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September In-Person “Tarot Temple” Tarot Reading/Healing Ceremony


Product Description

Join me in September for my new healing sessions known as The Tarot Temple!

My Tarot Temple sessions bring the mystery of the tarot, love ritual and coaching together in one place.

I believe that we can rise up and move forward with a new sense of passion, power and possibilities, when we take a moment for introspection and self-care.

For one sacred hour in the month of September, let me read your cards and perform an ancient Rose Petal Ritual for you to ignite your life in 2017.

In a healing center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, you will be welcomed with roses and a bowl of moon water, herbs and oils for a heart healing ceremony passed down from my Grandma Helen.
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Together, with candles lit and palo santo burning in our ceremony space, you shuffle and draw your cards for the month.  As I throw down the cards, I will tell you their stories and teachings, as well as additional insights I receive from my Guides.

Just like my Grandma Helen, I see divination as the ability to gather insight into the month ahead and the way you can take the reigns and guide yourself into the best experiences and opportunities possible.

Together, we make a plan of action for your month based on the reading, this includes homework or “monthly missions”.
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Afterwards, you can relax on a massage table as I place rose petals over you, put sacred stones on your chakra points and oils on your hands and feet. This ceremony helps recharge you for your upcoming month.

Make sure to bring a notebook and pen to our reading, so you can record your thoughts, your missions, and insights from the reading.

Once you checkout, I will receive notification that you booked a space with me for September and I will reach out to you in 24 hours to schedule your appointment.

There are only 8 spots available for the month of September.

If this is calling to you, I look forward to sitting with you in the Tarot Temple.