The Parlour

(Offered Online Internationally)

Inside The Parlour, a world of tarot and mystery await you.
Leave the world outside to plunge into secrets of the cards.
Tea will be served.
Oils will be brewing.
Candles will be lit.
Be a part of this exclusive circle of fortune tellers and bohemians.
All levels of welcome from beginner to advanced – there will be something for all.


Join me as I guide you through the stories of the Tarot cards.
You will learn:
♥  How to Memorize and Interpret Cards and their Stories.
♥  How to Properly Give a Reading.
♥  How to Set Up Space and Tap Into The Person You Are Reading For.
♥  How to See Beyond the Cards to Give an Insightful Reading.

Each class we will study different cards in the deck.  You can drop-in at any class – as each one we will cover various aspects of the deck.   I will give a sample reading in each class.   Build your skills.  Get comfortable giving readings for others and for yourself.  Learn the stories behind the cards.

For the ONLINE Class:
Sunday, July 27th at NOON Eastern US time
The online class is one hour long and the cost is $9.99.
You will be able to view me teaching you and have access to an interactive chat box to ask me questions.

Afterwards you will receive a download of the entire class AND a PDF to study with!

Want to join The Parlour (online version)?

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 10.06.25 PM
Hand Sewn Gris Gris Bags for the Leo New Moon to Attract and Magnetize Your Dreams.

I will pick out special fabric for you – and hand sew under the New Moon on Sunday the 27th. Inside your gris gris bag, there will be stones, herbs and written charms to bring that sunshine energy to you. Each bag will be unique and made by me in the mountains at my favorite rock by the secret crystal river – a small crystal from that river will also be inside your bag.

Your bag will be 3″ by 3″ for easy and discreet carrying. You can also put the bag inside your pillow and also pin to the inside of your hem when needed.

All bags will be mailed out by Tuesday to you – first class mail in a letter envelope.
Each bag is $15. Let me know if you are buying them for friends – so I can work magic under their name.

If you are in the United States – click this link for correct shipping:

For international orders outside of the US – click this link for correct shipping: