The 28 Day Danger Diary Instagram Photo Challenge

In my last post, I asked you what inspired you…
and several of you answered that seeing photos from around the world on Instagram inspired you to create, to dream and to kick ass.

I am bringing back the Danger Diary Photo Challenge
because I want to see what you have to share.
Please put your instagram name in the comments if you want to join in, so I can follow you and others in the Danger Diary Community can follow you, too!
Use the hashtag: #dangerdiarychallenge so that everyone can find you!
I’m starting my 28 Day Challenge on Sunday, February 1st, but you can start at any time.

Can’t wait to see what wild beautiful images swirl around you….
February (2)
Come over and follow me on Instagram here.

And if you haven’t seen this random “newscast” that Burke and I did on his instagram… you probably should:

A video posted by Burke Heffner (@burkeheffner) on

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Andy Warhol and 6 Ways To Create Your Own Artistic Community

Andy Warhol.jpg
Andy Warhol rocking an old school selfie with the Factory.

Part of my love affair with New York started when I was 1,200 miles away, in Florida, looking at old black and white photos of Andy Warhol and the community he created. Yes, Warhol was an artist and a pioneer of pop art, but what enchanted me most was the scene he created, the “magnet” he had to draw other creatives to make wild art together. Now, I don’t know what the Factory was actually really like, but I know when 15 year old me found photos of them in an art book in the school library, I was enthralled.

These were my PEOPLE!

None of them would have batted an eye when I wore my butterfly wings that I was so fond of at the time. I remember clearly making my choice to move to NYC based on the fact that I could get away with whatever weird things I wanted to do without everyone judging it.

Shortly after my arrival in NYC – here I am with those butterfly wings on:

My friend, Simon, always says that New York City is the “Island of Misfit Toys” – it’s the place where we all find each other when we’ve felt slightly off in all the other places we’ve been.

But I digress, this isn’t just about New York City, it’s about creating this wild artistic community no matter where in the world that you find yourself RIGHT NOW.

What I’ve learned is that when I’m creating on my own, it’s a lot harder. But when you have your wild creative cohorts each putting work into a project, it can be easy and fun (and when it’s not easy, you can at least all commiserate over a good cinnamon latte together).  With a creative community, you and your Creative Co-Conspirators can help propel each other beyond all of your wildest dreams.

Let’s DO IT!
♥  You are Here.  Before you can even start a community, you need to understand where you are starting from.  Understand who you were in the past, who you are today, and the person you want to be in the future.  (Hint:  Past question -What did you want to grow up to be when you were little?   Future question – Think about what kind of ideal life you want to be living in three years.)

♥  Know your strengths. What are your unique individual talents that you can bring to the world table?  (Hint:  These are the things that you do that make you feel 100% alive when you are doing them.  If you can’t think of anything off the top of your head, one way to figure this out might be to look back on what people have complimented you for in the past.  Getting feedback from friends you trust helps.)

♥  Find Your “Factory”.  Search for people in your local and online communities who inspire you and reach out to them.  If you are shy, the internet is a great way to take that bold step and reach out by just typing on a keyboard!

♥  Get out there and do what you’re best at.  Make small steps every day to further your dream.

♥  Show up and spread the word.  Go out and support people who you admire and do work that inspires you.  If you love what they are giving the world, tell everyone you know about it. They appreciate it, and will return the favor back for the things you’re doing. That way you can both expand your audiences together. Win Win!

♥  Identify Your Creative Co-Conspirators.  Brainstorm of how you can take what unique talents you have and envision how you can mix them with the talents of others to create projects and art beyond anything you could have done alone!

Who are some people who inspire you that you would like to reach out to start your own artistic community?
Have you created a community already? Have you found that it helps you stay on your art game?


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Wanna Be My Valentine? Here’s HOW: International Valentine Exchange!


The Revolverlution international Valentine’s Day Exchange is BACK!
And I. Want. YOU.
I made a video to tell you all about it:

This is what YOU do:
Email your name and mailing address to by midnight on January 27th.
You will receive a name and mailing address to your email that is your Secret Valentine.
 You make a Valentine, find vintage Valentine’s, write a poem, write a story, type a letter, make a collage, whatever is fun and creative in letterform that you want to send to your secret valentine to make their day.
Send in the mail by February 3rd and wait for yours to come in!

It’s that easy!

We had over 400 people in 22 different countries participate last year.
Let’s spread the word and make this a success!
Please share this on your Facebook, Twitter and Blog.
Together we can make a difference.
Thank you to Lady Cyanide and Sarah Nelson to help make this possible.

Always your Valentine….

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My White Swarovski Crystal Burlesque Costume for Auction on Ebay!

Yep. That one!
The bra, the pasties, the bottoms and the headpiece feather all on sale as a package together on EBAY!
The white handmade Swarovski crystal one-of-a-kind costume I wore in the beginning of this video.
The costume I wore performing in Paris for the first time at the Locomotive.
The costume I’ve worn all over the world and in my first burlesque singing number – doing “My Heart Belongs To Daddy”. (Thanks for the video, Lavender Firefly!)

In 2015, I’m working on building new numbers and new costumes,
so I’m selling this beauty…
so YOU can have something lovely and beautiful and new to you
and I can make something lovely and beautiful and new to me.
Isn’t it fun when that works out?
It has lots of magic in it and I’ve had some incredible performances around the world while wearing it – I’m passing on that magic to you!
I will also autograph a photo and send to the winner and include a hand-written note if you would like that.
I’m very excited for the person that wins this!
Thanks for peeking at it!

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How To Tuesday: 3 Easy Ways to Overcome Shyness

Forgive me.
I’ve been a hiding a little.
I’m the one under the massive wide brimmed yellow hat and oversized sunglasses…..over here.
I’m working on boldly bringing the Danger Diary further into 2015 with a new look, new ideas, new classes and new kickass ways to world dominate.
Today I’m working on some serious 2015 dream planning and goal setting, so I wanted to share with you my shyness blog that I wrote after a 2am conversation with Jeff, Burke, Paul, and Jordan. I think it’s time to dive back into this one, as we are all taking steps to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones this year.
Here are some tips that we thought might help you out a bit:

Picture 22

Tip #1: Make “How Are You?” Be a Real Interaction.

Think about it. You probably get asked how you are in causal conversation at least once a day. If you want to take it to the next interesting step above and beyond just mindlessly muttering, “Fine. You?” – this tip is for you. The question “How are you?” is a key to conversation, a verbal foot in the door. Slay your shyness by answering this with enthusiasm or interest because almost no one does.

Here’s what you do: The next time anyone asks you: “How Are You?” – make sure to answer in 3 complete sentences. Make those 3 sentences true and interesting things about what you are doing, working on, etc. Your fourth sentence should be “How are things going with you?”

Example: A girl who is a regular at the coffeehouse I go to, makes room for me to sit on the bench and automatically says, “Hey, how are you?” I think she’s cool and seems interesting and could possibly be a friend – so I say:

“Today I’m trying to be productive. I’m working on writing a chapter in my book and then I’ve got this dance thing I’m going to later. So it’s going to be busy, but awesome, hopefully. How are you doing?”

Replying like the way I did to her question will encourage her to give me more information about her life and her day and both of our replies can be great hooks for deeper conversation like: “Oh! You’re a writer? What are you working on?”

Conversation started. Shyness lost.

Tip #2: Practice being Badass and Bold on People in the Service Industry.
I’m talking about waiters, the guy behind the counter in the deli, the girl who cuts your hair, the guy who makes a mean cup of coffee for you in the morning….because, let’s face it, part of their job is to kinda be nice to you, so this is good practice ground.

The first year I landed in New York, I was a waitress. People rarely engaged me in any kind of meaningful or interesting conversation. In fact, they rarely looked me in the eye when they ordered. They would bark out their order looking down at the menu and then shove the menu at me to take while continuing the conversation with their friend. It was like serving a bunch of zombies.

I had to be there for an 8 hour shift. And trust me when I say this, I would have been really happy to have a genuine interaction or a friendly human exchange somewhere in there. I would have welcomed it wholeheartedly.

So practice a short conversation on your waiter or your morning barista. Even if it’s a simple “Hello, how’s your day going?”  Make eye contact. Smile. Ask one question.

Making eye contact and acknowledging another human being is half the battle.
We’re all freaked out.
We all get stressed and shy.
There is no such thing as 100% superhero self-confidence. It doesn’t exist.
Everyone on this earth is here working out some bullshit. Trust me on this.
Don’t ever think that everyone else is okay and you’re the only one struggling with this. They are probably more freaked out and struggling and worried what you’ll think about them!
So shake it off. And dive in.

Picture 24

Tip #3: Channel Your Inner International Spy.

Fuck being seen as shy! Turn that into being “mysterious” or “the silent type”.
Observe and ask them questions.
Put the pressure on them to carry a conversation.
People love talking about themselves and their interests. So if you are one of the more “mysterious” type, you might have trouble figuring out what to say. Instead of planning it out awkwardly or stressing about generating a conversation… simply take a minute to observe them and ask a genuine question. Like: “Where’d you get that scarf?” or “I see you’re on a bike…you know any good places to ride around here? I just got a bike myself.”

Do you have any other tips to share that have helped you overcome shy moments?
Start a conversation in the comments.

Don’t be shy….*wink*

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The #1 Simple Secret to Success: How to Get It in 2015 (VIDEO)

What sets your wild heart ablaze?
And…a question even more telling….
WHY do these things set your heart ablaze?

2015 is our year of ACTION, my darling Danger Addicts
and all action starts with inspiration.

In the 12 days of this new year,
I’ve seen the sun rise 6 times,
I’ve let my heart lead me on unknown adventures winding in the streets of this city,
I’ve danced my ass off at The Slipper Room, in a warehouse somewhere in Brooklyn, in a bar tucked down a windy street where the DJ spun vinyl on an old record player.
I’ve gotten back to getting my finger tips blistered from making the strings of my guitar hum,
I’ve written 3 love notes for strangers to find and hid them in the places I love most within 5 blocks of my apartment,
I’ve let someone I’ve known for 7 hours crash at my apartment and sleep 4 feet away from me (and he’s now a cool new friend),
I listened to revealing stories about old and new New York told by friends gathering in a candlelit magic parlour,
And I have been hanging out with my friends that inspire me to no end…
the ones that believe in me
and the ones that I believe in.
The friends that become family.
Partners-in-crime until the end.

I just gave you the “what” I’ve done in the early days of this New Year.
But the “why” behind why I’ve done these things?
I am dedicated to a life of passion, of adventure, of love, of friendship, of really living after being attacked in the face by a rottwelier ten years ago and being struck with how fragile and short life really is.
I don’t want to be on my deathbed with regrets of what could have been.
That is what fuels me to push each day
to open and uncover its capacity for beauty/adventure/love/art/wildness.

One of my long-time friends that I’m continually inspired by, that I’ve been spending time with is Simon Sinek
here we are rocking in the second week of the year – out on the town in the city we love best.
Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.47.47 PM
Simon created something called the Golden Circle which looks something like this:
I believe that this is the core of success for all of us.
Most people and most businesses start from the outside in….
starting with the “what” and rarely even understanding or knowing their “why”.
Simon encourages people to uncover their “why” first…
as it is the KEY to everything to set your world into motion.

For instance, here’s a normal day to day example:

Don’t you hate it when you’re out at a party and someone starts up a conversation with:
“What do you do?”

Me, too.

I always found the “whats” to be tremendously boring.
But the “whys” to be far more interesting…
they hold the story behind it all.

Simon took all of that to the next level with his “Starts With Why” concept.

Want to find your Why?

Want to change your world in a mere 18 minutes?
Simon’s TED talk is one of the top 3 TED Talks of all time and is a MUST SEE for everyone who wants to make a serious change in their lives this year.

Knowing Simon has changed my life in such a positive way – and I’m excited that I’ll be doing one of Simon’s podcasts in the next month, as I uncover my own “why” on his show.

In 2015, I vow to live wildly and without regrets, push myself out of my comfort zone, gain inspiration from this gorgeous city and my dearest friends around me, quit being so goddamn hard on myself, take action on the things I’m passionate about and live with my eyes open to all the possibilities.

What do you vow to do this year?
Whisper to me in the comments and I’ll hold you to it…..

Love it? Share it.

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The Secret Grandma Helen Told Me That Changed My Life.


On January 6, 1929, a girl child was “born with the veil”.

Folklore that stretches from old Europe to the Louisiana bayou will tell you that a child born with a veil will have the ability to hear and see spirits, and has the gift to foresee the future.

That child of the second sight, was my Grandma Helen, daughter of Anna, who born to the wandering people of Czechoslovakia.

At this point, she’s been gone for longer than she was in my life,
but her spirit lingers,
she would never leave me completely….
a simple thing like death could not separate us.
I connect to her through the threads of things she taught me, through the curves of the letters I write on this page.
She lives in my bones.
In my breath.
In the whispers of the wind that hum with the cadence of her voice.

On this anniversary of her birth, I wanted to share one of my favorite lessons of Magic Grandma Helen here.

When I was small and being picked on at school, my Grandma Helen took me down by the lagoon.  We sat on the old dock together, the murky waters just a few inches away from the bottom of my sneakers, as she brushed my hair.  She was always fussing with my hair and telling me stories, and I’d sit there hanging on every word.

I remember the sides of the boats slapping against the dock with the rise and fall of the tide.

I remember seagulls gliding like cartoon Vs through the salt water air.  

I remember wanting to live under the ocean or with the seagulls in the sky – anywhere but on earth where I felt picked on and lost.

My Grandma continued pulling the brush through my hair and I wished that I could always feel as safe in the world as I did then.

When she was done, we walked back up to her house and she pulled my hair out of the brush.  It was like a little puffy cloud of my blonde strands.  She put it on the outside window sill and lifted me up to see it.

“That’s your gift to the birds to make their nest with.  Watch….”

And we sat down by the dock and waited and watched for what seemed like hours until a little brown bird hopped down and took it in its beak.

My Grandma turned to me and said,

“You stand tall and proud, you hear me?  Baby birds are going to sing their first song nestled in your hair.”

I never forgot that.

It made me feel like I was a part of the great mystery of life.

To this day, I leave the strands of my hair out for the birds to build their little homes.

By now, generations of baby birds have grown up singing their songs in my hair.

Each year when I do this, I think of what my Grandma Helen said to me that day down by the lagoon.  She left me with so much, and those gifts can be passed on across the world, to all of you who read this.

That way, her story continues….

And she never has to die.

Happy Birthday, Grandma Helen.

I celebrate you always in all that I do.
And the baby birds will have a home in the strands of my hair until the end of my days.
Thank you for showing me the way.

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