Wanna Be My Valentine? Here’s HOW: International Valentine Exchange!


The Revolverlution international Valentine’s Day Exchange is BACK!
And I. Want. YOU.
I made a video to tell you all about it:

This is what YOU do:
Email your name and mailing address to revolverlution@live.com.au by midnight on January 27th.
You will receive a name and mailing address to your email that is your Secret Valentine.
 You make a Valentine, find vintage Valentine’s, write a poem, write a story, type a letter, make a collage, whatever is fun and creative in letterform that you want to send to your secret valentine to make their day.
Send in the mail by February 3rd and wait for yours to come in!

It’s that easy!

We had over 400 people in 22 different countries participate last year.
Let’s spread the word and make this a success!
Please share this on your Facebook, Twitter and Blog.
Together we can make a difference.
Thank you to Lady Cyanide and Sarah Nelson to help make this possible.

Always your Valentine….

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How To Not Die While Going After Your Biggest Dream: 5 Easy Tips!

1. You Aren’t Done Until You’re Dead.
For the last 2 months, I’ve been in my own personal Lord of The Rings journey.
Hear me out:

  • If Frodo and Sam left the Shire and walked to Mordor getting tans and drinking margaritas, nobody would give a fuck about their story. And while I’m sure they would have had a great time, their victory wouldn’t be as big either.
  • But instead, Frodo and Sam have to deal with dragons flying at them, giant spiders attacking them, monsters running at them with battle axes and a naked bald hunched over slimy guy trying to steal their shit.

They keep pushing through ALL of this.
Even though they think they might die at any moment.
Even when it seems too big and too crazy to continue.
But all those obstacles and all those true tests make the victory even sweeter.

When you think you can’t go anymore,
when you think you are going to lay down in the middle of the road and wait for it to be over,
drag yourself up and keep going.
You can handle it.
As long as there is still breath in your body and the bastards haven’t killed you yet,
you are winning.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.12.38 AM
2.  Find Your Allies.
One thing I discovered out on the road is that the majority of people out there in the world have had some kind of wild dream.
When you come across these people and you’re in the middle of trying to figure out your wild dream…it sparks something in them, and they will be kickass allies in helping your journey.
We found Allies in every town we found ourselves in.
We did that really scary thing every single day:
We asked.
We talked to complete strangers and told them what we needed and what we were looking for.
We got rides, awesome locations, free coffee and donuts, hugs, homemade dinners, and a borrowed sedan from a Mayor’s office (you can’t make this up).
There’s too many things to even list all the sweet things that people did.
And we were grateful for every single one.
Without our Allies – people that were previously strangers the day before, who became our friends and rescuers…we would have been screwed.
Shout out to Team Revolver and Team Revolver Graphic Design (Michelle and Shawna).
To all of you who are reading this, and you know who you are, we are allies for life, and any wild dream you need… I’ve got a car, a spare bed and a warm meal for you any day of the week.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 9.48.12 AM
3. Fuel Up By Being Inspired By Others Doing Their Dream.
Remember this: You are not on this path alone.
There are other crazy motherfuckers out there that are also going for their biggest dreams.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
Every person you look up to – every hero you have had…
has travelled this road you are on right now.

There would be moments waking up in dingy motels or moments I’d feel lost and I couldn’t push forward anymore where I would grab my phone, throw in my earbuds, and listen to friends like Kim Boekbinder, Jaye Bartell, Emilie Autumn and Kai Altair, to just escape for a moment and know that all of them are out there right now on the path to their dreams. I would read inspiring blogs and thought provoking articles by my friends like Gala Darling and Molly Crabapple to name a few.
You are not alone. Keep repeating it.
Hurl your body into the wild unknown of your dream knowing that others are right there with you.

4.  Still Look For The Stars Even When You Are Lying In The Gutter.
Rock that attitude of gratitude.
One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Oscar Wilde:
“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
Even in the scariest and worst moments
look up to one thing that you can hold on to…
just one positive thing.
And I promise more will come.
You can always just roll around with me in the gutter with me for a little while – I’m always there.

5. When You Have Been Beaten Down and Turned Over Sideways By Your Dream, Refer to Rule #1.

Never give up, motherfuckers.
We’ve got this.
Sending you all my love with 2 broken toes and battle scars from my dreams.
If you think someone in your world could use this today, please share.

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The Struggles and Triumphs of a Dream: Shooting Revolver

A Peek of Still Footage from Revolver:
One thing I have learned in the past 30 days…
Dreams are not sane.
You have to be willing to journey to the Seventh Circle of Hell if you want them.
Vehicle breakdowns.
Burned out clutches.
Flash floods in Nebraska.
Tire Blow-Outs.
Begging favors.
Pleading for permits.
Going renegade.
The band of us working morning, noon and night to make this work.
“No sleep til Brooklyn” has never meant more than now.
There will be no sleep until the Mothership rolls across the country and back to Brooklyn.

You push yourself until you feel like you can’t anymore and then something in you keeps going.
And then you see the story, the art that the entire crew created together
and you know that when you look back on this moment
this moment
is the time you will remember most fondly.

Cinematographer Marshall Rose and Burke Heffner discussing shots.

Cinematographer Marshall Rose and Director Burke Heffner catching a beautiful sunset.

There are 13 of us.
And a chihuahua.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 4.46.42 PM

Makeup Superstar, Allison Elizabeth with Revolver Mascot (leader of the Wolf Pack), Niney.

And there are countless people on the way that have helped us with kindness more than they will know.
There is you.

Kurt Schwarz as Chuck in a Revolver Still Film Still.

Kurt Schwarz as Chuck in a Revolver Still Film Still.

And there are sunsets across this beautiful land that have awed us.
There are things we’ve never seen before.

Sound Mixer, Bill Hennessy, walks into the sunrise.

Sound Mixer, Bill Hennessy, walks into the sunrise.

There are days when the weather shines on us and Colorado Rocky Mountain passes are opened to us for the most gorgeous footage we’ve seen.
There are days when the locals have pitched in and made our film that much better.
There are days when we meet kind people who own junkyards and let us shoot chase scenes in them weaving through the cars – and they let us shoot all day for free and bring donuts and coffee.

A screen grab of footage from Revolver.

Police Chase Still from Revolver.

There are days when we have unlimited access to the most incredible abandoned motel/convenience store and restaurant from the 1930s that I’ve ever seen and we are given the keys for days…just because.
There are days when we arrive at a country hideout in the badlands with the most amazing food and company and warm candlelight.
There are nights when the stereo turns on in the Mothership and we dance until we can’t anymore….
under the moon
on the wild roads of America.
There are nights when we howl at the moon…
when we make campfires under stars.


Sunset on the Mountains – A Still from Revolver.

We are living.
I have never been more alive than I have been in the last month.
Once in a lifetime.

The first time I watched the footage we got
I cried.


An exhausted Blue faints – a still from Revolver.

I know what we have.
I believe in it more than I believe in anything.

And I wouldn’t trade anything for this moment.

Revolver Film Still

Walking off into the sunset.  A still from Revolver.

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Making an Independent Film: Going Cross-Country with Revolver

Our 1968 Chevy leads the way.
Pocket and Blue are finally coming to life.
The dream we’ve had for 10 years, just hit the road five days ago.
Rocking it out on the first day with Revolver Make Up Artist Allison Elizabeth, who kicks serious ass.
Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 6.10.03 AM

The Revolver Crew gets the pick up ready to shoot.
Luckily, we have a fully licensed safe driver to take all of us cross country.
The Revolver Crew custom built the inside of this rig – so we can sleep all 13 of us as we make our way across the country.
This black beauty was deemed The Mothership.
Our little driver gets out for her required break.
Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.53.02 AM
Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.21.31 PM
We hit the road and drive 62 hours cross country.
The crew rocks the caffeine at a truck stop.
Within 24 hours, we had two tires blow out on our trailer because of the rough roads.
Who needs Triple A when you’ve got these guys?
Tire blow-outs.
A road completely washed out road where we were supposed to shoot a scene.
None of these obstacles were going to get us down.
And then google maps told us to take this road…..
And we said Hell-to-the-NO.
We stuck our middle fingers up at it,
and drove ON.
The mighty Revolver crew forged ahead…
and to the Largest Truck Stop in the World in Iowa!
At 2:30am, this photo was taken there – I may or may not be having a breakdown.
You decide.
We drove all night under the stars,
all cuddled together in the bus,
watching the world go by.
As the sun rose, we scrambled out of the bus
a flurry of clothes flying out of suitcases,
coffee being made,
a wolf pack of wild adventurers
chasing after the dream.
We piled out in Alliance, Nebraska to CARHENGE.
You might remember this photo from our original scout during the Kickstarter.
And now….the hope that I could shoot here when I first saw it,
was finally happening all around us.
We shot all day into the night,
wandering through the vintage cars as the sunset
and the wide Nebraska sky turned into another gorgeous starry night.
To Be Continued…..
Follow our Revolver Adventures by liking us on Facebook HERE.
We are truly independent – rocking out our dream with the help of people like you.
Wanna be a part of our team?
We will be posting our locations soon so if you want to help us run errands, make phone calls, and be awesome in general….
leave a note in the comments – we would love to hear from you!
Back to the set!

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On the Road: Hitchhikers, Crashing on Floors, Utah and BEXICO!

The Wild Road is laid out before me.
I follow her onward…
and she leads to BEXICO!!!

Yep. You heard me right, Bexico.
These weary travelers hit the oasis that is Bex and Nicholas, fellow travelers and wild hearted adventurers, who opened their home to us.
They fed us delicious plump peaches, fine tea, Godiva chocolates and let us use their shower and crash on their floor.
They also give the best hugs.
While Burke and Nicholas mapped out possible locations for us to scout out using Google Earth –
Bex, who is a fitness and kickass health goddess guru, shared some awesome tips to keep my body feeling good when I’m behind the wheel for long periods of time and she suggested this. Wanted to share with you guys – because it helped me alot!

Go “like” LOVE her over here – because she is a badass and will make your life even better.

With a magic map of possibilities before us,
we hit the road once again.
Two hippie guys were on the side of the road around a mountain bend, hitchhiking.
So many strangers and travelers have been kind to us…
it was our turn to help others on their adventure.
I squealed the van to the side and yelled, “GET IN!”
Meet Sean and Jake.
They’ve been traveling for the last 5 years.
They hitchhike, they volunteer at festivals, they make jewelry and trade it.
I’m not going to lie…I am in awe of their whole lifestyle.
It’s inspiring to me.
We drove them to a festival and within moments of pulling up – they already snagged two volunteer spots and free tickets.
Jake gifted me an amethyst stone he found in his travels and a copper wire ring he made to thank me for the ride.

We continued on to the land where rocks get to be Kings and Queens.
They hold court above us.
I look up in awe.
Time to change the heels into the stolen bowling shoes to hike!
Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.52.00 AM

By sunset, the Utah sign was in view. I danced in the glow of the colors at the end of the day.
I leave you with the words that Sean gave to me as he hugged me goodbye:
“May you travel as long as you want,
and not want as long as you travel.”

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Adventure Blog: Carhenge, Rainbows and a Magic Stray Cat

We got there before nightfall.
An abandoned homestead from 1833 whistled
as the wind whipped through its empty windows.
My black markered finger tips plucked at the strings of my guitar
and the 171 year old house sang.
Two shadows of burros walked into view to listen.
The sun fell from the sky
and the stars stole its place
and lightning raged in the distance.

We slept across from the little house.
We woke up to the sunrise and I played the abandoned house one more song.
The little stray followed me everywhere.
Didn’t want me to go.
I didn’t want to either.
I could just stay on that little house on the prairie with the strays
I asked her if she would meet me much later in the afterlife,
if she’d be there when I arrive one day –
she said yes.

We will be shooting this house in Revolver.
It’s a good place to hide.
A told the little Stray she could be in in it,
if she wanted to be.

The road called loudly…
we had to move on.
There were more things to find.
Road Style for the Day:  Little House on The Prairie Realness
Dress found in thrift store while on tour in Georgia = $15
Throw on hair flowers to accessorize and DONE!

AND….good news! Guess who had a meeting with the awesome chamber of commerce for the town of Alliance, Nebraska and scored permission to shoot CARHENGE???
A crucial scene in the film takes place here.
Pocket and Blue whisper secrets between the cars – and she finally reveals a secret she’s been holding on to for too long.
The people of Alliance are amazing – and they are letting us shoot there when Carhenge is closed for an incredible sunset/night fall scene.

The world of Revolver is coming together.
The signs are everywhere if you look for them.
And I do.
Like our page on Facebook because we are announcing our cast there in the next week – and you are going to freak out.
Until then…see you tomorrow for another adventure blog!

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Adventures on the Road: Rundown Motels and Strangers.

You and me…
are going on a road trip this week in the Danger Diary.
Come back every day for my photo diaries as we scout for Revolver.
Give me run down motels,
falling apart road side attractions,
the things we left behind,
the old sirens of the road.
Sleeping in the graveyards of yesteryear.
…Not to be confused with Bugs Bunny,
Bigs Bunny holds a carrot AND a beer.
Every day on this road trip,
I’ll have my “Stranger Yesterday, Friend Today” Feature.
Today is a man named Cody.
Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.39.53 AM
He likes to be “lost”, so I won’t reveal current location.
He lives in a motel here.
He plays guitar outside.
We sang together.
When I met him, he grabbed my hand and twirled me under his arm and back.
He said that he’s a cowboy and when cowboys meet a pretty lady, that replaces the handshake.
I bought him coffee.
He asked me what his spirit animal is. He said his was a dolphin because he likes to play.
I said giraffe. I’d like to see the world from a totally new perspective.
Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.01.49 AM We continued on and road on into the sunset.
Come with me. Click “Like” on the Revolver page – and I’ll tell you all the secret things.
Ride off
into the sunset
with me.


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