Strippers! Adventure! Magic! OH MY! My Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts.


Travel!  Wild Romance! Magic! Strip Clubs! Adventure! Beauty!

Whether you’ve been here from the beginning or just stumbled upon this wild thing…
I noticed that some of my fav posts aren’t in the “Most Popular” section.

Well…I’ve always loved the misfits….and I wanted to share some of my favs with you:

♥  Travel

How to Pack Like a Rock Star: 5 Tips That Every Traveler Needs To Know!Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.02.38 AM

♥ Lifestyle
Strip Club Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Visiting a Strip Club.

How To Weave Magic Into Your Name.

Bohemian Style: How to Accessorize For Under $5.

How to Know If Someone Is Good In Bed….Before The Dessert Even Arrives!

How To Rock Bad Ass Beauty On-The-Go.

Dealing with Depression

How to Beat Social Anxiety – 4 Real Life Tips

How to Turn Your Boring Bedroom into a Sizzling New Orleans Style Boudoir

How To Turn Any Day Into An Adventure.

Do you have a favorite entry that wasn’t listed?

What would you love to see here on Danger Diary in the future?

Talk to me in the comments and tweet your fav post – I want to see the things you love the most!

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Do You Know Your Selfie? 3 Ways Selfies Can Change The World.

CONFESSION: I get really weird in front of a camera. I feel super awkward and the potential for me to make the dumbest face ever and have it posted up for eternity, is high. SO much so – that my brother and I used to pose for all family photos with our eyes closed and our mouths open on purpose because then we MEANT for them to be bad.

Selfies have been everywhere in the news – are they good? are they evil? are they destroying our self esteem or building it?

What do you think?

As with everything – there’s a balance.
A smiling selfie in front of the 9/11 Memorial? No.
Selfies at accidents or tragedies? No.

But used for good, selfies have 3 really good arguments for them.

1. You Can Communicate a Message or Feeling That’s Important To You.

From something as simple as spreading good thoughts with a thumbs up or fighting for an important cause – a selfie with your message puts a human being behind the statement and makes it more powerful.

Tony Rossi has this selfie as his avatar.  His positive thumbs up photo next to the encouraging words he sent to us when we were on the road for our Kickstarter – both caught my eye and had a greater impact on me.   When I was at my lowest point, his message and thumbs up selfie kept me going.  It was personal.
Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 5.53.29 PM

Right now, the #NotAMartyr hashtag and accompanying Statement Selfies help to put human faces behind the ongoing crisis in Lebanon. Seeing the people affected by the fighting and reading their true statements to the world can help make real change.
Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 6.06.19 PM

2. For The First Time Ever, There are More Photos Out There of Regular People than Models.

And I think that’s awesome – the more we can celebrate all of our differences and the unique things about us as individuals – BRING IT ON.

With impossible beauty standards touted in the media, the selfie is the revolution of taking back the power and showing beauty in diversity.
My friend, Rai says, “Selfies are self love.” 
I love viewing people’s selfies because getting a glimpse into their day-to-day lives, their triumphs, and their adventures sometimes gives me a new perspective. Even seeing silly selfies with pets and things like that – I think helps us all to connect more personally as our world keeps getting smaller through the internet.

Psychologists agree. Pamela Rutledge, Ph.D., faculty director of the media psychology program at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology says,

“The cult of the selfie celebrates regular people,”

3. Selfies Can Help You Define Yourself and Your Dreams To The World.

Of course you’ve heard the phrase, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Most people are extremely visual.

Think about it….if you see someone holding a guitar in the airport, whether you ever hear them play or not – your brain categorizes them as a “musician”. Yes?

Well, when I started playing guitar – I wanted to put my dream out there. I wanted people to associate me with my guitar – there’s some kind of selfie magic to that if you will…

I asked you on Twitter for your selfies with the things you love to do and your dreams:
Cat tweeted a selfie of herself and her pony, Katie. She is a rider and keeps on her dream to keep getting better.

Cheyenne Cogan tweeted a selfie of her and her beloved instuments as she’s doing her dreams.
Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.35.27 AM

Laurabell is an emerging fashion designer and loves to create costumes and styles. In this selfie, she shares her creation and artistry with the world:

What do YOU think about selfies?
Good or evil?
Post your favorite selfies in the comments – I wanna see you!

Love it? Share it.

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How To Get Inspired SUPER-FAST in 5 Easy Ways.

My very first print article I’ve ever written came out in Faerie Magazine TODAY (pssst…..secret 15% discount code is: dangerdiary).

Truth: I haven’t bought a copy of a real live magazine since Jack White was on the cover of Rolling Stone and before that I can’t even remember how long.

I forgot what a source of inspiration holding something in your hands can be! I got lost in the otherworldly photos of midsummer garden parties, enchanting handmade houses, castles and Little Red Riding Hood photo shoots.

It’s only Tuesday – so we can all use some inspiration to kick ass this week.

Here’s some quick tips to get you all re-charged and get that imagination flowing!

I like to:

1. Pretend I’m a Secret Spy.

I hunt for gems in random public conversations.
Okay, okay…. I eavesdrop…don’t judge.
I go to my local coffee shop armed with my notebook and a pen. I get inspired by watching other people and making up imagined lives for them in my notebook. Or – I’ll listen in to a conversation and pick out one sentence and use that as the start of a story.

2. Play Dress-Up.

At the local flea market, I scored a vintage purple falling apart gown with black lace for 20 bucks that looks like Snow White Gone Goth. I paired with my white flower crown and hit the Hudson Project festival last weekend. Just being in this dark faerie tale dress inspired me and made me feel like I was creating my own faerie tale as I danced in the mud. Also, rocking out some wigs on occasion makes me feel like I’m someone else for a moment…and that’s kind of cool.
When I’m other people:


3. Hit the Record Store.

Trust me on this one. Hit your local indie record store. Run your fingers through some fine ass albums of bands you may or may not have ever heard before - marvel at the artwork, the photos and the song titles. This is a huge source of visual, writing and fashion inspiration for me.

4. Hang Out with Inspiring Partners-In-Crime.

Kim Boekbinder is one of my favorite people on this earth. We’ve lived together, played together, secretly carried ugly faux wood paneling to the garbage together at 3 in the morning (don’t even ask) and while I was naked covered in body paint on a trash bag in our living room, she covered me in baby oil to help scrub it off – only 48 hours after meeting me.

One of the things I love about her (beside her artistic body oil rubdowns obviously), is that she makes her wild dreams into realities. She lives for her art, pulls genius moves to make it happen and achieves the impossible time and time again…. maybe that’s why she’s “The Impossible Girl”.

Her thinking-out-of-the-box saved me from a nervous breakdown three days to the end of our Kickstarter for Revolver. She inspires me to believe that dreams can come true and she’s got the hustle, the talent and the brain to make it happen.


5. Get Lost.

Shut off the iPhone.
Rip up your maps.
Go out and Wander.
Uncover whole new worlds.

I asked you on Twitter and here’s what some of you said:

@Kristi_Klein said: “I get inspired by listening to music. Something with a big soaring sound and pounding bass drum always gets my mind flowing.”

@whiterabbitdays said: “By watching my dog, Patch. Her wild strength, freedom and unconditional love.”

also: “By being aware. Noticing detail. A dew drop, a spiderweb….everything can be inspiring if you are still and mindful.”

@gizzylovett said: “Sometimes, even by something simple like being on a swing with closed eyes, just surrounded by wind and feeling free.”

@joha_89 said: “My inspiration is LOVE.”

@EmilyJackCO said: “Music and reading. And working out in the gym – pushing myself further than I thought I could go…is a new level!”

@4OClockOphelia said: “I feel inspired with candles lit, the right music, the rain dripping down on the window and a hot cup of tea.”

@sweetindeed said: “Through music. Everything I do has a soundtrack:)”

How do you get inspired to do something or create something new?  Share in the comments!

Love it? Share it.

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Magic Monday: A Wild One Card Tarot Reading From Me To You = ADVENTURE, BLACK BEARS and a NEW SONG!

Speaking of adventure…as I’m typing this post on my porch…..
Twin baby black bears just walked right in front of me to play!!!!!!!!!! This happened seconds ago!

Yeah. That happened.

Back to our regular broadcasting:
Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.29.20 AM
My tarot cards are wrapped in antique lace, there are dirt smudges on them that will never come out from all the times I’ve brought them to the forest with me to read them, and they carry the enchanting scent of wild orange oil.

Danger Addicts, may I give you a reading this morning?
A one-card truth?

Yesterday, I woke up to the sunshine streaming in my room and the tarot cards under my pillow.
My hands reached for the antique lace and my bare feet walked down the wooden stairs of Curiosa.
I opened up the hobbit door and all the sunshine flooded in.

I shuffled for all of us on my favorite spot on the porch while the birds sang their song and the dragonflies laid down in the sun.
And this is what the cards revealed for you:
One of my favorite cards of the deck.
For those of you who join me in the Parlour sometimes, this has been a card that comes up often.
For those of you who are super brand new to tarot, let me give you a reading…..

The fool is all about new beginnings, throwing yourself into adventure without thinking of the consequences or obstacles.
It is that innocence that you have from childhood, that belief that you can do anything you want, and the mindset of having never been told no before.
This card says:
You are PURE potential.

Your Tarot Assignment for this week – if you choose to take it:

Is about throwing yourself into adventure…trying something new…..having fun with that childlike abandon and the feeling that nothing can possibly stand in your way.

Adventure is around you….even in places that you might not expect.
What does your heart want you to do? Listen to it and take a chance.

I did this:

The other night, inspired by jamming with Maggie Maggots, I started making up a song and lyrics by the fireplace.
Burke was headed up to bed and asked me what the last song I was playing with the lyrics “Take Me With You….”
It was just a song I made up.
He wanted me to play it again – and I couldn’t really remember all the made up words – but I knew the music I had written and melody.
It was basically a song about falling in love with a green haired mermaid and having to decide between living without her or being with her and drowning.
Burke sat next to me and came up with the “through the atmosphere”, “to a new frontier” “underneath the sea….as long as its you and me” parts…
and we had fun with it.

Then I pulled on my vegan Docs for an adventure and got them muddy hiking up Overlook Mountain with my friends.
After a 3 mile trek up steep uphill – this was my reward:

The abandoned creepy hotel as the sun sets….

Being there always makes me feel like a like kid.
My imagination running wild.

Last time I was there, I stuck my hand up the fireplace that goes nowhere and there was a secret box with charms and notes in it that people left behind.
I took off my thrift store necklace and added it to the collection, wrote a note and put it back in its spot.
It wasn’t there anymore…
it’s hidden somewhere new I suppose.

What wild adventures await you this week?
How can you let your imagination play and come up with new things?
How can you let that child-like side of you really rock out this week?

Tell me in the comments what you commit to doing!
Let’s all stage dive into this gorgeous week together.
Happy Magic Monday.

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2 Reasons You MUST Hurl Yourself Into Adventure featuring a Song With Me And Maggie Maggots!

Jack White’s voice sang out in my room as my alarm went off this morning.
I looked on my phone and saw this, the second my eyes opened:
Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 11.02.05 AM
And we knew what we needed to do.

Maggie traveled by plane and then by bus to the mountain.
We’ve had a lot of adventures together since we met in 2008, traveling the world with our friend, Emilie Autumn.

Last night, among fireflies and under the moon…
Maggie had her haunting glockenspiel
I had my guitar
and our voices cut into the dark night
rising and falling
like spirits weaving through air.

An iPhone heard it all, remembered it, captured it….
on this moon mountain mystery night.

If you were there with us -
this is what you would have heard:

We call ourselves Mirror Sisters.

And because of that tweet this morning – we thought:

We have to put it out there. Fuck it.

Just share it.

I have a question….
if you have a dream….
if you are fucking around creatively and having fun…..
what are the reasons you don’t put it out there?

I know my top two:

Number 1: Being judged negatively by others.
Number 2: Fear that it’s not good enough.

Right now, Maggie and I are sitting on the porch writing lyrics. We’re gonna play together on this perfect day and let ourselves just do it.

I told her what I was sharing with you and she said:
“When you’re a kid you don’t think about it. You just put it out there. When you’re an adult you have an expectation of what you have to do and who you have to be. It stunts the creative process.”

Then she said:

“There is no destination in creativity. It’s not that I get to this place and then I’m done.”

So we continue an adventure…

Love it? Share it.

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SURVEY: Can Someone on the Internet, that You’ve Never Met, Have a Profound Effect On Your Life?

Four years ago, I found him because I googled “pillow forts”.
He made one on an airplane.
He posted this photo:

I got caught in his blog for an hour.
His name is Burning Dan.

I looked up his pictures and his videos of fire spinning and thought…
“I really want to learn that.”
I started taking classes in fire. I got my first poi.
I would go to his blog for inspiration, for his kind words and to tap into his wild sense of adventure.

Five weeks after my first poi class…

Burning Dan died suddenly.

I read about his passing and started to cry uncontrollably.
I was devastated by the loss of this person.

I never did comment on anything he had written.
He had no idea I even existed.
And yet, watching him and his life encouraged me to take chances, embrace adventure, do the unexpected and learn fire.

And now I would never get to thank him.
It seemed wrong.

Four years have passed.
I can spin fire.
Now, I’m learning guitar and sometimes get frustrated at my beginner status -
and out of nowhere,
just yesterday,
I had the thought to check his old blog.

And this was Burning Dan’s advice to beginners:

It was exactly what I needed to hear.
Right now in this moment.
Burning Dan, 4 years after his passing, came through for me again.

And reading what he wrote from 4 years ago, made me want to share with you one of my favorite pieces that I’ve ever written in which I had mentioned him….

and you.

Yes, YOU.

I wonder where in the world you are.
I wonder if we’ve ever spoken. I wonder if we know each other really well or if we’re just passing ships in the night on the sea of cyberspace.
I am a girl who is deeply touched by human connection and the mysteries of nature and I’m not afraid to get emotional about it.

This is what runs through my mind this early in the morning…the marvel of our connections with each other.
Can I write words here that will make you feel less alone in the world that you can read at all hours in the morning as I type them?
Can you inspire me to change my life for the better through a few words in your blog or through sharing a positive or impactful experience you had?

My answer is yes.

It made me realize what a connection that we can have to each other here. ….We can share so much and change the world for the better by the good things that we put out there.

Through watching Burning Dan’s videos and reading his positive message, I was inspired to learn something scary and new – and I am grateful for that. I wish I would have gotten the chance to give him a hug and thank him, or to write him a letter and let him know what a positive effect he had on my life.
But sadly, I can’t.
So I’m writing it here to share with you.
I’m writing it here to put out there into the universe.
Thank you, Dan.

Four years ago, in my favorite blog post, I had written a story about fireflies.

In June and July out here in the mountains – they light up the sky with their symphony – talking to each other – blinking signals in the night. The females stay on the ground mostly and the males fly around using light code to talk with the females.
I can sit out for hours watching them light up the dark forest.
They are, and have always been, otherworldly to me.

By September, they are completely gone and I miss them.
It isn’t the same night sky without them.

But that year, I saw a dull glow in the grass.
I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because it was September, but I got down on the ground and put my face inches away from the glow….and there she was…..the last firefly of that year.
Burke and I laid down on the grass watching the glow go on and off, very dimly.

Suddenly, I felt the tears running down my face. Here she was. All alone. The last of her kind for the year. The other fireflies of that Summer were long gone and here she was blinking a soft glow into a dark night.

It just made all of these thoughts rush through my head.
It made me think of all of the times in my life where I felt like I was communicating and not being heard, or when I felt alone or misunderstood.
Because we’ve all felt that, haven’t we?
We can all understand that occasional feeling of being hopelessly alone even when we’re surrounded by a billion people.
But here was this creature….who was truly alone….who was the last of her kind. Blinking softly – awaiting some response in the night.

It made me emotional because I wish I could have blinked back.
I wish I could have let this creature know how much it meant to me.
I wish I could have let it know that that simple beauty of their communication in Summer nights is always one of my best and magical memories every year.
I wish I could have communicated that my life has been enhanced by the very existence of fireflies.
But I couldn’t communicate that. I could only sit there and watch its dim glow attempting to reach out to others long gone.

Then something beautiful happened:
A little bit away, another one blinked softly. There was one other left. And this relief washed over me that this wasn’t the last firefly. That it wasn’t alone.
The whole experience really struck me.
I feel like that when I hear other people’s life experiences or when I read blogs of others.
I feel like we put our lights out there.
We share our emotions and what we are thinking and our daily experiences.
And like my case with Burning Dan, even if I never reached out to him, I saw his light.
And his light made me want to glow brighter and reach higher as a person.

We can have that effect on each other.
Be kind. Put good things out there. Know that you’re not alone and through all the highs and lows of this beautiful life – we are all fighting the good fight together.

And I’m over here just a little bit away -
softly glowing in the dark night.

Has someone affected you on the internet that you’ve never met in person?
Has your life been changed in a positive way that someone has put out there on the internet – through blogs or videos?
Please share your experience here, and if you appreciate this post….
kindly share or RT with others.

I leave you with a touching tribute to Burning Dan – who 4 years after his passing is still affecting me and others to burn brightly.

Love it? Share it.

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My Slightly NSFW Weekend in 3 Videos: Burlesque, Rock and Roll and YAY!

I taught myself Nine Inch Nails “The Only Time” on acoustic guitar on my front porch and then I played for you:

I dropped by the Slipper Room and did my Morticia – Addams Family act which the brilliant Joe Watson filmed:

I spun wildly with partner-in-crime, Burke Heffner at the 3-Day Hudson Project Festival – site of the last Woodstock. It was pretty incredible. If you were with me, this is what it would be like:

I’m challenging myself to do more videos and put them out there.
I know I love watching your videos – because it always makes me feel like I know you better.
Hope you enjoyed this “slice of life” of my wild world this weekend.

How was your weekend, Danger Addicts?
Do you Vlog? Do you have a YouTube channel? Tell me. Share. I wanna watch you, too!
OR just make a quick vid and say hi to all of us and add in the comments.

Love it? Share it.

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