Come Work Some Magic with Me, Wild Witches!

Registration for Witch Camp 2018 shall open on the next New Moon, August 21st, 2017.  If you would like to be a part of the secret email and get a chance to sign up first, please email with the subject line:  Witch Camp 2018.

Hot off the sassy 7 inch heels of Witch Camp, I’m so proud and honored to announce……

For more information about sign up and payment plans, please click here!

On August 20th, I will be starting an ONLINE 4 week course for those of you Badass Witches ready to SLAY your own tarot business.
In beyond the basics, I give you traditional and brand new spreads I created, I give you tips and ideas on how to make your tarot practice STAND OUT, I give you my Grandma Helen’s insight and secrets on how to really connect, push forward and be the best tarot reader you can be.

This isn’t your typical “by the book” tarot class.
This is about deeply connecting with your intuition and what makes you unique…and putting it out there through the cards to help others in this world.
Live a life that YOU define.
Let’s get serious about the Tarot in a fun and exciting way TOGETHER!
Click here to find out more and sign up for Tarot Beyond the Basics!

And for my In-Person Tarot Temple Sessions are now booking for September!
Take the reigns and start your Autumn off right with divination and a rose ritual I prepare for you.
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let’s EXTEND our Summer together by going to gorgeous TULUM, MEXICO!
October 5th-10th 2017

Join me and Gala Darling for Radical Self Love Temple: Adorn. This retreat is going to be a mind-blowing week of self love and self WORSHIP. I’ll be doing sensuality rituals nightly and I’m so incredibly excited for all that Gala and I have in store for YOU.
Click here to find out MORE about the Radical Self Love Temple ADORN October retreat with Gala Darling and Me!

Let’s draw in new paths together.
Hope to see you at one of these beautiful journey adventures!
I believe in their life-changing power to super rev you up as the Goddess SUPERSTAR you are and were always meant to be.
OWN it, Girlfriend.
Love, love and more love….

The Lessons of the New Moon In Leo and The Return of Magic

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 8.43.13 AM
My Magical Darlings, a new page is being turned for us all.

Yesterday was the start of the New Moon in Leo….and with the new moon comes new beginnings. From the time I was very little, I was always drawn to the moon and watching its phases change across the sky. Traditionally, the new moon is the time that you plant the seeds of what you want to grow in your life. This new moon is rife with the energy of Leo, the sign of the lion.
This image of “Strength” from the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck says it all about the lion. The lion is the strongest and fiercest creature in the Animal Kingdom, and could destroy any other animal on a whim. However, this lion comes baring a rose in his mouth. This lion approaches with grace and kindness, he is confident in his strength, he knows his power, and he doesn’t need to wield it to prove to others. He just knows what he has, who he is and he owns it.
This is the best lesson to take with us for the new moon in Leo.

New Moon Questions for You
What are powerful things that make you YOU?
What do you know about yourself that you are proud of?
In what ways can you be King/Queen of your own world?

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 8.42.43 AM
The message of this moon is to rise and claim what is yours.
I have been in hiding for awhile – healing, growing, brewing new ideas, and learning a lot about the person I am and shaping/growing into the person that I have always dreamed of being. When we can truly own who we are, and walk proudly in this world without hiding our true selves, without compromising, without just being commanded by where life is taking us, but instead carving out our own path, it can be difficult work, and yet, the most rewarding thing there is in life awaits with that work.
I walk with you on that path of truth and love.
Here we find the opening, the beginning, the inspiration to create, to love, to feel, to connect.
Here we find the reason that we exist, what we have to offer, what our service is to this world, and discover the ways we can inspire others.
I want to ask you…..
What do you have to learn?
What do you have to teach?

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 8.44.01 AM
I met up with Jordan in Greece a few weeks ago. He’s been a friend of mine for 17 years now and he is someone who has always inspired me with his passion for life and his willingness to deeply connect emotionally, not only with others, but with art, with film, with music, with books. He is a filmmaker, he is the eye of the camera, his art is capturing moments of emotion and expression and story. He took all the photos of me in Greece that I posted on my instagram. When someone who has known you so well for so long takes a photo of you, they reveal things that you may have forgotten about yourself, or things that maybe you never even knew. The days of adventuring with Jordan and new friends in Greece, the days of being in a new place and seeing the world with open eyes, helped inspire me, helped remind me who I am and what I was meant to do in life.

It has been awhile since I’ve worked my magic courses and taught the things that I’m so passionate about.   I’m feeling alive, inspired and motivated to do the things that I’m meant to do in this world.
One of those things is to pass on the beauty and knowledge of things I learned from Grandma Helen and my family about making magic in our lives. Starting this Saturday, I’m doing a brand new course of magic I’ve never taught before, featuring practical spells with ordinary items, that will make your days extraordinary. I will be teaching it for six weeks, live every Saturday at noon eastern online on August 6th, 20th and 27th and September 3rd, 10th and 17th. If you can’t make it to the live events, the downloads are ready for you to watch and re-watch any time that is convenient to you. Also, I am making a brand new e-workbook of magic for this course and each week we cover, you will get the workbook with the information you need to continue working the spells and magic. It’s all brand new material and I’m very excited to start fresh!

If you would like to join us, you can sign up here for the Parlour, a 6 week Practical Magic Course, or if you are interested in a payment plan, you can paypal $15 to and just do easy weekly installments of $15. I want to make this so everyone who wants to be a part of it can be here with us!

Happy New Moon, everyone.  I missed you dearly and I’m happy to be back.  I’m tackling my inbox this week and reaching out.  Please know how important you guys are in my life, I am always grateful for your love, friendship and support.  Let’s all move forward together, with the courage of the lion and the beauty of our passionate hearts.

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VIDEO: How To Choose Your Tarot Deck and Care For Your Cards.

Oh, it’s a tarot PARTY!

I keep challenging myself to make videos for you guys (even though it feels awkward and weird to be talking to my computer) – but here’s one I made for you this morning.

If you wanna join us at The Parlour this Saturday, there’s still a few spaces and I’m going to be broadcasting online LIVE FROM DETROIT!

Punk Rock.
Only $10 bucks, Baby!

You ain’t gonna get it like this from a book.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 8.36.17 AM

Counting the days until we meet again…..

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Your May 2014 Tarot Horoscope (Full Picture Post!)

What does the tarot say for you this month?

It’s time for WILD new adventures!
Me and my electric guitar meet for the first time.  <3 Me and my electric guitar. <3[/caption] My Wild Unknown Tarot cards have been calling me to play. I’m rocking out The Parlour online tarot class this Saturday and The Parlour in person in NYC on Thursday nights – so come out if the cards are calling to you!

And if you’re looking for your future? Look no further! Here’s my gift to you for the month of May:
Your Monthly Tarot Horoscope!
Aries – March 21 – April 19 : Six of Wands
Sweet Aries, you have been through it! You’ve been working to accomplish goals and make things move in your life. See those stacks of wands on the bottom? Those are the bramble that you’ve fought through to get what you want….and this card is about soaring above it all this month like that wild blue butterfly. Break out the rolling in the gutter best – because it is time to CELEBRATE. You’re going to achieve some sort of personal victory this month of May. Those seeds you planted awhile ago are all about busting out and blooming right now. This is about overcoming challenges and focusing on creating your success and gettin’ it. Get it. Get it!

Question: Successes, big and small, can make you feel electrified and on top of the world. For me, playing a song on my guitar start to finish without hesitating on chord changes gives me that high. What makes you feel successful in everyday life?


Taurus – April 20 – May 20: The Ace of Pentacles
My Sisters and Brothers of Taurus…what a delicious sign this card is! The “ace” is all new things beginning and the pentacles indicate abundance. This is the start of something incredible. Because it’s your birthday month – this is your card for your brand new year, too – and what a year that will be! Notice the glowing center in the Ace of Pentacles card? That shows that one beautiful seed created a massive abundant tree. Your new year is all about planting those seeds and having your dreams grow into the things you’ve always wanted. Make sure to “tend” to your seed – focus, water with inspiration, and get ready to have a blossoming tree on your hands by the end of this year!
Question: Plants are reminders of growth for me. As I type this – I am surrounded by lush green plants in my workspace in my kitchen garden. They remind me to pay attention, to enjoy and to nurture. What is one seed (wild dream) that you want to nurture and grow this year?

Picture 19

Gemini – May 21 – June 20: 2 of Pentacles

Gemini, you have been dealing with lots of change, and as your birthday is approaching, you might be noticing that you have been balancing ALOT. The Two of Pentacles is a gentle reminder to keep things in balance as you’re getting ready to approach your new year. Like the wild butterfly in this card, you soar when things are balanced – when you feel like you have your school or work in check and you also have space and time for friends and family. That balance is crucial to your creativity and peace of mind, so let’s get ready to cultivate it!

Question: Whip out your Google Calendar, Sunrise Calendar, iCal or whatever scheduling device you’ve got going on – and Wild Gemini – force yourself to make a schedule for the next week for work and for play. What does your ideal week look like that includes time for work and time for rolling around in the gutter with friends?


Cancer – June 21 – July 22: 8 of Pentacles
My Darling Cancer, the number 8 keeps being drawn for you. Last month it was the 8 of wands and this month the 8 of pentacles. The spider on this card weaves her gorgeous web and gets lost in what she’s doing because she loves to create. She’s looking to weave a wild web around your month filled with creativity and va-va-voom. This month is about focusing on the things that make you lose track of time and make you feel electrified with creativity.

Question: You know those moments where you are having so much fun and are enjoying what you’re doing so much, you forget time completely? Sit for a moment and think of the last time you forgot about time and you felt a spark in what you were working on that made you feel truly alive.

Leo – July 23 – August 22: 2 of Cups
Are you ready for a wild co-conspirator, Leo? The two of cups appears and I scream “partner-in-crime”! Generally this points to a romantic partnership in traditional tarot, but how I read this is – a joining of two to create one awesome thing, a teaming up, a powerful force. This could mean a love partner coming in for you, it could mean a strengthening of your current relationship, or it can mean a gorgeous business/fun partnership with a friend to compile your ideas and make something 10 times better than you could have done alone. Be on the lookout for the other half in creativity or love or BOTH!

Question: How would you like two of cups to blossom in your life? A creative partnership? A kickass friendship? A smoking hot relationship? Daydream about what that looks like and write a few sentences down in your journal about this. Call it in, Babe. You’ve got this manifesting thing down.


Virgo – August 23 – September 22: The Fool
Time for a brand new beginning! The Fool is the first card of the deck and one of my favorites. The baby chick has a wild heart, no expectations and ALL adventure. You are PURE POTENTIAL right now – all of your options are open and you are ready for this next chapter in your journey. The sun is shining down on you. Let your heart guide you without limitations.

Question: You know those stories you hear of a person going to the airport with a single bag and deciding where they will go looking at the destinations when they get there? That’s you, Babe. Open your heart to be up for anything. What new life experience, adventure, or new thing do you want to try? The creative roads are open!

Picture 12

Libra – September 23 – October 22: 9 of Pentacles

This month you are going to be feeling very self confident and gain a new sense of security in you are and where you want to be. In the traditional Rider-Waite deck – an image shows a woman looking over her garden and mentally taking in all the things she has grown. You’ve accomplished good things in life – keep going and see what other beautiful things appear in your garden. The 9 of Pentacles can also signify good things that your family has passed down to you and traits that you admire. What will you take with you as you move forward?

Question: Take a look at the things that you have accomplished so far. Name three things you’ve done (no matter if they are big or small) that you are really proud of that you’ve done.


Scorpio – October 23 – November 21: The Hierophant
Sweet Scorpio, this month you are in your favorite place to be…a time of knowledge and learning. You are so hungry for knowledge and you love teaching others, as well as learning at the same time. The Hierophant symbolizes that exchange. This is a time where others will come to you and see you as a guide, and also a time where you will seek out your own teacher. Soak up this experience. Be a leader to others, and seek out people that inspire you as well.

Question: What do you feel like you can teach others? What do you seek others to teach you?

Picture 30

Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21: 10 of Cups
Lovely Sagittarius….this change of seasons will rocket you into a whole new space where EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE. After going through some hard or emotional times in the last year, things start to fall into place for you. This month delivers that joy, abundance and happiness that you’ve been wishing for. Everything is in alignment and things will flow for you this month. Get out there and take advantage of all of these great things.

Question: What does a perfect day mean to you? Write down 4 things that happen in a perfect day for you. Start to put those things into your days. If you are conscious about creating that – this month is going to flow easily. Enjoy every moment.

Picture 26

Capricorn – December 22 – January 19: 3 of Pentacles
My love, Capricorn, you are a hard worker who realistically pushes on into their dreams and life. This month, the cards say that true teamwork is the answer to get you what you truly desire. You are self-reliant and don’t like to ask others for help too often. Let go of that and your team will appear. The 3 of Pentacles is about being able to climb that mountain together successfully which is something far greater than we could ever do on our own. This month, reach out to others for help and creative ideas, forge ahead as an unstoppable team and prepare to take the world by storm!

Question: Who are your favorite teammates or people you feel are capable and solid to join your “team”? Who do you look up to? Who do you rely on? Put all hands in the middle and shout…it’s your time to show the world what it’s about!

Aquarius – January 20 – February 18: The Magician
When the Magician comes up for me – the one message I always take with me is: “You have everything you need in front of you”. The Magician is the only one in the deck who has every single suit laid out before him. This card is charged with electricity and “doing”! You’ve got all that flowing through you right now. There’s no need to feel lack or uncertainty, dear Aquarius…..everything you need is before you. You are holding the magic wand and you have the power to cast your own gorgeous spell of your life story.

Question: What is “in your blood” or a part of you that you are really proud of? What are things that come natural to you? See your own beautiful power and mystify the world with it.

Picture 33

Pisces – February 19 – March 20: 7 of Wands
Pisces, it is time to risk something new. That courage and passion has been building up and it’s time to shine brightly, inspire others and stand your ground of you are and what you stand for. Whenever this card comes up for me, I always know that it is something related to me that is a true passion and true dream of mine. I got this card when I was about to do our Kickstarter – it means – time to use that courage and passion to fight for what you believe in and go for it! In life, you can’t please everyone. You have to go for what you want and what you believe in. Stand tall and light the way. You will inspire others by doing so.

Question: What “risky” thing are you willing to try this month? If you knew you would succeed at anything you prepared to do….what would you fling yourself into? Charge that passion!

I hope you enjoyed your reading!
This post takes me longer than most so I can tap in and write the most accurate forecast possible.
If you enjoyed it, please share and RT with others <3
I’m passionate about doing this reading with you and want to share with the world.

If you want to answer the question your sign got in the comments – let’s do this together and move forward as a KICKASS community.

We are unstoppable together.

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Nevermind Harry Potter – Here’s 3 Ways to Bring REAL Magic into Your Life.

wild-unknown.jpgSince this post is about magic, I thought this would be a great time to announce that I have decided to do an international online version of The Parlour.
I’ve made it affordable to all at $10. It’s our chance to meet together and I can teach you about tarot and magic no matter where in the world you are.
You can find out more by clicking here.

Here’s THREE ways you can bring more magic into your life everyday:

1. The World Beyond Your Front Door.

Sometimes, when I’ve been living on the road, either on a tour bus or in a van, I feel like I have a greater connection to the world outside, to the stars I’m sleeping under, to the sounds of night.  It is so easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of the internet and texting and being under florescent lighting in school or office cubicles.  Want magic in your life?  Time to shake things up.

Real Life Tip:  Make a point to venture outside in the next 48 hours and find a nature talisman.   If you can get into nature – DO IT.  If you are in a city or suburbs, go down streets you’ve never been down, find that park, stream, river and explore.  At the beginning of your walk, close your eyes and ask to find something magic for you.  Open your eyes to what appears. 

Take your talisman and sleep with it under your pillow.  Notice your dreams.

2. The World In You.

From director David Lynch (Lost Highway, Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive) about meditation:

“Ideas are like fish.  If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water.  But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper.  Down deep, the fish are more powerful and more pure.  They’re huge and abstract and they are very beautiful.”

Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting still and ohm-ing.  It definitely can be.  But if that’s not your thing, here’s some other ways:

♦  Let your mind go by free-writing without judgement.  Some of the greatest writers of our time have used this practice – C.S. Lewis,  J. R. R. Tolkien, Edgar Allen Poe and Jack Kerouac. Find those “big fish” that David Lynch is talking about by going deep.  I love 750 words to free-write with a password and keep track of your thoughts, feelings and ideas.

♦ Focus on an element for more than five minutes – trust me on this one.  Set a 5 minute timer on your phone and prepare to go into a whole other world.  Light a candle and stare into the flame.  Walk to the river and stare at the ripples of water moving.   Close your eyes and listen to the wind.  Find a tree and look at the pattern of its bark.  Any one of these things can take you into a different world in your mind.

♦ At an office or school, feeling stressed and can’t get to a quiet space to get in touch with your own magic?  Watch a little of this, close your eyes and bring out your own inner wild.

3. The World in Others.

Seek out your own wild bohemian otherworldly misfit gang.  Wanna bring more magic to you?  Well, find others who are also interested in creating their own kickass destinies.  Ever since I saw the Craft for the first time, I was all about having thrilling co-conspirators who were seeking out their dreams in a big way.


Last night, I moved my mattress to fall asleep in the light of the full moon.  In the middle of the night, I woke up and the entire room was pitch black – not a sign of the moon at all.  My phone lit up and there was a text from Dame Darcy.  It was 3:04am and the full moon eclipse was happening at that very moment.   She wished me the good luck, new adventures and abundance of the eclipse of the moon.  I ♥ my magic friends – they are constant reminders of the beauty around me.

Seek Out the Wild Magic in the World and It Will Appear.

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What are some ways you bring magic into your everyday life?

Your Tarot Horoscope for April 2014 (Picture Post)!

Picture 48
My Wild Unknown tarot cards have been my constant companions in the last month.
I’ve roamed the city through subways, buses, taxis and on foot- to sit across from people and read.
I’ve Skyped and read as far off as Australia, Japan, London and Mexico this month.

At 5am this morning, I was wide awake for no reason, watching the lights of the city and relishing the quiet rain-streaked streets.

I reached over to my cards and this is what happened…. Tarot Horoscopes for the coming month.  My gift to you for April.  Step into my parlour…

Picture 49

Aries – March 21 – April 19 : Father of Wands
Sweet Aries, when I was a little girl, my Grandma used to tell me that people had magnets in their souls that would draw certain people to us, either the right people that we need in our path to grow, or people that will help us learn lessons. Your magnet is on full tilt this month, Aries, you will have that certain “je ne sais quoi”… and be exceptionally charismatic and also mysterious. Get ready to draw people and opportunities to you like a magnet!

Question:  How can you inspire others this coming month through sharing something you are passionate about?

Picture 50

Taurus – April 20 – May 20:  9 of Cups
As the daughter of a gambler, I’m in love with this card. This is a card of luck, fortune and wishes come true, Taurus.  April is going to sail in like Las Vegas on a good night. Lady Luck is your co-conspirator this month. This an indicator that your wishes and dreams will show signs of coming true in this upcoming month. A bright future is unfolding for you….
Question: What does your heart desire?

Picture 65

Gemini – May 21 – June 20:  3 of Cups

The 3 of Cups means time with good friends, Gemini.  These friends are the kinds of friends you will appreciate your whole life.  They are your confidants, your scheming partners, and your wild, fun-time people.  The month of April is a great time for you to reach out to those you who truly love and schedule something awesome.  The company of great friends will pull you through anything.  If you having been looking for great friendship in your life, it is on its way.  Take notice!

Question:  Who are your dearest co-conspirators?  Make a list.

Picture 52

Cancer – June 21 – July 22: 8 of Wands
Life is starting to move, Cancer. If you are waiting for a phone call or important message to come to you this month – it is on its way. That feeling of stagnation is over as the 8 of Wands jump starts you into action. This also might indicate a trip. Whatever you are doing – results will come quickly this month. Action is all around.  Plant your seeds for the future.

Question:  What area of your life would you like to “move forward” with the most?  If you could get a positive phone call from someone about anything in the world…what would it be about? 

Picture 66

Leo – July 23 – August 22: 7 of Pentacles
Leo, it is time for you to stop for a moment and take a look at all you have done and achieved. Take it all in and relish in the fruits of your labors. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, and also look at where you would like to go from here. Are there any changes you would like to make? Be patient with yourself and make those plans.

Question:  Time for you to reflect:  What is something that you are really proud of that you have accomplished in the past few months?

Picture 57

Virgo – August 23 – September 22: 7 of Wands
You are stronger than you know, Virgo. Inside of you, you have the courage to beat the odds. Whatever you are currently struggling with in this month, take heed, things will set themselves right. Don’t listen to others that tell you things can’t be done, they can be done, and you’re the person to do them! Stand tall.

Question:  What’s something you’ve always wanted to do that you’ve never had the courage to try before?  This is your month to do it!

Picture 64

Libra – September 23 – October 22: 4 of Wands
Time to celebrate, Libra! The four of wands indicates spending quality time with friends, loved ones, or romantic partners and good times will be had by all. In the coming month, things will feel more stable and you will feel like things are moving forward.  The good times are ready to roll and power you through the months ahead.

Question:  What is going on in your life that deserves celebration?  The cards are saying you need to spend a little time to relish the good things – it will only bring more good things in!

Picture 67

Scorpio – October 23 – November 21: 9 of Wands
My darling, Scorpio…you might feel as though you have been through a bunch since this year started. You have tried hard to make things happen and it hasn’t worked for you as you thought it would. You have been exhausted or confused, not sure where you will get the energy from to continue. Fear not, you are so close to your goal now, you are so close to making a change. You only have to glance up that staircase and see you dreams waiting a few steps ahead. Gather your strength, take those deserved steps. You are almost there!

Question:  What is one easy step that can help you move a little closer to your goals today?  Take it.

Picture 61

Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21:  Son of Cups
Oh, Sagittarius….this coming month is a time to mingle with your imagination. Focus on your inner world and let yourself play in April. The Son of Cups brings message of self-love, love for others and new opportunities. You have the all the answers within you. Get those creative juices flowing – buy a box of crayons and go wild with them.

Question:  What does “play” mean to you?  How can you bring that carefree, fun, child-like energy to your life right now?  Schedule a play day for yourself!

Picture 62

Capricorn – December 22 – January 19:  The Moon
Dear, Capricorn…it is time to rely on your intuitions and look to the messages that you receive in dreams. Your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something and wants to guide you along your path in this coming month. When the Moon comes up in a reading, I always feel like the message is to stay true to yourself…you hold the mysteries and secrets that you search for inside of you. It is a time to rely on yourself for the correct answer. You will find yourself being more intuitive than normal this coming month.

Question:  What’s been coming up in your dreams lately?  Any reoccurring themes?  Keep a journal by your bed and notice what the deep well of your mind is trying to tell you.

Picture 55
Aquarius – January 20 – February 18:  6 of Pentacles
Get ready for some good prosperity and growth in April, Aquarius. The charity card indicates that you have good things coming to you and in return you will also share good things with others. This next month will find you lucky and in a generous space. You will feel the urge to share that “wealth” with others – whether it’s money, ideas or growth.  Luck and prosperity is shining down upon you this month – create a powerfully beautiful cycle of giving and receiving.

Question:  How could you donate your time or money this month to a cause you believe in?  What causes are dearest to your heart? 

Picture 63

Pisces – February 19 – March 20:  The Hermit
Pisces, it is important to give yourself time alone to reflect and be “you”.   You need this precious time to ground, feel stable and be confident in your self. In giving yourself the time and space to reflect, you will receive answers and confidence, that you can then use to help others. You are a leader this month, who can “light” the way.   Trust in that.

Question:  What wisdom do you have to share with others?  What life experiences have you had that can help “light” the way for others?  When you are alone and have time to reflect, what does your inner wisdom tell you?

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Valentine’s Day Edition: 3 Ways To Arouse Your Lover Without Touching Them

Picture 173
From making my living as a burlesque performer for the past six years,
I’ve learned secrets of how to engage and intrigue from a distance.
Here are three of my favorite secrets to really cast a love spell on your crush.
These 3 techniques aren’t limited to the stage, they can work in an office, classroom, bar, or bedroom.

Secret Number 1: Come a Little Closer… the Scientific and Sensual Effect of a Whisper.
Close your eyes and think about it – the last time someone brushed inches away from your ear and whispered.
Whispering means a secret….
and everyone loves secrets.
It also means…this is just for you. We are co-conspirators.
I’m whispering so that no one else can hear my words but you – which packs a sensual punch.
Picture 174
It’s so saucy and triggers wild chemicals in our brains – it even has a name: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). This term was coined to describe ‘a sensory experience characterized by a pleasant tingling sensation in the head and scalp’.

Whispering does just that.

Living in New York City, with construction sounds, honking, loud voices and music – I’ve learned to block a lot of sounds out. But a whisper will get me hyper-focused – and snap me to attention in a second. On Steady Health, the phenomena of whispering was known to create an “Attention Induced Head Orgasm” (AIHO).

Yes, please!

TIP: Wanna wrap your crush around your finger?
While everyone else is shouting for attention at a bar or club, draw in closer….
and whisper.
Picture 172

Secret Number 2:  Scent and Sensuality.
Scent is a notorious tool of seduction.  75% of our emotions are triggered by smell, according to studies by the Social Issue Research Centre.
Do you want to linger in a lover’s mind?
Time to hunt down a scent that best captures your essence.
Coco Chanel advised to “dab perfume where you want to be kissed.”

I run the oils through my feather fans before I perform on stage so the audience not only has a visual, but they have a sensory experience as well, as my scent is literally fanned through the theater.

Yesterday,  Burke was packing up his camera gear to go take some high fashion mugshots, and I was working on a writing assignment.  Suddenly, I was wolfing around the room – caught by a scent.  I tried to figure out what it was, was it in a box I just opened, was it coming from my tea cup, was it on a letter in a stack of mail nearby? I tracked it down to Burke’s neck.  He was trying on a new scent by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab…it made me regret he had to leave so soon.

Wearing the same scent will have people recall that particular scent to you – even when you’re not around.  So…dab that oil on a lover’s pillow to make them dream of you.  Dab it on little notes or love letters that you send.  Did you leave your scarf at a “friends” place? Be sure it smells like you.

Trust me on this one.  It works.

Tip: Although it’s tempting, don’t pick a scent that is currently popular. You want to pick a scent that is distinguishable to you. I love oils for this purpose.

Secret Number 3: Put a Spell on them with your Eyes.
Eye contact is confidence. Don’t believe me? Try this on your crush.
Picture 175
When taking off a winter coat, people will look down as they pull their arms out of the sleeves.
We have taken off coats a million times.
We know how to do it, yet we all do the same thing.
To engage your crush, start to say hello and continue normal conversation while taking off your coat.
Use slow calm motions.
Maintain eye contact the entire time – never once looking away.
Slide the coat off and while still maintaining eye contact –
throw it on a chair beside you, without looking down.
Confidence is sexy. Eye contact is engaging. Emotionally, eye contact creates a shared experience. Before you were taking a break from conversation to ditch a winter coat. With eye contact, your crush is emotionally unbuttoning your clothes with you.  In public, it can be a fantastic subtle suggestion. In private, when done right, emotional unbuttoning can quickly translate into physical unbuttoning…
You know what to do.

Go get ’em, Tiger.
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