How To Write A Sizzling Love Letter – 5 Hot Tips!

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When I was 17, I had a dream that I had received a note as an invitation.

It was a love letter.

And in it, the boy had put a scrap of his wall paper in there and a scrap of his carpet.  He had written….

“Here is a piece of my wall paper
and here is a piece of my carpet.
At that the very moment,
that you step into the world hidden
behind my front door
you will already feel

There is power in the perfectly penned love letter.

I’ve shared before on how to write yourself a love letter – and now here’s my timeless tips and some unique ideas to craft a letter to your paramour….

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1. Get Creative With What You Write Your Love Letter On.

Four days after I met Burke, an orange origami swan was perched on the top of my door frame.  Inside the folds of the origami, he had written one of the most passionate love letters I had ever read.  The fact that he gave it to me hidden in the folds of a creature that mates for life…that made it all the more romantic and showed me how creative he was.

Here’s some other creative ideas ways to make your love letter unforgettable:
♥  Scroll it up and put it inside a beautiful vintage bottle.
♥  Bake it inside a fortune cookie.
  Ebay a 1940s Decoder Ring, then gift the decoder ring and a letter written entirely in code.
♥  Write it tiny on the inside of a book of matches and gift with candles.
♥  Write it on the back of a picture puzzle and break up the puzzle after you’re finished writing it for your lover to put together.
  Seal the back of the envelope by dropping red wax on it.
Write it on pages of a book. Adding a new sentence on every page.
  Write it on a beautiful postcard.
♥  Make a physical digital mix tape and write your love letter on the inside cover.

A hand-written letter is more powerful than anything you can ever give someone.  No text or email will ever measure up to a letter declaring your love written by your own hand.Picture 73

2. Start Your Letter With A Revealing Moment of Your Love Story Together From Your Point Of View.

Tell a mini-story and capture it in words to properly paint a full picture. Imagine your lover re-reading the note when they are 90…this is your chance to capture a moment in time and how you see them.
Use as many details as possible:
♥  What time of year was it? Was it day or night?
♥  What was your Lover wearing?
  What did you first notice about them?
  What did you share in common or what drew you to them?

For instance…

“On that 9th day of November, at 5am, I was standing in front of our school, leaning against a column…waiting.

A grey van finally pulled up and….

There.  You.  Were.

The sky was burning orange with the rising of the sun.

My life was never the same again.”

3. Write About Real Moments and The Unique Things That Connect You.

Burke and I connected on New York City history as we drove around late at night. . We took turns picking out buildings in the city’s skyline and telling stories about them.

We connected through music and on our first date he showed up with a mix for me and a story about the fictional “Bonnie and Clyde” version of us he had written on the inside.

This is a moment to express your personality and your unique style.
We’ve all heard the cliched “long walks on a beach” line in love letters.   Fuck that.  This is your chance to talk about the real things that connect you.
  Do you have secret names for each other?
♥  Do you have inside jokes that no one else knows?
  Do you have things in common that you both talked about to the wee hours of the morning?
♥  Is there word hints you can drop like: “pinky swears and yellow bikes” that will give your lover instant recall of a moment or memory?
Picture 69
4.  Put a Personal Physical Item in the Letter.

Sitting here wishing on a cement floor
Just wishing that I had just something you wore
I put it on when I grow lonely
Will you take off your dress and send it to me?”
– Cactus by the Pixies

I have ripped the bottom hem of my dress out and scrolled a love letter up and wrapped the ripped fabric of my dress around it in a bow to seal it.
I don’t mess around.
Make sure you do something physical to your love letter:
♥  Leave a kiss lip print.
♥  Spritz with your scent.
♥  Put a lock of your hair with a ribbon tied around it inside.
♥  Sink your teeth marks into the corner of the note.

Picture 70
5. Talk About Dreams and Ideas for the Future. Use Your Imagination.

The number one thing that helps a couple thrive is being able to grow together. By the time you’re writing the love letter, you probably know what your lover’s hopes and dreams are. Talk about these things in the letter. Talk about how much you respect, admire and believe in your Lover.

The idea of a perfect co-conspirator to your wildest dreams is sexy as fuck.

Talk about a dream you have of something you’d like to do with your Lover in the future or something you’d like to show them. Get your imagination rolling….talking about future makes each person more secure in the present.

Have fun with writing your letter.
Let your heart be wild and open.
My address is:
Veronica Varlow, PO Box 21, West Shokan, NY 12494.
….If you feel like practicing.

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Long Distance Relationships: 6 Real Life Tips on How To Make Them Work.

Photo by Burke Heffner

Photo by Burke Heffner

“Dear Danger,
First I want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. On some days when I’m down it really cheers me up and puts me in a better mood. So..I was wondering if you could make a blog about how to maintain a relationship if both partners are artists and are on the road or tour a lot…sometimes a couple of months. And I think you definitely know something about that. “


Thanks for the question, E.

Between 2009 and 2011, over the course of a year and 1/2, Burke and I saw each other a full total of 5 weeks. I had a hefty touring schedule, and he was touring the world for his film work. When one of us was home in New York City, the other one was off somewhere else in the world.

Picture 5

These are the ways we dealt with it and made our connection stronger across the many miles:

♥  Hidden Notes of Treasure – Leave secret notes in your wake.

This tip I adapted from childhood. My Mom used to write me a note everyday and hide it somewhere in my lunchbox. When I was in early Elementary School, a single day seemed to last a week, and finding my Mom’s note to me during lunch would make me feel connected to home.

When Burke was leaving to go away for two months, I spent a few hours scrawling love notes, drawing pictures, writing fortunes and folding them up and sticking them different places in his suitcase when he wasn’t looking. I tucked notes in his pant pockets, the inside pockets of jackets, his soap container, inside rolls of socks, in between pages of books.

He always seemed to find the notes when he needed them the most!

If you are long distance with separate households, leave those tiny notes in hiding spaces all over their house when you visit and send them on a treasure hunt when you leave.

♥  Gift a Special Song: Music can speak the things we can’t.

On one four month tour, I had just finished a show in Germany and was about to crawl into my bunk. I saw there was an email with Burke’s name on it and in it was a iTunes gift of this song:

I fell asleep listening to it, feeling like he was beside me.

To this day, whenever I hear it, I think of that night I heard it the first time, falling asleep, missing my Love, a million miles from home, rolling along the roads of Germany.

♥  Get Creative in Expressions of Love.

On Valentine’s Day one year, I was gone on tour. Burke wrote a poem and took photos of his words all over the city. He made them into an album on Facebook and shared on my page.
This public display of love and the care in which he did his poem and photo project touched me so much. The full poem can be seen here.

♥ Make Your Own Holidays

I decided to make a calendar of important dates to us and have added to it over the years.  It includes:
the day we met,
the day we kissed for the first time,
the first day we had a road trip adventure together,
the day we moved in together,
the day we got our little dog Niney,
and romantic days.

I remember a friend of mine in college making fun of my calendar idea saying, “You guys are always celebrating. Even celebrating is going to get boring.”

Guess what?
Still celebrating 13 years later.
Picking special days and honoring them year after year have made our bond stronger.

♥  Keep Growing and Learning

Once when Burke was gone for two months, I found myself completely depressed and barely wanted to go out or do anything.   Spring was starting and every couple in the world was outside holding hands. I wanted to punch them all of them in the face.   But instead of doing that, I had heard that Claire de Luxe a fire performer I respect and admire, was teaching fire poi spinning classes. I forced myself to sign up, and within days, I was learning an exciting new skill that was filling up my days and killing my loneliness.

The best part? When Burke finally came back, I was able to do a half-naked fire show for him and show off my new skills. He loved it and got a new found crush on me with my wild fire spinning ways!


♥ Stay Positive

Yep. I know. Some days can be really hard. But sending sad and desperate texts over and over are going to make things worse. (Trust me. I’ve done this – and we just spiraled into a stupid, gigantic depression together.) It’s fine to let someone know how much you miss them, but try to keep things positive – sending sassy pictures to each other, starting a fun countdown until the day you see each other again, making future adventure plans, or sending romantic or funny texts will remind that person every day why they fell in love with you in the first place.

Sending amour to all of you far-away lovers.

Do you have a question for me that you’d like to be featured on the blog?

Send your questions to: veronica at dangerdame with the subject “Dear Danger”, and you might be featured on an upcoming post.

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First Kiss: The 11 Secret Messages You Send

Let’s get down with one of my favorite subjects….
The Kiss.
I watched this the first time with the sound off….

This video went viral on Tuesday, and then got a lot of flack because the people involved are models, musicians and performers – but say what you will – there is real life chemistry in this video and here’s what you can learn from it:

About the Way We Flirt

♥ Hair Touching Signals: During a 51 second time period in the above video, a woman touches her hair every 15 seconds (watch at 10 seconds, 26 seconds, 35 seconds, 50 seconds and again at 1:01 seconds) This is a tell-tale instinctual flirting sign.

♥ Mirroring: At 2:52, notice the woman mirroring the exact same stance as the man with her hands behind her back. We mirror the actions people we are attracted to.

♥  Slightly Exaggerated Facial Expressions: Notice all the lip biting, lip licking and raised eyebrows with direct eye contact before the kiss even takes place. Women also tend to blink more around someone they are interested in (watch :10-:15 and :34-:35 to see a lot of blinking going on). Heightened facial expressions are a subtle sign of interest.

♥  The Eye Contact Gaze/Look Away/Gaze Back: We speak volumes with eye contact. The classic move of holding a direct gaze, looking down or away and then holding that gaze again is a subconscious flirting MUST. When looking at videoed performances of my burlesque routines, that is one thing I notice myself doing consistently – it’s my natural instincts in effect – flirting with the audience.

♥   The Innocent Brush Against: Notice our girl at 2:49, brushing down his chest after the kiss and then going on to mirror his body language. She is loving this guy.

♥   The All-Encompassing Move. Notice how the woman moves at the 1:14 mark – she leans in to his right and to his left while looking down and then ends touching his forehead with her own. This is a super hot flirty move – plus the foreheads touching signifies connection. Those moments before a kiss are electric…make them last with softly brushing noses, coming inches away from their lips with your own, and dragging the side of your face along theirs.

About the Way We Kiss

The interesting tell-tale signs of a kiss have nothing to do with the mouth to mouth part. It has everything to do with where we place our hands.

♥  The Romantic Kiss.   At 1:37 – the woman’s hands clasped behind his neck is the classic I’m-feeling-super-romantic-toward-you move. Think faerie tales and poetry.

♥ The I Want You Now Kiss.  Grabbing your lover’s face and cradling their face in your hands is a lusty hot signal. Watch 2:07 – serious, Brother, damn those are some moves.  I also like to throw in raking my nails across the back of a lover’s neck and taking their earlobe between my thumb and pointer finger and squeezing.

♥ The I Think You’re Cool But I’m Not Into You Kiss. At 2:02, notice how the couple is holding each other at the waist with distance in between like they are slow dancing in middle school. This couple has a appreciation connection, but there’s no love match there.

♥ The I’m A Little Kinky Kiss. At 2:18, notice our guy biting her upper lip. This is a playful message that he’s into a bit more than just your average romance.

♥ The Sensualist Kiss.  At 2:24, notice their noses softly dragging across each other while they kiss slowly. These are people who like to take their time and indulge in a world of passion.

What does your kissing style say about you?

Special Message to You:  After Tuesday’s post on the Terry Richardson scandal and my own brush with a manipulative photographer, I want to thank all of you who shared, re-tweeted and commented.

I can’t stop the predators, but I can share my experience in their tactics to help you recognize them and get out of there.

Thank you for reading – this is for you:

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The 3 Most Erotic Places To Touch Someone With Your Clothes Still On



Yeah, you.

Don’t think that I don’t see the page views soar through the roof here when I give some sassy tips.

You naughty thing.

Well, I’ll indulge you.  Because it’s almost Valentine’s Day.  And I know exactly what you want.

I have schemes AND scientific backup.  Damn. Ready to be schooled?

♥  The Hands

Science:   A Mayo Clinic Study found that the sensitivity of our palms of our hands are second only to *ahem* down there.

Story:  Junior Year High School.  Study Hall.  I’m the goth punk freak that exactly three people talk to.   Cool kid, Jennifer Belsy, overhears me telling my friend that I’ve been reading palms since I was 10 and that the sight runs in my family.   Jennifer sticks out her palm to put my eyes on and the next day, *bam* I suddenly have a line of girls (who previously never knew I existed) waiting to be read.

If I knew then what I know know, I would have been class president by the end of the year. Most people do not realize how sensitive, intimate and receptive our palms are. Business people talk about how important a handshake is, and they are right!

DO this:  Grab your crush’s hand, and expose their palm face up, cradling their hand in your own. With your free hand, gently drag your fingers from their wrist to their fingertips, unfolding their hand if it is clenched, relaxing their fingers to a gentle curve if they are stretched stiff and straight.

Then using the most delicate touch, trace your fingertips along the lines of their palm.  When your crush asks what you see…. murmur… “mmmm, interesting.”  Study the palm chart below so that you have some idea of what you’re talking about, and call out the names of each line as you trace.  Lean close.  Make sure you look directly into your crush’s eyes as you say….”this is your love line” and drop your eyes back down to the palm…. “this is your life line” and drop your eyes, and so on. 

Finish with an insightful Hmmmm, then fold their hand back up and release it.  When they press you for secrets (like you’ve just been hypnotized through touch and will now be my sex slave forever) tell your crush you’re just learning, but say it in a confident way that lets them know you know exactly what lies in their future.

This chart is your friend:

Picture 9

For more info – Gala has got a damn good Palmistry 101 post.

♥ The Scalp

Science:  Giving someone a scalp massage releases a chemical in the brain known as  oxytocin, a stress blocking hormone that provides a sense of calm while enhancing sexual pleasure, says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D.

Story:  In high school, I worked at a hair salon – I would answer phones, check people in and schedule appointments . One day, after a stylist called in sick and they were overwhelmed with clients – they asked me to do the shampoos.  Now.  Keep in mind, I’m not allowed to date, I’m 17 and haven’t even held anyone’s hand yet (minus a spin-the-bottle girl kiss) and I am wildly repressed.  Teenage hormones are raging through my body and I’m an untouchable.  The mere thought of touching anyone’s head seemed so overwhelmingly sensual to me.  I lathered up that shampoo and went for it – dragging my nails and scrubbing slowly.

After that day, women would come in and personally request me to shampoo their hair.  I went from a floor sweeping no-one to shampoo pervert specialist.   I got to New York City on the tips that I saved from that job!

Do This:  You know how people are always trying to do the back massage thing?  Here’s a fact – shoulder blades – not an erogenous zone.
Scalp?  Yes, please!
Turn the tables on a boring back massage by walking your fingers up to the scalp.  Start from the back of the neck at the bottom of the skull and start to massage.  Let your fingers fan out.  In other words, start with fingertips all close together in a spot and let them all glide apart slowly, each finger parting the hair.  Glide the tips of fingers and fingernails right along the scalp.  Once you’ve reached the top of the head you can step it up a little by starting at the bottom again and this time, after fanning your fingers out, close them again catching the hair in your fist, gently pull the hair a little before releasing. Be careful not to pull single strands, but distribute the pressure evenly over the whole handful. Your crush will be begging for more!

Picture 11

♥  Behind Earlobes and Along Jaw.

Science:  The Kinsey Institute has classified this area as an erogenous zone for both men and women.  Body language studies have shown that when men or women are flirting – they subconsciously tend to expose their neck to their person of interest.

Story:   Vampires.  I’m obsessed with them.  And not the sparkly kind.  When I discovered Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles – the stories were dark, sensual and mysterious.  Before I even had my first kiss, I would fantasize about what it would be like to be bitten on the neck.  I wanted to wander across a vampire so badly – because – hey…
1.  Eternal life.
2.  Neck bites.

Do This:  Pretend your crush has a stray strand of hair on their cheek.  Sweep it aside and tuck it behind their ear.  But do it SLOWLY.  Drag your fingertips along the back of their ear and behind the earlobe and down the curve behind the jaw.  Play very casual, but it may take a second or third brushing to get them looking (and feeling) just right. Then announce, “That’s better.” And act like nothing just happened.  Meanwhile, your crush is melting.  Trust me.

Once you’ve snagged your Crush and neck touching is totally legal – take a feather to the back of their ear and trace it slowly along their jawline.

Who knew this innocent little feather would be a powerful weapon of seduction?

Picture 10


Happy Valentine’s Day, you Naughty Things.
Bites and Feathers,
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How To Deal With Valentine’s Day – How Not TO Murder Anyone, Cry or Feel Useless.

anti-valentine's-day.jpgValentine’s Day brings out a lot of emotions – and not all of them good.

Here’s my survival guide to keep you positive and loving life on February 14:

If You’re Single:  Time to go renegade and take the reigns back on this mutha effin’ holiday.

Single and 17, I was pissed when Valentine’s Day rolled around. I thought it was an evil reminder that I wasn’t one of the hand-holding couples walking down the halls of school. But instead of sulking the day away, I bought these cute Snow White Valentines’ and wrote: “Valentine’s Day is Dumb, but You’re Awesome” on every single one and then I picked 16 random lockers and stuffed the Valentine’s through the vents. I somehow felt more powerful doing that – rather than wallowing in my own singledom sorrow – I took the day back.

I was the tall, lanky goth version of cupid.

I’ve continued this tradition every year since, putting Valentine’s on car windshields, hiding them in morning newspapers for sale, leaving them on tables in a coffee shop.

I am convinced the right people will find them.

FACT: Valentine’s Day, Hallmark Holiday that it is, is about celebrating love – just because you might be single doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be included. Show the world. Spread it. You’ll feel happy knowing that you’re going to make the person’s day that finds your Valentine.

If You’re In A Relationship, Do NOT Try and Celebrate This Pressure Filled Holiday the Generic Way The Media Wants You To (i.e. “The More Money You Spend, The More You Love Her/Him”). 

I’ve had many a disastrous Valentine’s Day in relationships.  Valentine’s Day filled my mind with over-expecting wild fantasies – like:  Did he get the hint that I really have been loving that cute necklace I found on Etsy?  Is this the year I’m getting engaged?  Is the box of chocolates he’s going to get me bigger than my arms can hold?  I was really influenced by working in an office job and being surrounded by people who would come in the day after Valentine’s Day and talk about what wildly romantic things happened with them – if my story fell short, then my relationship must not measure up, right?


Valentine’s Day can be a major pressure to do everything “right” and make it super romantic – and that can just end up backfiring.  In my relationship with Burke we decided: – eff the high priced and overly-crowded dinners out, eff the dumb candy in heart shaped boxes, eff the store bought presents.   We celebrate by writing each other notes, by making each other love spells, by making a fort with chairs and blankets in our living room and a picnic style dinner on the floor with tons of pillows and candles around us.

Ain’t no store bought present, fancy restaurant dinner or manufactured candy heart that’s gonna compete with that.

FACT: If you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be pressure city. Fight the urge to do what everyone else is doing and make it your own thing! Decide together what you think would be a fun way to celebrate that is completely unique to your relationship.  Oh, yeah….and KEEP doing all these things after V-Day’s over.


If You’re Alive and Breathing – Single, In A Relationship, WHATEVER – Take the Idea of This Day To Throw Some Much Needed Love On The Person You’ve Known The Longest:  YOU.

A lot of times we are afraid to even admit what we love about ourselves.  It might seem too conceited and too ego-filled.  But indulge me for a second, and answer the questions below:

♥ In Your Life Story so Far – Name 1 Thing That You’re Really Proud Of That You’ve Done.  It could be something as far away as winning the 1st Grade Spelling Bee or as recent as sticking up for a friend last week at school.  It could be getting that promotion at work or having your video go viral on youtube.  It could be playing your first song on the ukulele or the time you submitted your article and it got published.  It could be anything!

♥What are 3 Awesome Traits That You Have?  Are you a great friend?  A good listener?  Do you excel in creative things, sports, music, etc? Are you determined and will keep going no matter what?  

FACT:   Look, if you’re reading this, you are still in this wild game of life.  You’re here – doing it.  Sometimes life can be really hard, and it’s important to take time to care for yourself.  Take the time to pat yourself on the back from the good things that you’ve done, the struggles you’ve fought through, and for the good that you put into the world.


Here’s a Valentine’s Day Tradition I Made for Myself 3 Years Ago – Wanna Join Me?

♥  Buy 3 roses in your favorite color the day BEFORE Valentine’s Day.

The night before V-Day – take the petals off of one rose and put them over your sheets and your pillow.  That way, when you wake up on Valentine’s Day – you wake up in a bed strewn in flower petals.  Not bad, huh? And they smell pretty damn amazing.

Take the petals off the second one and cup them in your hands. Make your hands like a bowl and hold all those petals inside.  Bring the petals to your heart while you are sitting down.  Imagine that inside your hands is a basket of love and it’s going directly into your heart through your chest.  Think of the answers you gave above.   Think about things you love about yourself.  Bring the petals to your face and breathe in.  Then put the petals right over your head and let the petals drop.  It’s time to shower yourself in rose petals.  If you’ve never done this before, please do it.  It sounds cheesy but it’s incredible.

Take the third rose and walk down the street on Valentine’s Day.  Give it to a perfect stranger and keep walking.  You’ll know who to give it to.  Trust me on this one – and you’re going to make someone’s day.

That’s my personal recipe to be a Goddess (or God) of Love – who wakes up on a bed of roses, who showers themselves with fragrant petals and who makes someone’s day with a rose.

How can this be bad?

That’s my tips! Do you have any traditions or ways of dealing with Valentine’s Day that you’d like to share?

I love reading your comments – they keep me going and keep me writing!  Please share a tradition below or share an answer to one of the questions above.  Let us LOVE on you.  And if you’ve enjoyed this article and think it will help others – please share.

Wild Love and Danger….

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Valentine’s Day Edition: 3 Ways To Arouse Your Lover Without Touching Them

Picture 173
From making my living as a burlesque performer for the past six years,
I’ve learned secrets of how to engage and intrigue from a distance.
Here are three of my favorite secrets to really cast a love spell on your crush.
These 3 techniques aren’t limited to the stage, they can work in an office, classroom, bar, or bedroom.

Secret Number 1: Come a Little Closer… the Scientific and Sensual Effect of a Whisper.
Close your eyes and think about it – the last time someone brushed inches away from your ear and whispered.
Whispering means a secret….
and everyone loves secrets.
It also means…this is just for you. We are co-conspirators.
I’m whispering so that no one else can hear my words but you – which packs a sensual punch.
Picture 174
It’s so saucy and triggers wild chemicals in our brains – it even has a name: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). This term was coined to describe ‘a sensory experience characterized by a pleasant tingling sensation in the head and scalp’.

Whispering does just that.

Living in New York City, with construction sounds, honking, loud voices and music – I’ve learned to block a lot of sounds out. But a whisper will get me hyper-focused – and snap me to attention in a second. On Steady Health, the phenomena of whispering was known to create an “Attention Induced Head Orgasm” (AIHO).

Yes, please!

TIP: Wanna wrap your crush around your finger?
While everyone else is shouting for attention at a bar or club, draw in closer….
and whisper.
Picture 172

Secret Number 2:  Scent and Sensuality.
Scent is a notorious tool of seduction.  75% of our emotions are triggered by smell, according to studies by the Social Issue Research Centre.
Do you want to linger in a lover’s mind?
Time to hunt down a scent that best captures your essence.
Coco Chanel advised to “dab perfume where you want to be kissed.”

I run the oils through my feather fans before I perform on stage so the audience not only has a visual, but they have a sensory experience as well, as my scent is literally fanned through the theater.

Yesterday,  Burke was packing up his camera gear to go take some high fashion mugshots, and I was working on a writing assignment.  Suddenly, I was wolfing around the room – caught by a scent.  I tried to figure out what it was, was it in a box I just opened, was it coming from my tea cup, was it on a letter in a stack of mail nearby? I tracked it down to Burke’s neck.  He was trying on a new scent by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab…it made me regret he had to leave so soon.

Wearing the same scent will have people recall that particular scent to you – even when you’re not around.  So…dab that oil on a lover’s pillow to make them dream of you.  Dab it on little notes or love letters that you send.  Did you leave your scarf at a “friends” place? Be sure it smells like you.

Trust me on this one.  It works.

Tip: Although it’s tempting, don’t pick a scent that is currently popular. You want to pick a scent that is distinguishable to you. I love oils for this purpose.

Secret Number 3: Put a Spell on them with your Eyes.
Eye contact is confidence. Don’t believe me? Try this on your crush.
Picture 175
When taking off a winter coat, people will look down as they pull their arms out of the sleeves.
We have taken off coats a million times.
We know how to do it, yet we all do the same thing.
To engage your crush, start to say hello and continue normal conversation while taking off your coat.
Use slow calm motions.
Maintain eye contact the entire time – never once looking away.
Slide the coat off and while still maintaining eye contact –
throw it on a chair beside you, without looking down.
Confidence is sexy. Eye contact is engaging. Emotionally, eye contact creates a shared experience. Before you were taking a break from conversation to ditch a winter coat. With eye contact, your crush is emotionally unbuttoning your clothes with you.  In public, it can be a fantastic subtle suggestion. In private, when done right, emotional unbuttoning can quickly translate into physical unbuttoning…
You know what to do.

Go get ’em, Tiger.
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