How To Be Magnetic: 4 Ways To Rev Up Your Magnetism.

I spent an hour curled up in the little garden, my magical Macbook Air friend sitting on a wooden step in front of me, broadcasting my first online Sensuality and Seduction class to the world.

Myself and 50 kickass women, from as far as Australia to my familiar streets of New York City, spent 60 gorgeous minutes igniting our imaginations, creating  our “seduction stories”, laughing and sharing secrets about the importance of body language and signature scents.

And now, as night falls, and I sit in a candlelit cafe tucked in the mountains, I was thinking about what we talked about today and I was thinking about what TRUE MAGNETISM means.

My brain whirled with these questions:

 What is True Magnetism?

♥  What is that wild magnet in our souls that draws us to each other?

♥  How do we cultivate that magnetic pull?

Less than a month ago, my forehead against some East Village bar, listening to some sad songs on a jukebox, I sighed to my dear friend, Jaye, “I think I lost my magnet.”

Fast forward to a mere 21 days later, Spring approaching on the edges of New York City, bringing longer days and warmer nights….my magnet feels charged, pulling the good things to me once again.

But how do you re-charge an inner magnet?  And what the fuck is this magnet anyway?

The magnet is the truest reflection of you.

For example, I was talking to my friend, Desiree, the other night, who is a writer and storyteller, and who just won a major story slam.  She was glowing as I was asking her questions about it, and her friend jumped in and said….. “She’s been on FIRE lately.”

Your magnet is your fire.

If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your magnet lately, here’s my tips on how to find it again and get that fucker working.

♥  Throw Yourself Into Some Serious Self Care.  

Yes.  I know.  If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your magnet, you might be in the head-under-the-covers-maybe-I’ll-just-watch-Netflix-some-more stage.  Just doing something simple, like dragging yourself out and searching for a “Signature Scent” for Spring might whip you back into shape.
Now.  I can see you shake your head at me right now.  “Veronica, what in the hell does going to get some perfume or oils have to do with this?”
My love.  My sweet darling.  It has everything to do with it.  Smell triggers gorgeous emotions in us, and not only that scent is our biggest connector to memory.  To start fresh and find your magnet again, what kind of scent is going to be your “fantasy” of you?

I personally dig fresh pressed from the peel orange oil and I fiend over dark sensual scents like Gucci Rush and Obsession.  What’s your signature scent favorites?


♥  Do Something That You Are Wildly Passionate About For 30 Minutes Today and Get A Text Partner.

In the midst of my lost magnet, Bastard Keith (Burlesque MC/Singer/Writer) and I started an hour long writing session project.  Basically, we would choose an hour during the day, and five minutes before he would text me to get ready.  At that point, I shut off my internet, open my pages document and let my fingers fly for an hour.  For some reason, knowing that he was somewhere in Brooklyn doing the same thing, kept me on task.  Trust me, those thoughts like – hey- the-dog-probably-needs-to-go-for-a-walk-right-now or, damn,-I’m-feeling-hungry-maybe-I’ll-just-go-grab-some-lunch definitely came up, but I shoved them down because at the end of that hour, Bastard Keith is going to be texting me how I did, and I want to kick ass.

This mini-accomplishment of working creativity on my writing helps me feel good about myself and charges up that magnet.

♥  Do Something That Is Good For You For About For 30 Minutes Today and Get A Text Partner.

Notice I didn’t say “wildly passionate about”, but “good for you”.  I’m talking about the shit that you do now, that a month from now Future You will be psyched that you did.   My friend, Kristi Klein and I work out and then text each other pictures afterwards.  When I see her picture come through on my phone, it motivates me to get my ass moving.  By the end of it, I feel great, like I did something right, and then I send stupid pictures like this.  You know, pictures that you never needed to see, that I don’t know why the hell I’m posting publicly:

Untitled design (1)

♥  Go Out Dressed Up as Fantasy You.

The winter up in the old New York City has been dragging.  It snowed the first day of Spring.  And if I have to look at anything resembling a winter coat or clothes, I want to just rip it to shreds.

Last week, when the morning was filled with rain and clouds and I could feel the weather creeping into my mood, I fought back with dress up.  I had ALOT to do.  I planned on bringing my computer to a local cafe to work and I decided I was going to dress up to make myself feel better .  I warmed up my hot curlers, pulled on my nude silk stockings, listened to my “Voodoo Playlist” while I streaked on my black liquid cateye, slipped into a 1940s chocolate brown and pink dress, and stepped out the door in my t-strap mary jane shoes.  I felt like a wild world dominating femme fatale and at that coffee house, my fingers tapped that keyboard a million miles an hour, getting my stuff done and being a boss.

Go-Go Magnet Power!

What helps you rev up your magnet?

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Wanna learn more with me?  Well I’m teaching LIVE in NYC this month and on the ol’ internets……

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How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Hello, Fiery Lovers!
Welcome back to my 3 part Friday sexy series of “How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You.”
If you missed last week’s – start here!

And before I dive into this week’s tips  -for those of you craving some seduction/sensuality sass and confidence….

 I’m teaching an in-person 4 week series in NYC starting Thursday, April 2nd –
sign up for all 4 classes and get a class for free
AND get a love spell kit from me!

♥  I’m offering 2 online classes for those of you not in NYC –
sign up for both and get a chance to win a love spell kit from me shipped to your doorstep!


So how….my darlings… you make anyone fall in love with you?

Today our focus is on:

Being Willing To Share An Experience Right Away

Think about this:
Most dates or hang-outs with new friends are probably “passive” dates.

These are get-togethers that revolve around something the two of you are passively watching and not actually taking part in.

I’m talking about dates or hang-outs like going to the movies, going to see a play, going to see a concert, going to see a game, renting a movie together, watching the Academy Awards together.

These are no, no and no – if you really want to make someone fall for you.

Making a date ACTIVE is the ultimate secret to connection….

 whether the active is mental (having a deep connected conversation, going to a museum to see art together and discuss)

 or physical (going on a walk/hike, taking a pottery class together, going out dancing).

The brain retains ACTIVE memories, and has a harder time recalling inactive memories.

Question….which one do you think you’ll remember better?

You and me going on a date to see 50 Shades of Gray and passively watching someone else’s fantasy?


You and me driving all over New York City, having great conversation and seeing the lights of the city, hanging out at the Slipper Room until dawn, and then hurling ourselves into a gutter together?


Three months from now, which do you think you’ll remember more?

And even if you’re not the type of person who’s into chilling with a wild girl who enjoys the gutter and regularly references the Slipper Room as her version of the perfect afterlife,
I fucking guarantee you….you would never forget one of these wild NYC nights out.
And I don’t know about you but I’d rather have someone say….”That girl was CRAZY,” rather than “Oh, what girl? Oh, the dark haired one? Right…yeah, I forgot her name, I think we went to go see some shitty movie together.”

FACT:  Most of us are hooked to a computer or our cell phones for the majority of our days.
Eye contact and actually listening and being heard can be serious drugs.

Going on a date gives you a chance to take the person on an “active” adventure or experience.

The easiest way to a person’s heart is to use the time you have together to “take them away” from their everyday world.

I’m talking about bringing someone to the top of the Empire State Building (or your equivalent) and experience being above the city lights, looking into each other’s eyes and talking.

I’m talking about texting them to meet you at a spot in the park and arriving with an awesome picnic, some candles and a blanket.

I’m talking about going on a walk together or on a drive together exploring new things with no real destination (mini road trips are my favorite way to bond).

I’m talking about taking them to a cool museum, where you can both look at different pieces of art and interact with each other.

I’m talking about dancing your asses off, looking into each other’s eyes and feeling comfortable with each other.

Tell me….what memorable dates have you been on, Danger Darlings?
And you wanna know the key to my heart?
……SHARING this post with your friends!
I’m writing hard over here for your love and affection. xo
Hope to see you in class!
And yes, you can bring me a shiny apple.

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Your Witchy Wednesday 3 Card Tarot Reading!

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 1.15.31 PM
My Danger Darlings…
This one is for you.
I am sitting in my sunny little garden spot in the Brooklyn,
looking at the magic doodles of Lauren Michelle
and the cards were calling to me….

This is what they said:

9 of Cups: The WISH CARD!

When this gorgeous card is thrown into the deck, it means that your “wish” will come true. But I had to keep going – I wanted to know what wishes were coming true…. so I kept throwing the cards.

8 of Pentacles.

I adore this card. It is all about the current creative webs we are weaving! This is creative/passionate work we are focused on. We are learning as we go, but we are doing it and making beautiful things happen, taking forward steps AND we are open to learning and growing more.

What creative passion projects of yours are you ready to continue to master, to grow and to excel in?

The Fool.

The Fool says “Let’s Go On An Adventure!” That little chick baby is ready to take on the world, and is FEARLESS. The Fool doesn’t know what obstacles even are! The Fool keeps going and believes the best will come. The Fool is you at your purest and greatest potential.

The Story of these cards together is:

Luck is on your side right now – leave the past in the past.
Take action and continue to move forward focusing on a creative project that you hold dear to your heart.
It is time for a whole brand new adventure for you and your juicy creative side.
Time to go for it.
The World will recognize what you have to offer.
I know that I do.

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(PHOTOS) D.I.Y. for Under $20: Bohemian Style Edition with Chalkboard Paint

Got 20 bucks and 30 minutes?
Let me you show you how you can transform your space in an instant.
My bohemian style icon is Miss Frida Kahlo.
Her style? Bright and Bold!
I had an idea to do chalkboard paint on some areas of my home,
so that I could doodle and draw with chalk to decorate.
Imagine how excited I was when I found out that you can get
chalkboard paint in ANY color!
I purchased this stuff for $19.99.
(NOT a sponsored post – just showing you guys what I used.)
I had my chalkboard paint mixed with “Twilight Magenta”.
Then I started with the nasty floor in front of my 100 year old brick fireplace.
This shizz is 4 layers deep of tile? linoleum? stone? ghosts of previous owners?
I grabbed my small paint roller and went to town.
I did two coats and they both dried in 15 minutes each.
Afterwards, I had fun drawing The Parlour symbol in white chalk straight onto the paint with great effect, then I put a tealight in the middle to add some va-va-voom!
This is how you do Bohemian Style!
I was so in love with how this looked and how fast it was,
I decided to give the old door of my apartment, a Spring makeover!
Do you think it needed it?
Then I rolled on two coats and gave each one 15 minutes to dry.
2 Coats of
Then I took white chalk and drew Erzulie’s veve….she is the goddess of love and passion.
Then I had fun chalk doodling on my door.
A New Door for a New Adventure!
Doors are magic in themselves,
so I wanted to decorate mine with what I wanted to bring in.
Open the door to love, baby!

What cool DIY projects do you have going?
Have you tried the chalkboard paint, share your pics in the comments!
AND if you love this post and want to see more style posts
please share it!

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How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You.

“It’s like finding the wi-fi in your soul,” he said.

“Yeah. Yeah. Something like that.”

I was renting a truck and we were talking about this post that I’m writing to you right now:

What makes us fall in love with each other?

How do we open up that “wi-fi to our souls” and find connection with others?

For the next 3 Fridays here on Danger Diary,
I’ll be exploring the secrets behind making anyone fall in love with you.
I figured it’s good knowledge to have tucked away for your wild weekends…
and I’m gearing up to teach Sensuality and Allure, both in-person in NYC and online all over the world in the next few weeks –
(which you should totally come to…because I’d love it)
… so it’s ON MY MIND.

It’s on my mind all the time.

So I write this post looking at what other people have done to make them seem irresistible to me.
What things have made me pursue friendships and love relationships in my life?

I spoke to other people about this –
people that just crossed my path in a random day….

What makes you fall in love with other people?

In the next three Fridays, I’ll reveal the three things I uncovered across the board in my findings…

The First Rule To Get ANYONE To Fall In Love With You:

Fantasy Connections

What do I mean by that?

Okay. No matter who you are…
You, at one point in your lifetime,
have gotten completely swoon-ish
over a musician, an actor, or a writer that you don’t know in real life.

Am I right?

In every single person that I’ve spoken with,
male and female,
every single one of them recalled an absolute “head over heels” lust/love
for one of these versions of artists.

Sid Vicious was mine.
And he was already dead.
So he couldn’t break my heart any more.

The reason WHY we ALL have some kind of first crush/first love on these types of people, is because no matter who we are, we all have some kind of fantasy of being them.

Imagine your first super crush on someone who didn’t know (like a celebrity) –
I ask you this…
wouldn’t you want to do what they are doing or have the lifestyle that they have?

Part of that “love” charge is seeing a deep-seeded fantasy that you have for yourself come alive through someone else.

THAT is one of the major reasons that we fall in love with each other –
that on some level,
the person of your affections,
is doing something that in some way YOU want to do,
or has a lifestyle you’ve fantasized about.

In fact, every single one of my closest friends that I capital L. O. V. E.
is doing something that my fantasy self would want to do (if I could live a billion lifetimes at once).

They inspire me, fascinate me, intrigue me and make me fall in love.

Want to be someone that people can’t RESIST?

What is your personal fantasy?
What are you pushing forward in your life?

One trick I learned is the answer to that dreaded “What do you do?” question.
When I was temping – and my job was okay, but not my life goal or what defined me,
I would answer with things I was working on…

like… “Well, I just started doing burlesque recently and I’m really excited about that.”

In conversation, mention the things that you are working on, stuff that makes you feel passionate or alive.

Focus on these things rather than the really boring “work sucks” or the “weather sucks” conversations, because well,
they suck.

If you want people to fall in love with you,
you need to focus your own life
to be the fantasy YOU want.

I feel like everyone has a “magnet” inside them…
and if you are doing what you love, working on things you love and feeling more like “the real you” – your magnet will be strong to attract likeminded others to you.

What is one of your favorite dreams about YOU?
Put this into action.
Even a small step forward will be something you can interestingly bring up in conversation…
and it will snowball to good things.

People who do what they are passionate about are the most irresistible.
Keep being you.
Keep taking those steps towards things that make you feel more “you” than usual.
People who constantly grow can make anyone fall in love them…..


Do you agree with this?
Share your comments!
And next Friday I will continue the segment.

Falling in love with you already.

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Flirt Alert! How To Flirt – 3 Tips From A Burlesque Performer.

For the past 8 years, I’ve made a living as a professional burlesque performer.
Flirting is a job skill, my friends.

I have always enjoyed looking at human interaction….
seeing what brings us closer,
watching for signs communicated by body language.

There are so many different ways that we speak to each other.

The following 3 tips are just a few of the things that I’ve noticed about flirting.
The things that I do aren’t manipulative or planned…
these are just things that I’ve noticed that I do,
or I have noticed others doing when I am drawn to them.

Wanna learn with me?
I’m doing 4 in-person Sensuality and Seduction classes in NYC, starting Thursday, March 26th
and I’m doing two international online classes starting Sunday, March 29th!


Let’s play!

Flirt Tip #1: My Hook and Release Technique.
This is something that I noticed when watching other people having an intimate conversation. It naturally occurs – and I started to notice myself doing it when talking to people that I felt truly comfortable with.

This tip is all about voice levels and body language.

After having a normal tone conversation with your crush,
lean in with your body and talk in a hushed tone,
this will naturally cause your crush to lean in closer to you to hear the secret.

After a few moments of that,
push your body back into the chair as far away from your crush as possible,
take up room with your body (drape your arms over back of chair, etc)
and continue the story in a louder voice
as if you have control of the whole room.

I’ve witnessed this happen naturally with people who are really good with “working a room”.
It is fascinating to watch a crowd of people gather around one person and all lean in intimately as the person speaks in a softer, hushed tone.
Then, as the person leans back and pulls the “punch line” or end of a story in a louder voice, I have watched the crowd also mimic and lean back….taking this person in fully.

This works like a charm one-on-one.

Flirt Tip #2: The Melting Look (or Look/Look Away/Look Technique)
This is something I do naturally on stage ALL THE TIME.
And since I’m aware of it, I notice that people that flirt do it constantly.

Look at your crush right in the eyes.
Then take a moment to look towards the floor and let your crush visually “take you in” without you looking at them.
Take this moment to look down and tuck your hair behind your ear, fix your stocking, or have a sip of your drink….
Then with your head still tilted down,
glance up to your crush and hold a solid gaze for 5 seconds.


Flirt Tip #3: The Presidential. (The Slow Down)
I call this technique of mine The Presidential, because I’ve noticed that most presidents do this.
I am hypnotized by voice.
It’s no surprise that some of my best friends and the people closest to me are singers/musicians.
In New York City, where I live, I notice that people generally speak rapidly to keep up with one another.
In the past couple of years, as technology gets faster, our attention spans decrease, and I’ve noticed when even going home to a more relaxed place like Florida, people seem to talk faster than they used to.
Watch a clip of the President speaking….
You will notice that he speaks
slowly and clearly
so that people from all over the world can understand.
It is hypnotizing and powerful.
If you want to really draw your crush into you…
speak slowly, deliberately and with power.
It’s so different from what we are used to,
your crush will take notice and be drawn in.

PS. This is also a great way to train yourself out of “like” and “um” in your speaking….
it has absolutely worked for me.

See you in class!

Are you flirting with me?

What are your favorite ways to flirt?
What has worked for you? What has worked ON you?
Share with me in the comments!
Do you want to write a love letter to your crush? I’ve got the secrets here!

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How To Put Your Own Magic Into An Object: The Secret of Amulets, Good Luck Charms and Talismans

He pushed me up against the wall and leaned his face against my neck.

His voice was choked with sobs when he finally spoke:

“There’s nothing I can do to save you.”

His eyes caught something gleaming, something hidden on a red lampshade on the wall, inches from my face.

“Wait.  This amulet.  It’s for protection.   It’s the only thing that might save you.  It will identify you as one of us…..”

He was a wild haired boy witch.

The Amulet: a single sacred heart charm dangling at the end of red thread.

He slipped it around my neck and disappeared down the stairs.

I never saw him again.

The night was a wild immersive theater experience known as Sleep No More.

I was inspired.
In four days time, I found a little treasure draped across a music box of an outdoor fair.  A strand of cut garnets…rosary beads from the 1930s.  The sunshine made them sparkle to catch my eye.

I took them home with me and did what I always do….made them my own. I brought out my pliers. De-constructed. Re-constructed. When I was finished, the end of the rosary beads held the sacred heart. The heart charm represents wild imaginative theater, performance that pushes boundaries, and gorgeous unknown adventures….the holy trinity of my own religion.

A new magical talisman had found its way to me.  Vintage.  Repurposed by my own hands.  The religion of sacred adventure.  Gifted by the witches of Macbeth.  Not half bad.

This is what it looks like.

Picture 83

The heart dangles right over mine. It protects me and I use it to draw the best experiences to me. Its purpose is to open the gates of adventure around me.

When I am craving…
nay, fiending adventure,
my fingers will find their way to each cut garnet bead, and I will whisper my own made up prayers, as wild hearted dirty girls are apt to do.

There are no words I can tell you for these prayers…they are not meant for me to tell you. They are hidden in your own heart, your own mouth, and one day the breath will come out and exhale them into being.

Picture 81

There are many books and sites, all with different stories and scripted words of how to “consecrate” or charge your amulet or talisman. There is always sage involved. And none of the things I’ve come by in form of a book spell have ever moved me.

This is what I did that worked for me…but magic is very Choose-Your-Own-Adventure…

I went down by the river.

I slipped off my shoes and balanced on a tree that spans from one side of the river to another. I lowered myself down and laid down on it in the middle of the river. My face was to the sky and my back was held by the tree above that the rushing river. I dipped my amulet into the river 9 times (9 is my lucky number).

Then I took it in my hands, looked up at the sky and thought of the good things that I wanted it to attract to me. I picked one sentence that summed it up the best and said it on every single bead. I put the necklace on my heart and rubbed my palms together – thinking about what I wanted to create. I rubbed them back and forth, as fast as I could, until I felt like my hands were starting their own fire. Then I grabbed the necklace in my hands and held it tightly – imagining all my best thoughts for adventure. I cupped it in my hands and blew into it – like making a wish. And then I sat up tall and put the amulet around my neck.

Picture 82

I do things to charge it often. When I am in the middle of an adventure, like the kinds I’ve imagined it to bring to me…I make sure part of that adventure is rubbed off on it. I’ve dipped it in a secret cave in Mexico where water collected after dripping from stalactites, I’ve left it in a hole in a tree in Congo Square in New Orleans overnight, I hid it in the pyramids of Uxmal while the sun rose, I’ve dipped it in the Lake of Brightness on the other side of the world from where I was born, I dipped it in a glass of champagne on the top of the Eiffel Tower on the 11 o’clock hour as the lights twinkled up the structure, and I rolled it in the dirt of a foundation built over a 100 years ago, a space rarely seen and illegal to enter. I like my adventure to be boundless.

I laid it out on the front porch for a moon bath, to soak up the beams.

Oh, La Luna.

And here I sit, its heart over mine, ready to go out and see what adventures shall unfold…

I hope there’s many gorgeous, unexpected paths out there for you today as well.

Tell me about talismans that you have.
What have you done to “charge” them?
How have they found their way into your life?

Love it? Share it.

Adventures in Cartomancy – A One Card Reading For You From A Brooklyn Sidewalk

My Great-Grandma, Ana, threw the cards to read the future in early 1900s Czechoslovakia.
My Dad, her Grandson, is a gambler who throws the cards to hustle a good poker game.

When you are born into this family,
and a lone card appears on a Brooklyn sidewalk….
you take notice.

Are you ready an impromptu reading, Danger Addicts?

Lone cards are always linked to your “type” or “theme” for the day and are read slightly different from standard tarot.

The 5 of Spades speaks this to you:

It is the card of Adventure.

Which is funny because I tweeted this right before the walk:

So this reading is meant for you.

The five of spades speaks of a person who wears their heart on their sleeve.
You can be easily hurt (or sometimes depressed) because your heart is so open to the world,
but, the flip side of this, is that you are a brilliant creative and are inspired and artistic.
You look for adventure
and your best days find you in a spur-of-the-moment type of adventure.
You do best scheduling your own lives/schedules/work and despise routine.
You are the definition of a “free spirit”.

You are also wildly loyal and it is important for you to be surrounded with people who inspire you and who you feel a deep kinship with – we’re talking hardcore co-conspirators, people.

Why is this so important? Because you not only strive to make your dreams come true, but you also sincerely wish for these people closest to you to have their dreams come true as well.

You are motivated by your imagination that can clearly see the very wildest and best life for you.
And you can hustle to get it.
Have no doubt.

Now let’s get back to our hustle.
See you tomorrow, Badass.
PS – if you are interested in magic type things…I’m rocking a candle magic online circle (how to work candles in spells) – this SATURDAY!

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Adventures In Spring Cleaning: How To Clean Out Your Closet with a Vengeance!

BIG (2)
It’s Springtime in Brooklyn.  And the sheer fact that it’s above 10 degrees and the snow is mostly off the ground, makes me want to clean out my closet, get rid of all of my bulky coats and run half naked through the streets.

I can’t help you get half naked,
but I can help you clean out your closet.

I spent all day going back and forth between closet cleaning and doing taxes.
I know how to party.
If you haven’t read my fun closet attacking tips before….well, now is the perfect time!

1.  This is a job to be done with one of my favorite drugs…. Music.   So, please, hit play on my very first 8 track mix (thanks for the tip, Gala Darling!) and enjoy the random picture of me passed out under clothing racks taken by Burke Heffner.

I’m not explaining it.

2.  Speed Sort – It’s like Speed Dating Your Closet.   Grab the first item in your closet and in a two-second gut reaction proceed to throw clothing item in question into one of three piles on your bed:  “Yes”, “Maybe” or “Hell No”.

    • “Yes” pile:  if you love wearing it, it fits you right and makes you happy.
    • “Maybe” pile: if it’s been sitting there with no action from you for six months or more.
    • “Hell No” pile: if you bought it, brought it home, felt guilty, and kept it there because you felt bad about buying it.  It’s clothing.  It doesn’t have feelings.  Ditch it.

3. Rejoice in the Void.  Oh, you Saintly Thing.  Empty closet of cleanliness.  Ignore “Maybe” and “Hell No” and just say “Yes”.  Carefully put all the absolute 100% “Yes” pile on your bed – back on the rack.  Notice how cute your closet looks.  Notice how much room you just made for more 100% future YES clothes to join their friends here.  They would get along nicely.  Closet Fairy Godmother swoops in and allows you to pick 3 of your favorite things from the “Maybe” pile.  It is a struggle.  But you listen to her, for she is wise.

4. Release The Rest of Your Treasures into the Wild.   Donate, swap clothes with friends, or get your other friends to all do this together and team up to throw the clothing party of the CENTURY.  You can also turn those treasures into $$ and sell them on Etsy or Ebay. This Friday, I’m going to be listing a bunch of things on Ebay that are awesome and ready to go to a new home.  I’m getting a new fire number act together, and that shit ain’t cheap.  So I’ll be selling off beautiful things like this headpiece:

So Lovely Dangers….tell me about your closet clearing tips.
What would be in your wild clothes flinging music mix?
Have you held clothing swaps or parties?
Or share a picture of one of your favorite snags from a friend’s closet or party…..

I snagged this faux fur cream coat from my neighbor, Lucille, who told me stories of rocking it out in the 60s before she passed it along to me.  It has been in the gutter with me and all over the world on a tour bus….and of course, chillin’ with my lovely artist friend, Miss Zelda Devon.


Can’t wait to share style stories with you!