Radical Self Love, an Interview with Gala Darling!

Her name is Gala Darling.
The first time we ever met,
we were 73 steps below the city street,
surrounded by candles, rose petals and incense.
She sat directly across from me,
our connection immediate.
We were underground,
and just like the best seeds which take root to form and grow below the earth
to burst out blossoming into the world…
that is how our friendship began.

Over the 4 years we’ve known each other,
we’ve bonded over passionate talks in candlelit cafes about our dreams, our ideas, and our wild hearts.
We’ve cast powerful spells together as colorful candles melded glitter wax together in a magic house on the mountain.
We’ve had wild nights until the orange of sunrise streaked through the sky
and gorgeous days sitting on the edge of a pier, the East River lapping below our feet
as the landscape of the city we adore climbed high before us.
I cherish our ride-or-die girl gang friendship bond.

Today, on this New Moon,
a day where new seeds are planted,
and new adventures begin,
Gala launches her book for immediate release all over the world!
Her book will be available for 30 days.
Spread the word, let others know about it,
with all of us together we can make a revolution happen.

Here’s my very first interview on Danger Diary with Miss Gala Darling herself!

I’m so very inspired and proud of my friend,
I’ve been carrying her book with me everywhere!

IF YOU ARE ANYWHERE NEAR NYC, please come to our FREE event on July 2nd at Word Bookstore.
I’m going to be interviewing Gala live and we wanna chill with you.
It’s going to be a party you won’t want to miss.
RSVP here by clicking here.

See you then!

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How To Make Your Wildest Desires Come True.

Wishful (1)
If I asked you what you wished for in life…..
what would you whisper to me?

I think it all started with the stars.
It was the stars and that childhood poem,
a spell that when uttered by my small self
just learning language
made everything seem
absolutely possible.

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.

On Friday in the Red Room, the tarot card of The Fool jumped from the deck.
The Fool is at the beginning of the journey and sees no obstacles.
The Fool knows no boundaries.
The Fool doesn’t even know what “no” means….

much like the 4 year old me,
and the 4 year old you,
who both threw our heads back to take in the night sky
and said
the incantation of the stars
with the poem above
and wished for whatever the fuck we wanted without apology.

Last night,
on a mountain
with the moon being brand new and hiding,
the stars came out over the dark night
and ruled the sky.

Through windows and mirrors reflecting
the stars found their place
into Curiosa Magic House,
Gala Darling and I worked magic together,
woven through words
wishing bigger
creating new vocabulary
new language
to express everything
in our wildest imaginations.

And we walked with the 4 year olds of ourselves,
the ones who weren’t afraid to ask
and as the wind picked up and moved chime songs
and as night turned to morning
our fingers touched flames
wrapped in destiny.
We shall be brave enough to take it.
To say,

Whisper to me a wish in the comments…
or on Twitter –
Hashtag #WishfulWednesday
Wish in one sentence
and take all the vowels out.

Go get it, you sexy wild things.

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The Secrets Of Spring You NEED TO KNOW.

I was born in the Springtime.
And every year,
when the vibrant blossoms bloom
from what was a bare skeleton of a branch,
I am reminded
that I can do the same.

The one thing that I know from a childhood of growing up among magic and myths…
was that we can use the seasons to our advantage –
to boost, to ponder, to imagine, to soar.
Many generations of baby birds have grown up singing their first songs in my hair.

I’ve talked about this in the Danger Diary before, and it’s a Spring tradition that is worth reminding…..
when I was a little girl, and particularly feeling small….
my Grandma Helen brushed my hair,
took the strands out of the brush,
and set it out for the birds.

Within moments, a bird came by and picked my strands of hair up its mouth.
My Grandma turned to me and said, “Your hair will be home now for baby birds to grow. They will sing their first songs nestled in strands of your hair.”

And my life suddenly seemed magical….
I had a secret
a pact with the birds and their songs.

Two days ago, Burke and I watched a bird pull a scrap of paper garbage off the street and flew away with it for its nest….and I was reminded to tell you this story again. I just cleaned out my brush and on my fire escape – is an offering to them.

And with all the buds and blossoms
with all the vibrance…
I call on YOUR spirit of blossoming…..

What is something that you want to bloom in your life, that is such a vibrant and honest part of you?

I will say that things have become very clear to me recently…
and I know what I want
I know what I want to create and inspire….

And I am so proud to announce my own wild blooms in the form of learning, growing and making it happen.

It is called
The Underground.

It is for everyone who has dreamed of being a part of a kickass gang, a secret club, a hive of inspiration.

 This is for those of you who sometimes feel like a piece is missing to life….that you are *almost* there, but need a push!
 This is for those of you who want to uncover that rich passionate side of yourselves. I’m talking about that sensual wildness in you, brimming with ideas, imagination and drive.
 This is for those of you who KNOW there is something more out there in life….and feel ready to seek it out.

Let’s find it together as our powerful badass gang meets UNDERGROUND weekly!

It is a 4-week course in New York City starting Thursday, June 11th.

AND if you aren’t in New York City – fear NOT….it is launching as a digital class on Sunday, June 14th!

If you are called to do this work, let’s make it happen!  I’m offering payment plans so all can afford.  I want us to MOVE FORWARD and world dominate together.

My Springtime wish is that we all learn to soar.
Come with me.

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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, My Darling Danger Addicts!

What a wild and gorgeous week is waiting for us…..
this wild girl is getting the last of my business taxes in and having a wild shipping party at the post office.

Come back tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday for your fill of Danger Diary posts this week.

We’ve got alot to talk about!

But for a moment…..think on this card that I pulled this morning – what does it mean for you?
It’s the beginning of a new week…if you could be open to anything… what are you ready for?

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Your Witchy Wednesday 3 Card Tarot Reading!

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 1.15.31 PM
My Danger Darlings…
This one is for you.
I am sitting in my sunny little garden spot in the Brooklyn,
looking at the magic doodles of Lauren Michelle
and the cards were calling to me….

This is what they said:

9 of Cups: The WISH CARD!

When this gorgeous card is thrown into the deck, it means that your “wish” will come true. But I had to keep going – I wanted to know what wishes were coming true…. so I kept throwing the cards.

8 of Pentacles.

I adore this card. It is all about the current creative webs we are weaving! This is creative/passionate work we are focused on. We are learning as we go, but we are doing it and making beautiful things happen, taking forward steps AND we are open to learning and growing more.

What creative passion projects of yours are you ready to continue to master, to grow and to excel in?

The Fool.

The Fool says “Let’s Go On An Adventure!” That little chick baby is ready to take on the world, and is FEARLESS. The Fool doesn’t know what obstacles even are! The Fool keeps going and believes the best will come. The Fool is you at your purest and greatest potential.

The Story of these cards together is:

Luck is on your side right now – leave the past in the past.
Take action and continue to move forward focusing on a creative project that you hold dear to your heart.
It is time for a whole brand new adventure for you and your juicy creative side.
Time to go for it.
The World will recognize what you have to offer.
I know that I do.

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The Secret Grandma Helen Told Me That Changed My Life.


On January 6, 1929, a girl child was “born with the veil”.

Folklore that stretches from old Europe to the Louisiana bayou will tell you that a child born with a veil will have the ability to hear and see spirits, and has the gift to foresee the future.

That child of the second sight, was my Grandma Helen, daughter of Anna, who born to the wandering people of Czechoslovakia.

At this point, she’s been gone for longer than she was in my life,
but her spirit lingers,
she would never leave me completely….
a simple thing like death could not separate us.
I connect to her through the threads of things she taught me, through the curves of the letters I write on this page.
She lives in my bones.
In my breath.
In the whispers of the wind that hum with the cadence of her voice.

On this anniversary of her birth, I wanted to share one of my favorite lessons of Magic Grandma Helen here.

When I was small and being picked on at school, my Grandma Helen took me down by the lagoon.  We sat on the old dock together, the murky waters just a few inches away from the bottom of my sneakers, as she brushed my hair.  She was always fussing with my hair and telling me stories, and I’d sit there hanging on every word.

I remember the sides of the boats slapping against the dock with the rise and fall of the tide.

I remember seagulls gliding like cartoon Vs through the salt water air.  

I remember wanting to live under the ocean or with the seagulls in the sky – anywhere but on earth where I felt picked on and lost.

My Grandma continued pulling the brush through my hair and I wished that I could always feel as safe in the world as I did then.

When she was done, we walked back up to her house and she pulled my hair out of the brush.  It was like a little puffy cloud of my blonde strands.  She put it on the outside window sill and lifted me up to see it.

“That’s your gift to the birds to make their nest with.  Watch….”

And we sat down by the dock and waited and watched for what seemed like hours until a little brown bird hopped down and took it in its beak.

My Grandma turned to me and said,

“You stand tall and proud, you hear me?  Baby birds are going to sing their first song nestled in your hair.”

I never forgot that.

It made me feel like I was a part of the great mystery of life.

To this day, I leave the strands of my hair out for the birds to build their little homes.

By now, generations of baby birds have grown up singing their songs in my hair.

Each year when I do this, I think of what my Grandma Helen said to me that day down by the lagoon.  She left me with so much, and those gifts can be passed on across the world, to all of you who read this.

That way, her story continues….

And she never has to die.

Happy Birthday, Grandma Helen.

I celebrate you always in all that I do.
And the baby birds will have a home in the strands of my hair until the end of my days.
Thank you for showing me the way.

The Circle of Seven: Creating Your Very Own Badass Gang Of Inspiration

This photo is from the screen test yesterday as our film dream, Revolver, is so near…
As the Full Moon nears, I’ll be working the CIRCLE OF SEVEN magic specifically for Revolver.
Want to join me?
Let’s do this together again….

To start, it was never referred to as “magic” when I was growing up, it just was what it was……..

It was things that my Grandma Helen would do, things that my Czechoslovakian Great-Grandmother, Anna, taught her. Things that were part of our daily life together….charms, wishing circles, mirror work, reading the stories of our lives hidden in lines of our hands.

Photo by Milton Greene of Marilyn Monroe. 1956.

This knowledge, passed down from my ancestors, has definitely enriched my life. Every Monday, I’ll be sharing things that I do that help me guide my own destiny in a kickass way.

I offer these secrets to you…

The Circle of Seven

Step One:
Ask yourself –
What is one thing that you are working on that you feel you could use some help or guidance with?

Your above answer could be anything in your life – from gaining confidence to launching that web-based storefront you’ve been dreaming about.  It could be applying for that circus arts school or nailing that promotion at your job.

As an example to show you how to do the Circle of Seven, my current answer is that I’m looking for guidance and inspiration as I write.

Step Two:
If you could come up with your “Dream Team” to help you, who would they be?

These people could have lived anytime in history.  They are the people that you look up to – who have achieved your step one answer goal.

You know that popular question – if you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be?

It’s like that.  But you get to pick Six.  And it is focused to the people who have figured out your step one answer, successfully!   These are people you want on your side, your creative co-horts, your army of awesome.  Enlist them in your mind.

It is the Circle of Seven because it includes – “Me, plus three, plus three.”

Step Three:
Print out a photo of yourself where you felt vibrant and happy.  That picture of you where everything in your day was ON.  Print out photos of your badass gang of inspiration.  Put each name in Google, click images and voila!  Print your favorite pic of each one.

I have this photo of Zora Neale Hurston by Carl Van Vechten on my wall, and I love it.  But for my Circle of Seven, I chose a photo where she is smiling.  I imagine her saying,  “You’ve got this!  It’s easy.  Just show up and write everyday!”

Step Four:
Clear a special spot in your home to set up your Circle of Seven. You don’t need much room. It can be set up on a single shelf, on top of an old trunk, or on a pretty piece of fabric in a private corner of your room. I set mine up in a non-working fireplace in my 100-year-old Brooklyn apartment.

Step Five:
Put your picture in the middle so that you can visually see yourself surrounded by support. This is important. Then place three on one side of you, and three on the other side of you.

Step back and admire your badass gang of inspiration….

My Gang of some of my favorite authors cheering me on.  On top (L to R): Marguerite Duras and E.B. White. First row (L to R): Tennessee Williams, Jack Kerouac, Me, Zora Neale Hurston, Mikhail Bulgakov

Step Six:
Take a picture of your Circle of Seven, like I did above. Make this photo your desktop picture on your computer or your wallpaper on your phone. The above photo is my current desktop, so no matter where in the world I roam, I can open up my computer to work on my book and there’s my Circle of Seven smiling at me, encouraging me on. Portable Instant Inspiration!

Now you tell me in the comments:
Who would be the six standing beside you in your Circle of Seven?
For bonus points, take pictures of your Circle of Seven and share if you’re feeling it.
For super bonus points, head over to Revolver the Movie and LIKE this.

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