snow as our boots cut a trail in the forest. Niney hopped from one boot print to the next in front of me and I smiled.

What a great day, this is perfect, you know maybe if I figure out somehow else to explain to them how they hurt me, they’ll get it, because I really don’t think they understand, maybe if I reframe the whole thing….STOP.

Dreaded loop, be gone.
It doesn’t matter.
When I’m on my deathbed
I’m not going to be upset about this stupid thing.
I’m not going to think of it as anything that even effected me.
It will be long gone and buried.
I know that no matter what happened, no one was out to get me.
No one wanted to hurt me.
It just happened. Things happen sometimes and people make mistakes and it feels like you’re both talking in two different languages and nothing comes out right and that’s just how it goes.
Life is beautiful and life is flawed.
I am beautiful and I am flawed.
My friends are beautiful and they are flawed.
But at this moment,
I don’t give a fuck about all that.
I want to think about this walk.
This walk in the snow, with my true love and my furry best friend.

I move forward.
I look.
For the first time in over 24 hours
I am here.

My eyes glide over the surface of the lake
and I think…when I get back and I’m going to email so and so and….STOP.

I panic because the loop is bigger than me. I have not been able to overcome it.

My mouth opens and I blurt out to Burke:

“If you could be Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, or the Jersey Devil…who would you be?”

He thought about it for a minute….”Is the Jersey Devil like ol’ Scratch at the Crossroads, or is he a monster?”

I couldn’t remember and I didn’t want the loop to come back so I said: “He’s like both, I think.”

“Then I’d be the Jersey Devil,” he said. “Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster always seem to be so alone. If I was the Jersey Devil, then I could kind of mess with people when they came along, talk with them, buy their souls and stuff.”

I nodded.

My mind started to think about Burke’s answer and how his brain works. How he thought about the existence of Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster and his first thought wasn’t that they might be scary, his first thought was that they would be lonely.

I followed Burke’s footprint tracks, just like Niney.
I thought of Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster
and if they do exist, I hope they aren’t lonely.

I would want to be their friend.

The loop was murdered by thoughts of calling out to Big Foot and the Loch Ness and letting them know they could be safe if they lived on my mountain, that I wouldn’t report them being there to the papers, that I would bring them food if they wanted, I could just be there and leave notes or wave from the house and they would know that they weren’t hated or hunted and that
this crazy girl in this crazy house loved them
and they weren’t alone.

We got back to the house after the walk and I reached into the fridge and this guy was peeking out from a shelf.
Picture 99

This guy was hiding behind the ice cream.
Picture 100

These little cards are hidden in places all over the house by the beautiful creatures that occupy it.

I found out they had been there for the last six months.
I was blind to them
until I needed their message.

Onward to a fantastic New Year, Kindred Souls.

There are sharks in the freezer.
There are meercats in the fridge.
And no tornadoes in today’s weather forecast.