Tonight We Fly….

Tonight I got bundled up in my pink fuzzy things and got on my bike to go see my next door neighbor’s art.
I was all alone in the gallery and it was the perfect way to see it. Taking my time to look over all the little details of each painting.
Her name is Ati Maier and her work is gorgeous. I almost didn’t want to include such a small photo…because her paintings are really large with tiny details. Each little section of work is a whole world of its own…with little messages hidden like “…tonight we fly….” and “places you will never see….”
The tiny words are hidden in the stars. And upon each discovery of a new word…was a different aspect, a different turn for the painting. All the different places you can go…
This painting is called There Is Always More…

A Very Dangerous Dame…

The beautiful creature you are looking at is none other than my dear childhood friend, Cynthia Gralla.
Cynthia and I grew up together in a faerie tale castle decorated in vines in a land far far away. We spent our days weaving dreams of who we would become next…
…mysterious cat-like girls who crawled the rooftops of great cities with stolen diamonds hidden in their mouths, girls in ruffle butt panties and corsets clutching microphones and long stemmed cigarette holders in a Berlin cabaret, charmed nymphets in an ancient forest weaving flowers and spells into each other’s long long hair, geishas with our hair piled high on our heads adorned with chopsticks and mystery, mermaids sunbathing on rocks singing….
We are twins, one with tresses of gold, and the other raven haired. One on the West coast, and the other on the East. But we always meet each other in our dreams…for there is a lot to be said of dreams….and ruling the world. Heehee!
And without further ado…I am pleased to announce the release of the novel “The Floating World” by the darling Cynthia Gralla! It is a breath-taking, hauntingly beautiful story of an American girl entangled in a world of the geisha and all her mysteries….
I highly highly recommend this brilliant novel by one of the world’s most fascinating and magical women…. You can get your pretty little kitty paws on it through clicking on the highlighted link below:
“The Floating World” by Cynthia Gralla…………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Happy Reading, Darlings…one more step towards ruling the world….

Blissed Out Feverish Dreams

“Did you hear about the thirty second shift in time?” she asked me.
“Well, this really bizarre thing happened with a shift in the earth’s axis which caused all these small pockets of 30 seconds of time. So that means that when you get to one of these pockets…you either hesitate and waste the time…or you jump into it…therefore living a full 30 seconds fuller. Which can change a lot of things….”
I nodded. And promised I would jump into the 30 second pockets with all my might.
i have a 101 degree fever.

My Best Friend…

This is my little friend Greta Garbo. Eight and 1/2 years ago on the fourth of July, an insane woman was beating her up outside of a grocery store. The woman discarded her in a shopping cart with this poor little girl’s paw stuck in one of the metal grids… Lots of people saw it. I ran over and took the tiny black dog out of the cart and ran as fast as I could to my car and we never looked back.
At the time, I was volunteering at the library on Mondays reading stories to kids and I worked with a lot of people in their 60s and 70s. I figured that I would take her picture in to the library and get her a good home with someone that would love her. Well…the little tiny black thing nuzzled her way into my heart…she followed me everywhere…always at my heels. We started out with a Thelma and Louise kind of relationship…I saved her, she saved me and we’re sticking together through this crazy life until one of us decides to drive our car off the canyon.
Thankfully we don’t own a car. 😉
The little Gret loves to wander around the house sleeping in sun balls. She loves cuddling next to me. Her ears sometimes stick straight out which has earned her the nickname Yoda in my neighborhood. She always runs to say hello to me when I come in the house (okay..not all the time…sometimes she gets lazy in her old age and just waggles on the couch). She loves to curl up in a blankie at my feet when I’m on this computer constantly 🙂 She likes my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Even though she’s not supposed to have chocolate because it gives doggies heartattacks or something. But I just give her a little and tell her not to tell anyone I did.
I thought I’d share this cute little picture I took of her running around in the snow this morning. We had a blast.
I’m just feeling super thankful this morning…and her picture made me laugh when I saw it! Because truth be told…I chased after her to get the damn picture and she just kept running away from me playing. And finally I got her to come over and she was like “are you joking? you called me over for this? did you not just see me playing?” Then she went back to bounding through the snow like a bunny.
The best lil old girl in the world…my Danger Doggie!
PS…Miss Garbo will be vacationing with me in sunshiny Florida for Christmas. So look forward to the post of us on the beach drinking margaritas with umbrellas sticking out of the glasses 🙂

Neither rain, snow, heat or gloom of night…

It is STILL snowing since last I talked to you 🙂 And today I braved the snow to get my Bombshell Girls’ bundles out! Here I am pretty pink faux fur all hunched over to protect your packages, being blinded by sideways snow flakes!
I want to thank my first customers since the store has opened!! The most Dangerous Dames out there… the Enchanting Miss Elizabeth of California, the Divine Miss Shelly of the UK, the Exquisite Miss Eline and the Perfect Miss Petra of the Netherlands. MWAH!!!!! Much hugs and kisses to you!
When I said world domination I meant it!

4 HOURS and 53 MINUTES!!!

Of hula hooping fun! Non-Stop!
I got my brand new handmade double helix hula in the mail yesterday. When I went to pick it up from the post office…it had just priority mail envelopes wrapped around its tube and taped down. So you could even hula it like that. The mail guy probably did.
I gave them my slip to pick it up and all three of the people at the post office came to the window…”oh, so this is YOURS!!! Of course it is!”
I guess they already know me.
“Guess what I got??!!” I yelled and held it up in glory! The post office did not erupt in furious clapping and yelling like I had hoped. Perhaps they were not as excited as I was.
Perhaps…they didn’t understand the beauty of what was about to go down.
I decided for the breaking in of the new hula I was going to beat my old record. Well…I’m very proud to report that I was able to spin for almost FIVE HOURS! STRAIGHT! Setting a new household record! …And only 83 hours and 7 minutes short of the World Record.
I will try again next week 🙂

Snowy Day

It took me by surprise…all of a sudden snow flurries flying across the window! I get kind of all little kid-ish with snow. Giddy. Impractical even…as I immediately cleared all the plants off the windowsill so I could climb out to my fire escape and revel in it all. In a little short sleeve dress.
It was worth it….it was so mesmerizing looking down the industrial street…the snow whipping everywhere. Then when I looked straight down through the metal grating of the fire escape…it was drifting softly…fluttering. Millions of little snowflakes kissing my skin.
It made me really happy. Life can be really fun sometimes. I officially called a no school day for myself. And then made hot chocolate. 🙂

Who Needs Boys When You Got a Hula??

While waiting for water to boil for dinner tonight…I flipped on the radio and was overwhelmed with the need to hula.
It happens.
I grabbed my hot pink hula and sang along with the radio. I made myself giggle outloud.
I’ve been hula hooping since I was 14 and have won numerous contests for longest spin. The longest I have ever needed to spin in contests was 47 minutes. Once I only needed to spin for about 15 minutes to be the winner. That was sad. On my own, I can spin for over two hours if so inclined. I have won countless radio station mugs and keychains, a beach blanket, a 50s tape, a plastic fruit necklace and other various kitchy things symbolizing the perfection of my craft.
I am insane.
I can’t do any tricks at all. I just spin. Forever. If you watch for too long I will put you in a trance. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
I used to watch the Psychedelic Furs video collection “All of This and Nothing” over and over while I hula-hooped. Tip to wanna be Hula Champs out there (if there are any besides me 🙂 – it is good to focus on something else intently instead of thinking about what you are doing for maximum spin time. Preferably hot, mesmerizing things like Richard Butler of the Furs. Heehee!
It is interesting to note that the hula hoop was banned in Japan and that the Soviet Union said that the hula hoop was an example of the “emptiness of American culture.” It existed in ancient Egypt…and I am certain that Cleopatra was a hula girl! There is no other way to rule the world.
Speaking of ruling the world….the hula is on my 13 point plan of world domination. Just in case you were wondering….

Vinyl Go-Go Boots and World Domination

The most coveted thing on earth to me were these white vinyl go-go boots. Zip up side. Super shiny.
I was seven.
Everyone came to my house to play dress up. My mom’s castaways were pretty damn good. And I shared everything…except the boots. Touch the boots and you’re gonna get hurt.
Somewhere…on the face of this earth…there exists a picture of me in those white go-go boots, with a blue wrap dress, and a turban carrying my dad’s backgammon board.
I don’t get it either. But it’s beautiful.
We just finished shooting the pics to the site. And i’m really proud of the collection. If i was seven, i would be pretty damn pleased in raiding my twenty-something self’s closet. And you can come over and raid it with me, we’ll eat cookies and giggle…stand in front of mirrors and lip synch into our hairbrushes on our favorite songs. We will be rock stars and own the world. We will be punk rock girls musing in the gutter. We will be starlets from the 50s dreaming at soda shop counters and femme fatales from the 40s with guns tucked in our gartered stockings.
And most importantly….
We will have a working plan for world domination….and it will start right here :-)!